Blue Diamond Almonds Xtremes – Carolina Reaper

If you enjoy eating almonds as snacks, you may be interested in Blue Diamond almonds xtremes. As these are types of almonds that come in a variety of flavors that can be quite spicy.

This is a very popular brand that most people would immediately recognize for its long line of almond milk. But it also offers some snack options that also feature this delightfully crunchy nut that many people enjoy snacking on.

This is especially a great option for those who love a good kick of heat in their food. As anything flavored with a Carolina reaper pepper is definitely going to bring the heat and leave you looking for something cold to wash it down with.

Keep reading to find out more about Blue Diamond almond xtremes and what the Carolina reaper flavor really tastes like.

Carolina Reaper Flavor Blue Diamond Almonds Xtremes

If you are a fan of the Blue Diamond brand, you may have heard about their tasty almonds xtremes. These are roasted almonds that have been seasoned with different kinds of seasonings to create a variety of flavors to choose from.

carolina reaper hot peppers

Blue Diamond is an almond-based brand that creates all kinds of almond products that you can buy. It being most notable for its almond milk options, but that isn’t all that this brand has to offer

It also has almonds xtremes, which come in tens and are a healthy snack that any spice lover would enjoy. It has other types of roasted almonds, but the almonds xtremes are specifically spicy

This brand has created several different kinds of almonds xtremes flavors, but the Carolina reaper is one of the most recent ones. This is also the most spicy as the Carolina reaper is considered to be one if not the top spiciest type of pepper in the world.

So you can expect these spiced almonds to have quite a kick of spice when you eat them. As many people have described it as being very spicy with a slight barbecue flavor and a sweet touch at the end.

Carolina Reaper Almonds Xtremes Are the Spiciest Option

If you enjoy snacking on almonds, this is a brand that you may have tried out before. As it offers different roasted almonds besides the almonds xtremes that pack that punch of heat.

These are tasty and crunchy snacks that come in small tins and are offered in a variety of flavors. With the extremes being on the more xtreme side as they are made with various types of spicy peppers.

So you have several different options to choose from when it comes to flavors, depending on the level of heat that you want. As there are different levels that you can choose from depending on your preference and how much heat you really can’t take.

Though it is important to note that the Carolina reaper almonds are definitely going to be the most spicy out of all of the flavors. As the Carolina reaper is considered to be the spiciest pepper that you can eat, even being spicier than ghost peppers.

So if you want to work your way up to the Carolina reaper almonds, you may need to first try out the ghost pepper almonds. As they are going to be slightly milder and can help you adjust to the level of heat you are going to experience.

What Carolina Reaper Almonds Xtremes Taste Like?

Now that you know a bit more about the Carolina reaper almonds xtremes, you may be wondering what they taste like. You know that they are going to be spicy, and are going to have quite a strong kick to them but what is their flavor?

This is important as you don’t want your nuts to just be spicy, you also want them to be flavorful. As there are plenty of food products out there that bring the heat but don’t have much flavor to speak of.


Many people have described the Carolina reaper almond xtremes as being quite spicy. The spice does not hit you initially as you’re eating the almonds, and you may think that they are going to be that bad at first

But the spice will eventually creep up on you, and it’s going to hit you at the back of your throat and warm your entire mouth. The level of heat will eventually get higher and higher as you eat the almonds, depending on your heat tolerance.

The nuts are not extremely spicy, not spicy enough to scare away real spice lovers. But they are quite spicy and may chase away those who are not used to eating very spicy foods.

Barbecue Flavor

One surprising thing about the Carolina reaper almonds that you may not know is that they have a barbecue flavor to them. This is a classic flavor combination that companies use with spicy food products.

The barbecue flavor is very pleasant and gives these almonds a smoky taste to them that really complements the heat. It rounds off the hotness and helps these almonds to have a good flavor as well as a good amount of heat.

Sweet and Acidic

The almonds also have a sweet and acidic taste to them, as the barbecue flavor is sweet and acidic in its own way. But these almonds also contain vinegar powder, giving them a nice tanginess that is a bit surprising.

There is also a nice touch of sweetness that helps to balance out the other flavors and help with the heat somewhat. All of these flavors blend together very well and make these almonds a real treat to munch on.