Buffalo Wild Wings Bird Dawgs

Whether you’re a Buffalo Wild Wings fan or not, you should try the Bird Dawgs. These unique hot dog-inspired chicken sandwiches are a great alternative to the chain’s wings.

Give them a try next time you want chicken but aren’t in the mood for wings. Read on to learn more about this exciting menu item.

What Are Bird Dawgs?

At Buffalo Wild Wings, Bird Dawgs is a relatively new menu item. It stuffs chicken tenders into a hot dog bun, and then the restaurant adds toppings. The specifics depend on the type of Bird Dawg you order, so you can try a few different options.

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Consider what comes on the three main types of Bird Dawgs.

Buffalo Bird Dawgs

The Buffalo Bird Dawg is a classic, and it includes medium buffalo sauce, slaw, ranch, and green onions all on a brioche bun with the chicken. You’ll get two of them with an order, and the order also includes a side of fries.

Honey BBQ Bird Dawgs

If you’re looking for something sweet, you may want to try the Honey BBQ Bird Dawgs. This variety swaps out the medium buffalo sauce for honey BBQ sauce. So if you’re not a fan of buffalo sauce, you may like this option better.

It comes with the same brioche bun, chicken tenders, and a side of fries as the buffalo option. And you’ll get two dawgs with your order.

Loaded Bird Dawgs

The Loaded Bird Dawgs are a bit more adventurous than the other two types. This option starts with the same brioche buns and hand-breaded chicken tenders. It doesn’t have any of the same toppings as the other dawgs.

Instead, this one has wild honey mustard, grilled onions, and green onions. Buffalo Wild Wings tops it off with New Belgium Fat Tire beer cheese.

Why Get a Bird Dawg

Bird Dawgs may not be a classic part of the Buffalo Wild Wings menu. However, longtime BWW fans and new customers may want to give the dawgs a try.

Of course, they’re quite different from your standard hot dogs. Consider a few reasons to order Bird Daws next time you eat out.

Try Something New

Maybe you’ve gone to Buffalo Wild Wings multiple times. You’ve had the chance to try everything on the menu. Or perhaps you’ve always ordered the same thing but are starting to get bored of it.

In either case, you should try something new. If you haven’t been in a while, this might be the first time the Bird Dawgs are on the menu. Even if they’re not new to your Buffalo Wild Wings, it never hurts to be a bit adventurous.

Not Wings

Of course, Buffalo Wild Wings sells chicken wings, but some people don’t like wings. People who do might not always want them. But maybe you know a friend who wants Buffalo Wild Wings, so you compromise.

You can order a couple of Bird Dawgs so that you can enjoy time with your friend. However, you don’t have to order something you might not enjoy.

A Type of Sandwich

Whether or not you think hot dogs are a sandwich, chicken sandwiches are pretty popular. The Bird Dawg is just a different type of sandwich. Most are on circular buns, which can be nice and easy to eat.

But if you like longer sandwiches, like subs, you’ll probably enjoy the Bird Dawgs. The chicken tenders can make for a good sandwich meat.

How to Recreate Bird Dawgs

If you can’t make it to Buffalo Wild Wings, you can recreate the Bird Dawgs. You may be able to do this by going to another chicken restaurant. However, you’ll want to go somewhere that sells tenders and hot dogs, which may not be that common.

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You can also go to the grocery store to get any remaining ingredients. Be sure to stock up on things like slaw or buffalo sauce. If you want to recreate the loaded dawgs, get some honey mustard and some onions.

Then, you can cook the tenders if needed. Place one or two tenders in a hot dog bun and add the toppings you want. The nice thing about this is you can control the ratios of the different ingredients, so you can get the taste you want.

Tips to Enjoy the Bird Dawgs

The next time you go to Buffalo Wild Wings, consider the following tips to make the most of the Bird Dawgs.

Split It

Buffalo Wild Wings includes two dawgs by default in an order. Each one is already a bit big, so you might want to split the order with a friend. If no one else wants to try one, you can eat one at the restaurant and take the other home as a leftover, but it may not be as good the next day.

Use Napkins

Like a lot of different types of chicken, these dawgs can get messy. The various toppings can get everywhere, even if you’re careful. Make sure you have plenty of napkins on hand to clean your face, hands, and the table.

Try Them All

If you go to Buffalo Wild Wings often, consider trying each dawg during your next three visits. Then, you can see how they compare, and you can choose the one that you like the best.

Alternatively, you can ask friends to go with you. You can order all three dawgs, and you can split each one between you.