What is the Best Substitute for Cashew Butter?

What is the Best Substitute for Cashew Butter?

Cashew butter is one of those butter variants that just melt in your mouth and make your day better. It’s an ideal choice for bread spreading, and its flavor makes it unforgettable. 

But, cashew butter is also not perfect. People might want to swap it out for different reasons if it doesn’t fit their lifestyle or recipes. 

What is the best substitute for cashew butter? Peanut butter is the best substitute for cashew butter, thanks to its relatively similar nutty flavor and high nutrient profile. If you’re looking for something healthy and delicious, peanut butter is definitely what you need. 

An Overview of Cashew Butter

Cashew butter is a nut butter that is made from cashews – well, the name says it all. In most cases, cashews are ground up in a blender or a food processor until they become smooth, creamy, and ready for spreading. Some manufacturers could also add some extra ingredients to make the butter more palatable. 

In its simplest sense, cashew butter tastes just like normal cashew. It is nutty and creamy, with a simple and sturdy texture that you will be able to enjoy and use easily. Cashew butter is also loved by many because of how easy it is to make. So, if you can’t find any brand options around you, then you could instead just make it.  

Like other butter spreads, cashew butter can be used with toast. However, some people also use it to make ice cream, although that is more for people who might like to explore their recipes.

Why Replace Cashew Butter? 

  • Allergies and intolerance: People with nut allergies will most likely be allergic to cashew butter as well. Considering that nut allergies are especially popular, this is a true concern for many people. So, if you’re such a person, you would need to get a substitute. 
  • Non-availability: Cashew butter tastes lovely, but it’s not readily available. If you have issues getting it around you, then a substitute will be much better for you instead. 

Options for Cashew Butter Substitutes

Best Overall Substitute for Cashew Butter: Peanut Butter

When it comes to butter variants, peanut butter is pretty much the most versatile of the bunch. It works with just about anything, and it can operate as a reliable substitute for any other variant. So, it’s no surprise that peanut butter comes as the top choice for everyone. 

As you can expect, there are flavor differences between peanut butter and cashew butter. Both are made from different things, so they won’t taste the same. However, there’s a mild flavor undertone to peanut butter, which sort of reminds you of cashew butter. So, the similarity is quite interesting. 

With its distinct nutty flavor, peanut butter works in pretty much anything that works for cashew butter. The two are also alike when it comes to nutrients – like cashew butter, peanut butter is a strong source of vitamins, such as vitamin E, vitamin B, and more. You also get more proteins in peanut butter than cashew butter, so that definitely works in its favor.

Lastly, peanut butter is much more readily available than cashew butter.  It’s easy to find, affordable, and ready for you. 

The only downside for peanut butter is that it easily triggers allergies in people. If you’ve got peanut allergies or lactose intolerance, you definitely want to stay away from this one. 

Best Substitute for Allergy Reasons: Soy Nut Butter

Not many people know about it, but soy nut butter is an interesting option that could easily substitute well for cashew butter. As the name suggests, this butter is made from roasted soybeans – as well as added salt and oil. Some brands could also add components like sugar and palm oil to their recipes to add even more taste to it. 

With soy nut butter, you get a thick and creamy structure. However, the buttery flavor is a bit of a turn-off for some people who might find it bland. Again, this is why some brands add some sugar. Also, you could add some jam to your recipe to throw in even more flavor. 

In terms of nutrition, soy nut butter is quite impressive. You get sufficient calories, good fats, and just a little over a gram of unsaturated fats in a tablespoon serving. Soy nut butter also gives you a few grams of protein, and the spread offers considerable amounts of minerals like calcium and iron. 

Since it is made from soybeans, soy nut butter will most likely not trigger any nut allergies. Its relatively neutral taste profile means that it can work for different recipes. If you can use cashew butter for something, soy nut butter can work for it as well. 

The only slight issue with soy nut butter is that you might not necessarily be able to find it easily. But, if you can get it around, you should consider it as a healthy substitute. 

Best Flavor-Based Substitute: Sunflower Butter

If you’re looking for something to mimic the flavor of cashew butter, then sunflower butter is your perfect substitute. Also known as sunflower seed butter, this option also works for people who have nut allergies. 

Sunflower butter is made from ground and roasted sunflower seeds, and it comes with a nutty taste that’s just the perfect mix of mildness and dominance. The taste is strong enough for you to notice it, but not so strong that you won’t notice anything else.  

With its interesting taste, sunflower butter makes for a good addition to any recipe. It won’t alter your recipe’s taste, and it is also relatively easy to find. So, it’s a win-win for everyone.