BJ’s Brewhouse Tavern-Cut Pizza

If you enjoy eating homestyle pizzas, you may be wondering about BJ’s Brewhouse tavern cut pizza options. As this is a restaurant that has earned itself quite a reputation for amazing brews as well as pizzas.

If you are tired of the typical pizza places, you may be curious about other places where you can buy pizza. Such as higher and restaurants that offer more extensive pizza options that are going to be more unique and homemade.

These are all things that BJ’s Brewhouse offers in its own way, really providing a unique experience to diners. So if you are a true pizza lover, this is definitely a restaurant that you should stop by and try out.

Especially if you also love a good brew and enjoy combining these two things together. Keep reading to find out more about tavern-cut pizza from BJ’s Brewhouse and why these pizzas are so delicious.

BJ’s Brewhouse Review: Tavern-Cut Pizza

BJ’s Brewhouse is a restaurant known for its beer and pizza options that customers love. Its Tavern cut pizza is one of its most notable menu items that many people flock to the restaurant to order if they are having pizza cravings.

taking a piece of Pizza

These tavern-cut pizzas are homestyle pizzas that have the traditional taste and look to them. As they are often hand-tossed and made in a traditional pizza oven right there in the restaurant.

These pizzas have an old-fashioned feel to them that many people enjoy when you compare them to places like Pizza Hut or Domino. Where the pizza is all uniform, and there is no character or uniqueness to the pizzas that you order.

Because of this, BJ’s Brewhouse has earned itself a worthy reputation for offering great pizzas that you can enjoy with a cold brew. Making it an ideal spot for pizza lovers who truly enjoy the art of a good pizza.

As more well-known pizza places may be more common but do not offer exceptional quality or flavor. Especially when comparing them to places like BJ’s Brewhouse that offer tavern-cut pizza options.


The taste of BJ’s Brewhouse Tavern cut pizzas is going to be a unique and delicious experience. As these are not going to be the typical types of pizza that you would find in other pizza restaurants.

BJ’s Brewhouse offers unique tavern-cut pizza options and a variety of specialty flavors. Many of them are formulated to pair perfectly with different brews that this restaurant offers.

The ingredients are higher and and have it carefully created to create the perfect pairings that customers enjoy. You will find some classic options as well as more unique flavors that you may never have tried before.


Tavern-cut pizzas are all made with a thin crust that really gives these pizzas a homestyle feel to them. The crust is thin and flavorful, providing the perfect vessel for the pizza without becoming overpoweringly bready.

The bottom will usually be perfectly cooked and slightly crispy, giving each pizza a delicious texture that is necessary for the soft toppings. This also gives these pizzas a more elevated feel to them as they are not made with bready crusts.


There are several different options of tavern-cut pizza that you can choose from when you go to BJ’s Brewhouse. With more classical options that have been slightly elevated as well as completely unique combinations that you won’t find anywhere else.

Not only do you have several different kinds of pizzas to choose from, there are also a variety of side options. Many of these are also more elevated than you would find at another type of pizza restaurant.

Tavern-Cut Pizza Calorie Count

BJ’s Brewhouse has said that its Tavern cut pizza slices are usually 110 calories per slice. Though this can be difficult to rely on as each slice is going to be slightly different in size, and there are different types of Tavern cut pizza options

Cheese Pizza Cut Into Slices

So the calorie count is going to be slightly different depending on the type of pizza that you order as well as the size of the slice you eat. As slices vary in size and different ingredients are going to amount to different calories.

So this is something to keep in mind as the slices you eat are not always going to be 110 calories to be precise. This is just a vague range that you can consider since it is impossible to know exactly how many calories each slice of pizza is really going to have.

Though it does seem as though BJ’s Brewhouse tavern cut pizzas are slightly lower in calories than other pizza restaurants. As they are made from real and whole ingredients and do not have such extravagant crusts.

BJ’s Brewhouse Is Known for Pizza and Beer

Though BJ’s Brewhouse is known for its tavern-cut pizza, it is best known for its pizza and beer options. After all, it is not called a brewhouse for no reason, as it mainly prioritizes its different beers.

So this brewhouse offers a menu of various different food items that you can order along with your beer option. With all of the menu items being elevated and perfectly accommodated with a cold glass of beer.

So if you are looking for a place where you can enjoy high-quality beer and good pizza, this may just be the place for you. As these are the two things that this restaurant specializes in.