What is the Best Kind of Cheese for a Turkey Sandwich?

What is the Best Kind of Cheese for a Turkey Sandwich?

If you’re throwing together a turkey sandwich, you might find yourself wondering what the best kind of cheese to use is. Although this comes down to personal preference to a degree, it’s worth learning about the different options and what other people enjoy, so you can try the most popular choices for yourself.

What is the best kind of cheese for a turkey sandwich? The top cheese choices for a turkey sandwich include Monterey Jack, gouda, mozzarella, Colby jack, cheddar, and provolone. These cheeses are good because they will melt quickly and easily, giving a great texture to the sandwich, and they won’t overpower the other ingredients, but will still add plenty of flavor.

Which Cheeses Should You Choose for a Turkey Sandwich?

There are many cheeses you can use on a turkey sandwich, and each offers different benefits. You may find that you want to try more than one kind of cheese so that you get a whole range of flavors and textures, or just stick with one. Apart from those listed above, some good choices include brie, Pecorino Romano, Parmesan, and Muenster cheese.

Why is Monterey Jack Good for Turkey Sandwiches?

This cheese is great because it has a soft, buttery flavor that goes beautifully with the turkey, and does nothing to reduce the taste of the meat. When grilled, this cheese will melt and provide a gentle sweetness that will complement the other sandwich ingredients.

Try grilling a few slices of this cheese alongside the turkey – it’s much better eaten hot and melted, rather than cold and firm.

Why is Gouda Good for Turkey Sandwiches?

Fresh gouda has a creamy flavor and is mild, which will enrich your turkey sandwich without overwhelming the turkey. It’s a great cheese because you can opt for aged gouda if you want more flavor and saltiness, or non-aged gouda for a soft, creamy texture and minimal flavor.

Gouda dates back to the 12th century, and it’s famous for its texture and taste. Again, it’s a great mild option to add to your turkey sandwich.

Why is Mozzarella Good for Turkey Sandwiches?

Mozzarella is known for its delightful texture when heated, and it has almost no flavor. This makes it an ideal topping, although you may want to select a secondary cheese for a little tang if you find mozzarella too plain.

Mozzarella is often used in hot sandwiches because of its satisfying stringiness. You can really pile it on without covering up any of the delicious turkey taste.

Why is Colby Jack Good for Turkey Sandwiches?

Colby Jack is only used for some kinds of cooking, but it’s great in grilled sandwiches, provided you use young cheese. It has a rich, nutty flavor, but it’s still mild enough not to overwhelm the sandwich.

It will melt nicely, giving the sandwich a great texture, and enriching the other flavors. You could try Colby Jack alongside one of the other cheeses for extra flavor.

Why is Cheddar Good for Turkey Sandwiches?

One of the best-known cheeses out there, cheddar is ideal for people who want a little bit more “cheesiness” on their sandwich. Its flavor is still mellow, but stronger and saltier than many of the other cheeses. It tastes great with smoked turkey, its slightly sharp taste blending beautifully with the meaty one.

Cheddar takes a little more work to melt, but it will do so, and it’s got more body. You will definitely taste it in the sandwich, although the turkey should remain the star of the show as long as you don’t put too much cheddar on.

Why is Provolone Good for Turkey Sandwiches?

One of the best-known accompaniments for a turkey sandwich, provolone offers a great balance of flavor and subtlety. It has a sharp, fresh taste that will lift the notes of the sandwich, but it won’t outshine the turkey.

If you want a bit of a salty edge to the sandwich, provolone is perfect, which may be why it is the go-to option for so many people.

Why is Brie Good for Turkey Sandwiches?

For a super soft and creamy addition to your turkey, brie is a great choice. It has more flavor, being fruity and nutty, but it’s still mild enough to work well when paired with the meat.

Simply squash a bit of brie into the bread and smear it along before adding the turkey. Brie is already gooey and soft, so it shouldn’t need to be melted. However, it is also lovely when grilled, so there’s no harm in heating it if you want to.

Why is Pecorino Romano Good for Turkey Sandwiches?

This cheese comes in a variety of ages, so you can choose whichever you prefer. Older cheeses will be harder and crumblier, resulting in a stronger flavor. Pecorino Romano is slightly sour and peppery and could overwhelm the turkey if you use too much of it, so be careful.

You can opt for younger, milder versions of this cheese, and mix them with other mild cheeses if you like.

Why is Parmesan Good for Turkey Sandwiches?

Another hard cheese, a little grating of Parmesan can go a long way. This cheese is salty and slightly sweet, and yet also manages to be a little bitter. Be careful not to use too much of it, or you’ll find the other flavors in your sandwich get overwhelmed.

Parmesan is a hard, aged cheese, and it can be quite strong. Use it in small quantities for the best results.

Why is Muenster Good for Turkey Sandwiches?

If you like Monterey Jack, you should really enjoy Muenster cheese (not Munster) on your turkey sandwich. The flavor is again soft and buttery, and this cheese is mild enough to work well alongside the meat.

The texture is also smooth, creamy, and satisfying, making this a perfect sandwich cheese to enjoy!

Final Thoughts

There are many cheeses that you can add to your turkey sandwich. Some are strong options that will have a noticeable impact on the sandwich with salty, tangy, or sour flavors. Others are subtle, mild ones that will prove almost unnoticeable, but lend your sandwich a creamy, succulent texture.