Arby’s Spicy Fish Sandwich

If you enjoy eating spicy foods and want to try new sandwiches out, you should try the Arby’s spicy fish sandwich. As this is a very popular sandwich option at Arby’s that features a different source of protein.

Arby’s is well known for its variety of sandwich options, with only a few featuring fish. Making this a great sandwich option to try out if you are looking to incorporate more fish into your diet, especially when eating out.

This is also a sandwich that caters to the crowd of spice lovers who enjoy a good kick to their food. As a spicy fish sandwich is sure to check all of the boxes when it comes to heat and flavor.

Keep reading to find out more about Arby’s spicy fish sandwich as well as what kind of ingredients you can expect to find on it.

Arby’s Spicy Fish Sandwich Review

If you enjoy eating out at Arby’s, you may be wondering about the spicy fish sandwich. This is a spicy sandwich from Arby’s that features a Pollock fish filet that is perfectly seasoned to perfection to create an extra spicy sandwich option.

fish sandwich with tomato

This is a delicious fish sandwich that has continued to be extremely popular amongst customers. Especially as more and more people are leaning towards ordering fish options when eating out at fast food restaurants.

This is also a sandwich that really caters to the spice lovers, as the fish filet really packs a spicy punch for those who love a little heat. It is a very mild fish that is not going to taste fishy in any way but has a delicate flavor.

This sandwich is also paired with jalapeños that help to kick the heat up a notch and give it a delicious flavor. As jalapeños are just as flavorful as they are spicy, bringing the heat and flavor to really elevate the sandwich.

Making this is the perfect option for anyone who wants to try something new at Arby’s and taste some of its fish options. Especially if you enjoy something that is on the spicier side.

Arby’s Spicy Fish Sandwich Ingredients

Now that you know a little bit more about the Arby’s spicy fish sandwich, you may want to know what kind of ingredients the sandwich has. As this is going to directly impact what a sandwich tastes like and whether or not it would be a good fit for you.

Arby’s is known for its delicious sandwich combinations and really caters to a more unique crowd of diners. As it sandwiches tend to be a little bit more complex than other fast food sandwich options.

This helps Arby’s sandwiches to be more flavorful and pack a more interesting punch to them that really tickles your taste buds. And the Arby’s spicy fish sandwich is no different, as it is created to provide a unique experience.

Fish Filet

The Arby’s fish sandwich contains a Pollock fish filet that is lightly breaded to create a golden exterior that has a light crunch. This creates a delicious texture and flavor that really elevates the fish and helps it to stay moist and flaky.

This is a very mild Fish that does not taste fishy in the slightest, so you do not have to worry about that. It is very mild in flavor, and you are mainly going to only taste the spicy breading that really elevates the entire sandwich.

Many people consider this to be a very hefty sandwich as the fish filet is very thick, giving you a generous portion for each sandwich.


The sandwich is also topped with diced and fire-roasted jalapeños to give it an extra kick of flavorful spice. Jalapeños are a very common ingredient in spicy sandwiches as they are spicy without being overly hot.

They are already very flavorful, but the fact that these are fire-roasted also adds to the flavor, creating a smoky essence. This really helps the sandwich to take on a unique flavor that is not going to be like any other sandwich on the menu.


Arby’s helps to cool things down a little by adding some veggies to this fish sandwich. This includes veggies like tomatoes and lettuce to help cool down some of the heat and provide freshness.

This adds some much-needed freshness, moisture, and texture to the sandwich, to help elevate the fish filet. This is a delicious combination, and remains simple but still very flavorful and spicy.

Tartar Sauce

The finishing touch to this Arby’s spicy fish sandwich is the tartar sauce which is absolutely necessary for any kind of fish. Just about any kind of fish sandwich is going to contain tartar sauce, as this is the most complementary condiment.

Spicy Fried fish Sandwich

Tartar sauce helps to cool things down a little with its creaminess and also adds zingy flavor to the sandwich. This is a very bright and tangy sauce that really pulls everything together.

Spicy Fish Sandwich Calories

If calories are something that is important to you, it is good to know that the spicy fish sandwich is 570 calories in total. This is quite high in terms of any kind of food, but high calories are not uncommon for fast food sandwiches.

You will find that the majority of fast food sandwiches are going to be quite high in calories. Ranging between 400 to 600 calories per sandwich on average.

This just means that you might want to be careful if you are picking out sides or a drink with your sandwich. As this is only going to add to the total calorie count for this meal.