What is the Best Substitute for Plum Extract?

What is the Best Substitute for Plum Extract?

Plum extract is an interesting ingredient with quite a lot of applications. Many use it in their recipes for different reasons, ranging from its lovely taste to the many health benefits that it could provide. 

But, like every ingredient, plum extract isn’t perfect and you will need to get some substitutes at some point. 

So, what is the best substitute for plum extract? Garlic teriyaki is the most ideal substitute for plum extract, thanks in no small part to their taste similarities. Plum extract usually comes with some garlic content, so it tasks a lot like garlic teriyaki. At the same time, garlic teriyaki is easy to make.

An Overview of Plum Extract 

Plum Extract is a famous ingredient with origins in Korea. It is usually made of green plums – which many also call Japanese apricots – that are marinated with honey or sugar. After a few months, you’ve got your plum extract.  

For most of the time, plum extract is used as a means of marinating and dipping sauces. Its sweet and tangy flavor is a great asset for it, and plum extract also works as a part of a soju cocktail. 

You could even use it as a meat marinade since plum extract will take away any meaty scents and oily tastes. Even better, plum extract can help to soften up meat and make your cooking much more comfortable. 

In terms of health benefits, you get quite a lot from plum extract. It is good for cardiovascular health, and it can also help to combat anxiety. It helps to cut down on blood sugar and relieve constipation.

Why Replace Plum Extract?

  • Non-availability: If you can’t find any plum extract around you, then you will need a substitute that works well in its stead. 
  • Content concerns: Plum extract isn’t the perfect fit for someone looking to lose weight. If you’re on a diet, you need a better substitute. 

Options for Plum Extract Substitutes 

Best Overall Substitute for Plum Extract: Garlic Teriyaki

When you see plum extract, you might want to believe that the only ingredients in it are plums. However, you’d be wrong. Plum extract has several other ingredients, and one of them is garlic. With garlic being a major ingredient, it is pretty easy for you to substitute plum extract with garlic teriyaki. 

One of the best things about garlic teriyaki is that you can easily make it. All you have to do is blend some garlic cloves with teriyaki sauce, molasses, kidney beans, red wine vinegar, and five-spice powder. Blend them properly and you’ve got something really special.

You can add your garlic teriyaki to a recipe for salmon, beef, or chicken. While garlic teriyaki works best as a cooking sauce, you won’t be too wrong if you use it as a condiment or a dip.

Interestingly, you could also get garlic & prunes. To work with this substitute, you will need to boil pitted prunes until they soften and become tender. Once they are soft, throw in some soy sauce with dry sherry and garlic cloves. Blend the mixture until it becomes a paste. 

This paste will work pretty well as a plum extract substitute as well. Just remember to let it cool down for a little while before you consume it. You can add some spices to the mixture as well, then you’re ready to enjoy the meal. 

Best Substitute for Flavor: Black Beans & Plums

On their own, black beans aren’t actually a good substitute for plum extract. However, if you’re looking to add a dash of flavor, throw in some plums and see how well that mixture works. 

Black beans are edible seeds that taste quite well. They’re not similar to plum extract in taste, but they work for almost the same types of meals. So, you don’t have to worry about compatibility. 

Black beans provide a creamy, soft, and mild taste. Their flavor is pretty neutral. So it won’t overwhelm your meal – this is one of the many reasons why black beans are preferred for different recipes. In fact, black beans tend to take more flavor from salt and any other ingredient that you use with your recipe. 

This is where the plums come in. they can provide that infusion of familiar flavor that you need, so your recipe can taste even better overall. 

Most experts will recommend that you mix plums with brown sugar and water. Boil the mixture until it becomes soft, then add some garlic and black beans. Leave the entire thing to cool off, then you can also add things like soy sauce with vinegar oil and spices.

Remember that the key is in how you boil the plums with water and brown sugar. Blending is also important as it is what ensures that you get proper consistency. 

Best Substitute in a Time Crunch: Ginger & Plum Jam 

Another interesting substitute for plum extract is the mixture of plum jam and ginger. One of the many reasons why this is popular is due to the convenience. It’s easy to find plum jam around, and ginger is pretty much a regular in every kitchen. So, all you’ve got to do is mix them up and you’re ready to go.

With this mixture, you can make a lovely sauce for several meals. However, you want to also keep the ginger content to a minimum. Plum jam can easily counteract the taste, but you want to start with a little ginger content and work your way up from there. No rush, of course. 

For directions, get ginger root and two garlic cloves, and add some crushed red pepper with1 tablespoon of teriyaki sauce. Finish it off with the plum jam for flavor, and you’re ready to go.