Apple Butter Brands

If you like peanut butter but can no longer eat nuts, you may want to try apple butter. It’s not quite the same, but it can be a suitable substitute in some cases.

However, you may want to consider the best apple butter brands. That way, you won’t waste your money on a product you won’t like.

What Are the Best Apple Butter Brands?

The best apple butter brands include Musselman’s, Smucker’s, and Louisburg Cider Mill. Eden Foods and Tennessee’s Best also make good apple butter. Be sure to consider where you can buy the product and what it will cost.

You may also want to compare apple butter to applesauce. Both are similar, but they serve very different purposes.

Apple Butter Brands

Best Apple Butter Brands

Apple butter may not be the most popular product, but tons of brands make it. That can make it hard to choose a good brand when you want to test it out.

Luckily, some brands come out on top when it comes to quality and other factors. If you’re new to apple butter, consider the following brands.


Musselman’s Apple Butter is an excellent choice. You can order it online, and you may be able to find it in your grocery store, depending on where you shop. The only ingredients are apples, cinnamon, and cloves.

It has a pretty traditional taste, so it’s a great first apple butter to try. However, some people find the spices too overpowering. Also, you’ll need to eat it or store it soon after you open it since there aren’t any preservatives.


Smucker’s Apple Butter is another excellent choice. The brand is known for a lot of different spreads, so you can find it in a lot of places. You can choose from cider apple butter and spiced apple butter.

The brand also makes jars in different sizes, so you can get just what you need. They also sell single-use packs that you might find in a breakfast restaurant. Be sure to give this version a try, especially if you like Smucker’s products.

Louisburg Cider Mill

Just outside of Kansas City, the Louisburg Cider Mill makes an amazing apple butter. They use apples that they grow locally, so you can get a rich apple flavor. The butter also tastes a bit tart like an apple, and it goes well on many breads and other foods.

You can buy the apple butter at the mill if you go in person. However, they also sell it online and can ship it to you. Another option is to look for other cider mills in your area, and you can buy their apple butter.

Eden Foods

Eden Foods has an organic apple butter, and the only ingredients are apples and apple juice concentrate. That means you don’t have to worry about corn syrup or other things. However, it doesn’t contain preservatives, so you’ll need to store it safely.

The apple butter has a tangy taste, and you can use it with a lot of other foods. It’s low in calories, and it’s gluten-free, vegan, and kosher. That makes it a fantastic choice for almost anyone who wants to try apple butter.

Tennessee’s Best

Tennessee’s Best Apple Butter is a bit more expensive than its competitors. You can justify that price though since it comes in a larger jar. It also has a few more ingredients, like spices and sugar.

However, that can make it taste different, so you may prefer it over other brands. There are still no preservatives, which is nice. Of course, you’ll want to store the apple butter in the fridge to keep it fresh.

Apple Butter vs. Applesauce

Apple butter and applesauce start in similar ways. A company needs to mill, puree, or chop up the apples they want to use in either product. Then, they cook the apples to turn them into apple butter or applesauce.

However, apple butter requires a longer cook time. That allows you to get a dark brown product that’s easy to spread on pancakes or toast. Applesauce doesn’t take as long, so it’s lighter in color and can be more of a liquid.

Is Apple Butter Vegan?

Most apple butters are vegan, especially since a lot of brands only use apples to make it. Even the brands that include spices or sugar should still be vegan.

But some brands might use other ingredients, including dairy products. None of the brands on this list use animal products.

However, you should check the label of any brand you want to try. That way, you can make sure it’s vegan or otherwise meets your dietary needs.

Can Apple Butter Replace Nut Butters?

You can use apple butter to replace nut butters in some situations. This is particularly true if you want something to spread on your toast or pancakes. You may even be able to make an apple butter sandwich.

Apple butter is also an excellent addition to a charcuterie board and other meals. However, it probably won’t be a perfect substitute. The consistency may be a bit different, and it might not pair as well with your favorite jelly.

Still, you can give it a try in some of your favorite meals or recipes. Then, you can still enjoy foods if you have a nut allergy.

Do Grocery Stores Sell Apple Butter?

Many local grocery stores sell apple butter. You can find it around the nut butters or the jellies or jams. The exact selection will vary from store to store, so you can check different grocery locations in your area.

If you can’t find any apple butter, or you can’t find the right brand, you can order it online. Then, the company will ship the apple butter to your door.

Final Thoughts

Some of the best apple butter brands are Musselman’s, Smucker’s, and Eden Foods. Louisburg Cider Mill and other local cider mills also make great apple butter. Be sure to consider how the product differs from apple sauce and how you can use it in place of nut butter when preparing your next dish.