Buffalo Wild Wings Carolina Reaper Blazin’ Wings

If you enjoy eating spicy wings, you may have heard of the Buffalo Wild Wings Carolina reaper blazin’ wings. As these wings have quickly become very popular and gained a lot of attention from spice lovers.

These are a type of wings made with a very hot sauce based on Carolina reaper peppers. Creating an ultimately spicy wing that even some of the bravest spice lovers can’t quite handle.

Many people enjoy spicy wings and may be intrigued by this new type of wing option that Buffalo wild wings have offered. As this restaurant is known for pushing the envelope and offering extremely spicy options for its customers.

Keep reading to find out more about the blazin’ Carolina reaper wings and what exactly these wings are made of that makes them so hot.

Blazin’ Carolina Reaper Wings From Buffalo Wild Wings

If you are someone who enjoys spicy foods, you may have heard about the Carolina reaper blazin’ wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. These are extremely spicy wings that have started a blazin’ challenge where people try to eat a large amount of them.

Sauced Buffalo Chicken Wings on Wooden

These wings have gotten quite a reputation for being extremely spicy, so much so that some people can’t even finish them. Especially those who are not necessarily good at eating spicier foods.

These wings have gained notoriety mostly from the addition of Carolina reaper peppers. Peppers that are considered to be extremely spicy, measuring right up there alongside ghost peppers.

Buffalo Wild Wings have often pushed the envelope to create spicier and spicier wing options. And it has continued to do this with its Blazin’ Carolina reaper wings which many customers have eagerly tried out for themselves.

Though these are wings that only the bravest spice lovers should try for themselves, as they are extremely spicy. Many people are not even able to finish their order of wings because of just how spicy the sauce is.

Carolina Reaper Blazin’ Wings Are Very Hot

Many people may wonder why the Carolina reaper blazin’ wings are so hot and if they really live up to the hype. But these wings definitely live up to their reputation and deliver the heat despite what customers may think before trying them.

These wings are not for the faint of heart, as they really do deliver an extreme burst of heat to those who are eating them. The chicken wings themselves are not spiced, but it is the sauce that they are coated, and that really brings the heat.

Many people will start to feel the burning in their mouths after eating the first or second wing. With many people not being able to eat anymore after only eating three or four as they are so hot.

That being said, the flavor of the Carolina reaper wings is very good and really helps to balance out some of the spiciness. So this is not a sauce that is just going to deliver heat and nothing else, as it is very flavorful as well.

It is described as having a slightly sweet flavor as well as being very smoky, which helps to complement the heat. It is often the flavor of the sauce that keeps people coming back for more even if it feels like their mouth is on fire.

Buffalo Wild Wings Carolina Reaper Blazin’ Wings Ingredients

Now that you know more about the blazin’ Carolina reaper wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, you may be wondering about the ingredients. Especially since you probably want to know why exactly these wings are so hot.

The wings themselves are not what makes them so hot, rather it is the hot sauce that these wings are drenched in before serving. As the wings are your typical type of wings which are battered and fried before being served.

Chicken Wings

These Carolina reaper wings are based around typical chicken wings that you may order anywhere else. Though many customers have commented on how meaty these wings are, making them perfect for biting into.

The wings themselves are perfectly cooked and have a crispy batter that complements them once they have been fried. Though it is worth mentioning that the batter will not have nearly as much texture once the sauce is added as it will become moist.

Carolina Reaper Pepper

What really makes these wings stand out is the addition of Carolina reaper pepper that is added into the sauce recipe. This is an extremely hot pepper that is considered to be even spicier than the more well-known ghost pepper.

Buffalo wild wings moved onto Carolina reaper peppers after making several different menu items with its ghost pepper. As it wanted to step up the level of heat and provide its customers with other types of options to bring the spice.

Hot Red Pepper Sauce

The blazing wings sauce also includes hot red pepper sauce for that traditional spicy flavor. This is already a very spicy sauce all on its own without ever adding the Carolina reaper pepper, which really tipped it over the edge.

Buffalo Wings with sauce

This creates a very spicy sauce that has a smokiness to it as well as a sweet aftertaste that really brings it all together. Creating a very flavorful sauce that is as delicious as it is spicy.

Roasted Garlic

Roasted garlic is also added to this sauce to really step up the flavor and gives it a delightful flavor. This really makes the sauce stand out and creates a flavor that is almost too difficult to put down.

Which is why many people really enjoy these wings, even if they are overwhelmingly spicy to eat.