What is the Best Substitute for Ritz Crackers?

What is the Best Substitute for Ritz Crackers?

Whether you would like to use them for snacks or as part of a broader recipe, Ritz crackers are an ideal ingredient to have at home at all times. They are just lovely to have around. 

However, there are some cases where Ritz crackers might not necessarily be great for you while cooking or eating. In that case, you will need a viable substitute. 

What is the best substitute for Ritz crackers? Saltine crackers are the most ideal option for a substitute as they provide similarities in taste and texture. Like Ritz crackers, saltine crackers are crunchy and thin. So, you enjoy a great deal of similarity across the board. 

An Overview of Ritz Crackers

Ritz crackers are a type of crackers with circular bodies and ridge edges. They are famous for their thin frames and crunchy tastes. 

Nabisco – one of the most famous biscuit manufacturers – introduced Ritz crackers in 1934. Since then, the biscuits have been a staple in recipes across the world. 

Ritz crackers have also become popular because they are easy to use. They work as standalone snacks, and they also allow you to enjoy them with some recipes. The latter is especially possible due to the crackers’ buttery and salty taste. With diverse uses and their simple nature, Ritz crackers are so popular. 

You can also find several varieties of Ritz crackers available. So, whatever you’re looking for, rest assured that you can find it here. 

Why Replace Ritz Crackers?

  • Non-availability: In truth, Ritz crackers are quite readily available. However, you might not find them at all times. If Ritz crackers are scarce, you will need a substitute. 
  • Salt content: The salt content of Ritz crackers might not work well for people who are watching their salt intake. 

Options for Ritz Crackers Substitutes

Best Overall Substitute for Ritz Crackers: Saltine Crackers

Saltine crackers have emerged as the best substitute for Ritz crackers for several reasons. Like the Ritz crackers, they have a crunchy feeling and a mixture of sweet and salty flavors. 

Also known as soda crackers, saltine crackers usually come in a square shape. They are thin and easy to work with, and their shape definitely contributes to the crunchiness. Saltine crackers are made from a combination of flour, baking soda, and yeast. From there, some coarse salt is sprinkled on the combination – ensuring that the saltine crackers provide a dry texture and crispy taste. 

In terms of application, saltine crackers also work just like Ritz crackers. You can use them in stews, soups, salads, and more. If you’re bored at home and would like a snack as you work, feel free to grab some saltine crackers and enjoy them. If you’d like to spruce the flavor even more, add some peanut butter, cheese, or natural butter.

Saltine crackers can also be crushed if you would like to make toppings for dishes such as baked chicken and red meat. 

Another benefit of saltine crackers is that you can find them anywhere. Like Ritz crackers, you can find them at stores and shops nearby. 

Best Homemade Substitute: Bread Crumbs 

Bread crumbs might sound like an odd choice, but they can actually substitute well for Ritz crackers in some situations. If you would like to make fritters if you want something to go with your casseroles and meatloaf, bread crumbs are pretty much what you need. 

Of course, there are many differences between bread crumbs and Ritz crackers. Most prominent is the fact that the former doesn’t have any salted or buttery flavors. It’s pretty difficult to see salt-flavored bread. Despite this difference, there are ways out of it. You could add some butter flavor extracts to even things out. Even better, you could melt real butter and add it. 

If you’re looking to make bread crumbs, all you have to do is dry pieces of bread for two to three days and let them get firm. Once the bread has become firm, blend it until it forms a grainy texture and you’ve got your bread crumbs. Of course, remember that you will need to add some butter to make everything pop. 

Add as many bread crumbs as you need to your recipe so you don’t have to worry about quantities. 

Best Available Substitute: Corn Flakes

Among the substitutes for Ritz crackers, there is hardly any that is as readily available as corn flakes. You probably even have some corn flakes in your kitchen right now. 

Unlike bread crumbs, corn flakes are readily available. However, what you need to do is simply crush the corn flakes well. Corn flakes are great for substituting Ritz crackers because they are also thin and crunchy. They might not have the same shape as Ritz crackers, but this isn’t much of a problem.

Like bread crumbs, however, you can add some butter content to corn flakes if you’re looking to mimic the taste of Ritz crackers. Most of the corn flakes available tend to have some salty content, so you don’t have to worry about that component. All you have to do is add the butter and other components in the right proportion, and you’re ready to eat. 

Best Substitute for Garnishing: Crostini 

A lot of people also love Ritz crackers for garnishing things like meat, vegetables, and fruit. If you’re looking for a substitute in this regard, crostini will work just fine. 

To get the best results, you will need to take crostini and cut it. Then, you brush its sides with some salted butter after melting the latter. Once you’re done with the brushing, you will toast the crostini at about 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave it to toast for about 15 minutes or until you see that the crostini starts to get brown a bit. From there, you’re ready to go.