Arby’s Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

If you find yourself frequently eating at Arby’s, you may be wondering about the Arby’s crispy buffalo chicken sandwich. As this is a popular sandwich option at this fast food restaurant that many customers rave about.

Arby’s is well known for its variety of sandwich options that customers know and love. With many of those sandwich options being chicken sandwiches of various types and flavors.

Recently, spicy chicken sandwiches have really taken the forefront of fast food options and have gained a lot of popularity. Making this chicken sandwich even more desirable than it was when it was first released.

Keep reading to find out more about Arby’s crispy buffalo chicken sandwich and what kind of ingredients you can expect to find in it.

Arby’s Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Review

If you often eat at Arby’s, you may have noticed the crispy buffalo chicken sandwich on the menu. This is a delicious chicken sandwich that has a chicken filet drenched in a spicy buffalo sauce to create a spicy sandwich option.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

This is a delicious sandwich option that really packs a flavorful punch as well as a bit of heat. Arby’s also has a more classical crispy chicken sandwich that does not include the spicy buffalo sauce, which is a good option for those who are sensitive to heat.

But the Arby’s crispy buffalo chicken sandwich is the favorite as it has such a strong and delicious flavor. The buffalo sauce really elevates the sandwich and gives it a kick of flavor and spice without being overwhelming.

There is also a ranch dressing on the sandwich, which helps to cool things down a bit and add some richness to the sandwich. Making it unique and unlike any other kind of chicken sandwich, you’ll find at any other fast food restaurant.

This is a great option if you want to shake things up a bit and try a different kind of sandwich at Arby’s. As this is a flavorful option that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for the majority of customers.

Ingredients in the Crispy Buffalo Sandwich From Arby’s

Now that you know a little bit more about what to expect if you order an Arby’s crispy buffalo chicken sandwich, you may be wondering what it is made with. As each Arby’s sandwich is going to be different in terms of the ingredients being used.

This can also help you to decide whether or not this is a sandwich that you are going to enjoy eating. As everyone has their own preferences, and you may dislike or like certain ingredients more than others.

Chicken Filet

The crispy buffalo chicken sandwich is made with a thin chicken filet that is thinly breaded with a flavorful breading. It is then fried to create a golden and crispy exterior that makes up the crispy part of the sandwich.

Unfortunately, many customers have commented on the fact that the chicken filet quickly becomes soggy after it has been covered in the buffalo sauce. So you lose all of that crunchiness from the breading before you ever take a bite.

This is something that is bound to happen when you fry food and then cover it in a sauce. So if you want to order this sandwich, you will just need to be prepared for the breading to not be nearly as crunchy as you might have hoped for.

Spicy Buffalo Sauce

The spicy buffalo sauce has a very rich and flavorful flavor that is sure to please the majority of customers. It has that traditional Buffalo flavor along with a hefty kick of spice at the end that really rounds it off.

The chicken is generously coded in the sauce so that you are going to taste it throughout the entire sandwich. Ensuring that this sandwich is not going to be in the least bit land but is going to provide a punch of flavor.

Ranch Dressing

Arby’s also uses a creamy Parmesan and peppercorn ranch dressing that really rounds off the sandwich and provides intrigue. This is a very different kind of sauce from the spicy buffalo sauce and is going to bring coolness and creaminess to the sandwich.

Without this ranch dressing, the sandwich might be a little bit spicier than the majority of people would like. So this is the perfect complement, providing creaminess and a hint of cheesiness to the overall sandwich.

It is a great addition and helps to give the sandwich a little more richness to help it feel more satisfying when you eat it.


A small amount of lettuce is also added to this crispy buffalo chicken sandwich as the only vegetable that you will get. This adds freshness and a little bit of crunch to the sandwich that otherwise would be lacking.

Homemade Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

If you would rather not have any lettuce on your sandwich, this can most likely be avoided by asking for it to not be added when ordering. As some people think that the lettuce does not quite fit the sandwich and is a last minute additive.

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Calorie Count

Now that you know more about the Arby’s crispy buffalo chicken sandwich, you may want to know what the calorie count is. As fast food restaurant sandwiches can be quite high in calories, which is something that you may need to consider.

On its own, the crispy buffalo chicken sandwich is 500 calories for the sandwich in total. Any additional sides or drinks that you add to your meal are going to elevate the calories and make it a less healthy meal.