Apollo Pepper

If you enjoy spicy foods, you may be wondering about the Apollo pepper and how spicy this pepper really is. This is a common question that people have asked as more and more people are becoming aware of this pepper option.

A lot of people are fans of spicy foods, and you’re always on the hunt for the next spicy option. When it comes to heat, a lot of people like to push their boundaries and see just how much spiciness they can really handle.

That is why spicy peppers are so popular, as they come in so many different varieties. With many types of spicy peppers creating such intense heat that the majority of people will not be able to enjoy them.

Not only are there plenty of spicy peppers to go around, many people have even created their own hybrid of spicy peppers by breeding them. Keep reading to find out more about the Apolo pepper and just what kind of pepper this really is.

What Is an Apollo Pepper?

If you enjoy eating spicy peppers, you may be wondering about the Apollo pepper and what it is. This is a type of pepper hybrid that was created by crossing a Carolina reaper pepper with a pepper X to create a new pepper.

This created the Apollo pepper, which is considered to be an extremely spicy pepper option. Because it was created partially with a Carolina reaper pepper, you can imagine just how spicy this is.


This pepper was created by a man who moved to Carolina to begin experimenting with creating his own hybrid peppers. In fact, this is the same person who originally created the Carolina reaper pepper.

He also created pepper X, which led him to combine the Carolina reaper with pepper asked to create this new hybrid pepper option. So it is safe to say that the Apollo pepper is going to be quite a spicy pepper option.

This is not a naturally occurring pepper but one that has been created by breeding together two different kinds of peppers. This allows a plant to develop, creating an entirely new type of pepper that has never been seen before.

Carolina Reaper

The Carolina reaper pepper is a pepper that has been at the top for a while. This pepper was also created, which makes it a hybrid pepper that did not originally occur naturally in nature.

It has been considered to be the spiciest pepper in the world for quite a while, as other peppers didn’t quite measure up to it. Even the infamous ghost pepper doesn’t stand a chance when comparing it to the Carolina reaper.

Although many people have heard about the Carolina reaper, most people have never tasted it. It is not easy to find in stores, and even different hot products tend to stay away from it as it typically makes things too hot for most people.

Pepper X

10 years of cultivation created pepper X, which was bred with a large variety of other spicy peppers. The original creator of the Carolina reaper also created pepper X, creating two extremely spicy pepper options.

Though this is a delicious and extremely spicy pepper, many people have not even heard of it. It has not become nearly as popular as the Carolina reaper and is not nearly as well known.

Despite that, both pepper X and the Carolina reaper were bred together to create an entirely new type of pepper. Resulting in the Apollo pepper, which also packs a significant amount of heat.

Apollo Pepper Scoville Units

The Apollo pepper is estimated to have around 2,500,000 and 3,000,000 Scoville units of heat. This makes the Apollo pepper around 600 times hotter than your average jalapeño pepper.


This Scoville scale also shows that the Apollo pepper is head-to-head with pepper X in terms of how spicy it is. These two peppers have a very similar spice profile and are considered to be almost equal in how hot they are.

This creates an extremely spicy pepper that is definitely going to go above and beyond your expectations. The Apollo pepper is much spicier than a lot of the other spicy pepper options that people are familiar with.

Because of this, this type of pepper is not for the faint of heart as it is going to pack a significant amount of heat. The pepper and its raw form are going to be at its hottest, but the dried form is also going to be extremely spicy.

So anyone who attempts to try this paper will need to do so with extreme caution. Even those who often eat spicy foods and enjoy them may find this pepper especially difficult to stomach.

Apollo Peppers Are Sweet and Savory

Carolina reaper peppers are known for their sweet and fruity flavor that may surprise you. This can be a surprising flavor profile for a pepper that is known to be so extremely spicy.

Because the Apollo pepper was partially created with a Carolina reaper, it has taken on some of these flavors. Though it is important to mention that there are no reports of anyone trying an Apollo pepper all on its own.

Because of this, it is impossible to say exactly what an Apollo pepper tastes like just as is. The majority of people have only tasted it in the form of a hot sauce with the addition of other ingredients.

Though most people say that it tastes slightly fruity and a little sweet with plenty of heat that immediately kicks in. This makes it similar, and flavor to the Carolina reaper, and these flavors are most likely enhanced when added to other ingredients.

How old this pepper is, is also going to impact the overall flavor. More mature Apollo peppers will most likely have intense heat and fruity sweetness to them.

While younger Apollo peppers may have more of a grassy and fresh flavor since they are not fully developed just yet.


Apollo Peppers Are Not Well Known

One thing to keep in mind about the Apollo pepper is that it is not incredibly well known just yet. Though it is considered to be an extremely spicy pepper option, the majority of people have no idea that it exists.

It has not become nearly as popular as the Carolina reaper did but it is also still relatively new. Apollo peppers are not very well known, and you are not going to usually find them in stores or in products.

It may take a significant amount of time before these peppers gain traction and more notoriety. Especially as so many people are still obsessed with Carolina reapers and ghost peppers.

How to Use Apollo Peppers?

If you do manage to get your hand on Apollo peppers, the options are endless when it comes to how to use them. You can use these peppers to create your own hot sauce or to even create an extremely hot salsa.

Cooking them down is most likely going to help to reduce some of the spice to a certain degree. Though they are still going to be very spicy, whether you eat them in their raw form or cooked.

You will need to be careful and make sure you do not eat too much without first testing out how hot these peppers are. Even those who enjoy spicy foods may find them to be overwhelmingly hot.