What is the Best Substitute for Pretzel Salt?

What is the Best Substitute for Pretzel Salt?

Pretzel salt is a large-grained salt option usually used for – you guessed it – making pretzels. It is also ideal for salting pastries like breadsticks since it doesn’t melt quickly. 

At the same time, pretzel salt also works pretty well for several other applications. Since it is a salt variant, you could want to get a substitute. 

So, what is the best substitute for pretzel salt? The ideal substitute for pretzel salt is kosher salt, which is significantly similar to pretzel salt. You will also love the fact that kosher salt is highly versatile and can work in different scenarios. 

An Overview of Pretzel Salt 

As explained earlier, pretzel salt is a large-grained salt. Its crystals come in uniform sizes, and it is an all-natural salt with zero additives. With flat, rectangular-shaped grains, pretzel salt works incredibly well for baked foods – hence, its compatibility with pretzels in the first place. 

Pretzel salt can also work a bit for traditional dishes. This is primarily because it is a less refined option with more minerals than you would get with ordinary table salt. You can use pretzel salt in curing different types of meat, salt-crusted fish, and more. 

The salty taste in pretzel salt is prominent, so everyone can enjoy it in their meals as they see fit. Of course, you want to be careful not to let it overwhelm the meal and spoil things. 

Why Replace Pretzel Salt? 

  • Non-availability: If you can’t find pretzel salt around you, then a substitute will be better for you. 
  • Compatibility with meals: Pretzel salt doesn’t dissolve easily. This means that it might not work well for some dishes. In some situations, you will find that a substitute will work well.
  • Health issues: An excessive intake of pretzel salt can be detrimental to your health. There are several other healthy substitutes that you could use in your food recipe.

Options for Pretzel Salt Substitutes

Best Overall Substitute for Pretzel Salt: Kosher Salt 

Kosher salt is an especially great substitute for pretzel salt because of their significant similarities. Of course, salts are all relatively similar when you think about it. However, kosher salt and pretzel salt are uniquely alike. 

For one, kosher salt and pretzel salt come in granular forms. Also, kosher salt has a similar working pattern – instead of just making your food taste salty, it enhances your food’s taste by bringing out its unique flavor. Lastly, kosher salt also doesn’t contain any additives. So, you can see how well it tries to mimic pretzel salt. 

Kosher salt is a coarse-grained salt variant that is assembled from crystals. Its shape is usually a factor of the evaporation process, so you can have kosher salt in the shape of pyramids and flat structures.

Usually, kosher salt is perfect for koshering meat. You can also use it for canning, brining, and marinating. While it is an ideal salt for rimming margaritas, kosher salt doesn’t quite do well in baking – except the other ingredients have enough liquid content to dissolve the salt flakes effectively.

You will love the fact that you can easily pick it between your fingers, So, you have more control over the quantity of salt you use and your application measurements. 

Best Substitute for Cooking: Coarse Sea Salt 

Pretzel salt and coarse sea salt are also relatively similar. They are both made of large-grained sea salt, so they are very versatile. Like pretzel salt, you can use coarse sea salt for making brine and in salting meat. It is also relatively appropriate for regular recipes like sauces and stews. 

Coarse sea salt is also an ideal choice for people with health issues. It has several nutrients, including magnesium, calcium, potassium, and more. It also helps to keep you hydrated and can help improve the health of your heart, brain, and muscle. If you’re fatigued, get this salt and feel that zip of hydration.

Note, however, that coarse sea salt comes with a more intense flavor than pretty much any other salt variant. So, you will need to be especially vigilant when using it. Of course, you could start small and work your way to the top from there. Make sure your taste buds are active as you taste, so you don’t add too much of the salt.

Best Substitute for Salting: Margarita Salt 

Sometimes, you need some salt to put on the rim of your margarita glass. If that’s the case, then you will be better served if you chose – you guessed it – margarita salt. As expected, this salt tastes just like the former, so you’re not losing any flavor characteristics. For your happy hour, get some margarita salt and enjoy it with your drinks. 

Interestingly, margarita salt also works with some dishes. It is available in different dyed colors, with the dye possibly changing your recipe to a degree. So, it is recommended that you check the option you choose and get a taste to ensure that you’re getting the proper pretzel salt substitute. You definitely don’t want the salt to interfere with your meal’s taste. 

Best Healthy Substitute: Rock Salt

Rock salt is a variant of salt that is formed from the evaporation of lake or seawater. They are colorful sodium chloride crystals, and they also come with a wide array of minerals that will do your body a lot of good. From calcium and nickel to zinc and manganese, rock salt is packed with nutrients that will benefit your health. 

Adding rock salt to your food can help you avoid low sodium levels that will cause seizures and affect your sleep.