Broil Temperature

If you need to broil something in the oven, you may be wondering what the broil temperature is that you should set for your oven. This is a common question, as not every oven out there has a broiling setting that you can simply choose.

Because of this, you will need to know what temperature to set your oven to in order to broil your food. This is a very common cooking method that you will most likely have to do at some point when cooking at home.

And if this is the case, you will need to know what temperature to set your oven to in order to broil your food. As broiling is different from baking and requires a different kind of temperature to create the broiling effect.

Keep reading to find out what the broil temperature is that you need to use for your oven as well as what the differences are between broiling and baking.

What Is the Broil Temperature?

If you need to broil something in the oven, you may not know what temperature to set your oven to. In general, the basic broiling temperature for most ovens is going to be 500° to 550° to create that broil temperature that you are looking for.

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The majority of ovens have a broil setting that you can simply push to create the temperature needed to broil your food. Though not every kind of oven is going to provide this, so you will need to manually set the temperature yourself.

The most common boil temperature that most ovens have is 500° as this is just hot enough to broil without being overpowering. The majority of ovens are not able to go any higher than this as it is already quite a high temperature.

Boiling is often used to create brownies on whatever dish you are currently cooking. So if you are baking bread, you may use the broil setting to help the surface of the bread become dark and crispy.

Or you may use the setting if you are roasting vegetables and want them to be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It just depends on what you are cooking and what effect you want your food to have.

Though you will need to be careful when working with broiling temperatures as this is a very high temperature and can easily burn your food. Most people only need to use broiling temperatures for 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the dish.

Broiling and Baking Are Different

If you are just starting to cook from home, you may be wondering why broiling and baking are two separate things. Despite both cooking methods being used in the oven, they are very different from one another.

And you will need to understand the differences between these two cooking methods depending on the dish that you are making. Especially if you are using a recipe that calls for broiling or baking.

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Broiling is often used to create very high temperatures within your oven. It is often referred to as grilling your food upside down as it provides those high temperatures to create charring or crispiness that a grill would usually offer.

This is usually used to brown the top of food as well as crisp up food that may otherwise like texture after being baked. It is not something that you will use for every dish that you make, but there are many kinds of recipes that call for broiling.


Baking is a cooking method that is done in the oven, where the temperature can be set to a certain degree and held at that temperature. Allowing you to cook food for long periods of time to enhance its flavor and texture.

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Baking is especially useful for baked goods like bread, muffins, cakes, scones, and other kinds of baked goods. But it is often used for other kinds of dishes like casseroles, roasts, lasagna, and so much more.

Baking allows you to slowly cook food for a longer amount of time without the risk of burning or overcooking it like you would on the stovetop. Which is why so many recipes call for baking over cooking on a stovetop for convenience and the best results.

Final Thoughts

If you have found a recipe that calls for broiling, you may be wondering what the broil temperature is for an oven. If you need to broil something and your oven does not have a broil setting, you can turn your oven to 500° or up to 550°.

These are the heat settings that will bring your oven up to the temperature so that it can broil different foods. Broiling is similar to baking it, but it is done at a much higher temperature to create a specific effect.

Usually being used to brown the tops of food or to crisp them up so that the food has texture and extra flavor.