Arby’s Spicy Greek Gyro

If you enjoy eating the food at Arby’s, you may have heard about the Arby’s spicy Greek Gyro sandwich. As this has quickly become a popular option that many customers are raving about after trying it.

Arby’s itself has a wide variety of very popular menu items that it has tried with its customers. As it also offers many limited edition items to take all the taste buds of its regulars and see what customers are looking for.

Overall, Arby’s creativity has set it apart from other fast food restaurants and their menu items. Making it a great place to go if you want to try something new and interesting that is still delicious.

Keep reading to find out more about Arby’s spicy Greek Gyro sandwich and what exactly it is made out of.

Review of the Spicy Greek Gyro at Arby’s

If you are looking for a new option to try at Arby’s, you should try the Arby’s spicy Greek Gyro sandwich. As this is a delicious concoction made from pita bread and Gyro meat that is flavorful and spicy with plenty of fresh vegetables.

Greek Gyros With Fries

Arby’s is known for having a lot of delicious options that customers know and regularly buy for themselves. As well as regularly releasing new and interesting options that quickly gain popularity amongst its regulars.

This is a new and interesting sandwich option that is going to be unlike anything else that Arby’s has on the menu. It may even be unlike any kind of sandwich that you have ever eaten.

As it goes against all of the traditions of a normal sandwich, with a pita bread exterior and Gyro meat. With plenty of spicy chili sauce and fresh veggies to really give this sandwich a complete feeling that will leave you full and satisfied.

If you want to try something new, this is definitely going to be a great option, as many customers rave about it. As it gives you a completely new experience from any other Arby’s sandwich options.

How Spicy Greek Gyro Is Made?

If you are interested in trying the spicy Greek Gyro sandwich, you may be wondering how this sandwich is made. And what kind of ingredients you can expect to find on your sandwich if you go ahead and order it.

This is important as this is a very unique sandwich that may have different ingredients than you are used to. And it is always a good idea to know what something is made out of so you know if you need to make any substitutions.

Gyro Meat

Gyro meat is a traditional Greek type of meat that is often paired with Greek foods. Because this is a Greek-inspired sandwich, it is very typical for it to contain Gyro meat.

This is typically a blend of different meat, often including lamb, that also includes Greek-inspired herbs. Creating a very flavorful protein source that is going to elevate the sandwich and provide a lot of that traditional Greek flavor.

Pita Bread

A pita bread is also used to hold the sandwich together instead of a regular bun or bread type of base. This pita bread is soft and pillowy and is large enough to completely wrap the sandwich so that it is easy to eat.

The pita bread is not going to have much flavor of its own but provides plenty of chewy texture and hardiness. Helping to bring the entire sandwich together so that it feels like a real meal.


Iceberg lettuce, red onions, and tomatoes are vegetables added to the spicy Greek Gyro sandwich. Helping to add freshness to the sandwich and plenty of texture and bite.

If you have certain preferences, you could always ask for more of these vegetables or for certain ones to be left out when ordering. As you can usually customize your sandwich if you do it when you are placing your order.


Tzatziki sauce is a very traditional Greek sauce that is made primarily out of Greek yogurt. It is creamy and tangy, providing the perfect refreshing condiment option for this sandwich.

preparing Greek gyro

It provides some of that traditional Greek flavor as well as adding creaminess and richness to the sandwich overall. Traditional tzatziki often includes finely chopped cucumbers and garlic for texture and flavor.

Red Chili Sauce

A spicy red chili sauce is also added to the sandwich to help bring the heat. This adds red chili flavor and a very nice kick at the end of the sandwich that is not enough to overpower it but enough to give you a little bit of spice.

This pairs beautifully with the tzatziki as the tzatziki is cool and creamy, and the sauce is hot and flavorful.

Arby’s Spicy Greek Gyro Nutritional Facts

Any kind of fast food is going to be relatively high in calories and sodium as well as carbohydrates. Which is why it doesn’t hurt to find out the nutritional facts for the menu items that you plan on ordering.

Especially if you are trying to cut back and want to choose healthier options even when eating out. Though this can be difficult to do as fast food is typically not going to cater to healthy eating.

If you want to order the Arby’s spicy Greek Gyro sandwich, the nutritional info is going to be:

  • Calories: 720
  • Fat: 44g
  • Carbs: 58g
  • Sodium: 1700mg
  • Protein: 23g
  • Sugar: 8g

So this sandwich option is relatively high in calories and sodium, but it also contains a fair amount of protein. So it can be enjoyed as a treat but should not be eaten regularly if you are trying to be healthier.