What is the Best Substitute for Campanelle Pasta?

What is the Best Substitute for Campanelle Pasta?

Campanelle pasta is a famous pasta variant for its shape and versatility. The pasta works with various dishes, with its shape helping it to hold different components – from stuffing to dressings and more. 

But, campanelle pasta is also not perfect. Sometimes, you’ll need to find substitutes to stand in its place. 

What is the best substitute for campanelle pasta? Cannelloni pasta is the most ideal campanile pasta substitute for many reasons – primarily, its shape and taste. Both pasta variants originate from Italy, and they work with a wide variety of dishes. 

If you ever need a substitute for campanelle pasta, cannelloni pasta should be your first call. 

An Overview of Campanelle Pasta

Campanelle pasta is one of the most delightful forms of pasta there is. It originates from Italy, where “campanelle” translates to “bellflowers.” 

Campanelle comes in a gentle and strong shape. It comes with thin, petal-like edges as well as a hollow center that allows it to capture stuffing, sauce, and pretty much anything else you want to add to your recipe. In fact, this feature is one of the things that make campanelle pasta so popular. 

You can pair campanelle pasta with different things. These include dairy-based sauces like bechamel and cheese, vegetable sauces like beans and pumpkins, and more. You can use it with fish and meat sauces, tomato sauces, pretty much anything you want to combine it with. 

Besides its flexibility with sauces, campanelle pasta is also great for its shape. It adds to the aesthetic appeal of your dish, and it is sure to grab the attention of your guests when next you make a meal with it. 

Why Replace Campanelle Pasta?

  • Non-availability: For all its benefits, campanelle pasta isn’t available everywhere. It is one of the rarest pasta variants, and you might not be able to get it around you. So, consider a substitute from time to time if you can’t find campanelle pasta close to you. 
  • Taste differences: You could always consider a substitute if you don’t like campanelle pasta’s taste – or you’d just like to try something else 
  • Cost: Due to its lack of availability, campanelle pasta is a bit more expensive. People who might be considering their budgets, might not be able to get it easily. So, they’ll need a proper substitute. 

Options for Campanelle Pasta Substitutes

Best Overall Substitute for Campanelle Pasta: Cannelloni Pasta

Originating from Italy, cannelloni pasta is basically a sheet of pasta rolled into a tube. It goes by different names from different countries, with Americans usually calling it “manicotti” 

Cannelloni pasta is the best substitute for campanelle pasta for different reasons. However, perhaps most prominent is the fact that they both have the same structure. Like campanelle pasta, cannelloni pasta comes with a long, tube-like shape. This makes it also excellent for holding different food items. 

Whether it’s stuffing, minced beef, dressings, or sauces, cannelloni pasta is a great option for holding them. Its long and slim shape makes it a great choice. 

Even better, cannelloni pasta is more readily available. You can get it in many grocery stores, so you won’t need to stress over finding the right option for you. Since there are different cannelloni pasta recipes, we recommend that you cook yours according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Stuff it with your preferred filling, put it in the oven, and put some sauce on it to give it that extra flavor. 

You should note that cannelloni pasta and campanelle pasta don’t necessarily have the same taste. Cannelloni pasta has a much more buttery taste to it, making it more suited to those who love rich tastes. 

Best Available Substitute: Conchiglie Pasta

Like campanelle pasta, conchiglie is a type of pasta that comes with an interesting structure. With a conch-shaped structure, this pasta also has hollows that can hold dressings, sauces, stuffings, and much more. It doesn’t necessarily have the tubular shape like several of its other counterparts, but that hardly matters – it holds stuff well. 

You should note that conchiglie pasta comes in different sizes. The smallest shell shape is usually called “conchigliette,” while the largest of the bunch is called “conchiglioni.” Conchigliette is usually applied when making salads and soups, while conchiglioni can be filled with different types of stuffings – like vegetables, cheese, and more. 

Conchiglie pasta works as an ideal one-on-one substitute for campanelle pasta. So, you don’t need to worry about proportions. 

Best Affordable Substitute: Penne Pasta

If you’re considering your finances, you might want to go with something more affordable. In that case, say hello to penne pasta. 

Affordability and availability are the strengths of penne pasta. However, don’t let that fool you – this is also a quality substitute for campanelle. It holds sauces and dressings very well, and it works as a great substitute for campanelle pasta. 

Penne is a short and thin pasta with diagonally-cut sides and a tubular shape. The pasta usually comes in two-inch lengths, as well as a short, cylindrical shape that is cut at the end. It’s got ridges on the sides, but you could easily cook it to soften the texture and make it chewable. 

Thanks to its capacity to hold sauces and dressings well, it works excellently in salad recipes and varieties. You can also use it in baked recipes.