Buffalo Wild Wings Classic Chicken Sandwich

If you enjoy the sandwiches at Buffalo Wild Wings, you may have heard about the classic chicken sandwich. As the Buffalo Wild Wings classic chicken sandwich is quite a popular menu option that many customers have tried.

This is a restaurant that is well known for its variety of chicken menu options that you can try out. Offering anything from spicy chicken wings to chicken sandwiches or other versions of fried chicken.

It is best known for its buffalo and wild sauce options, but it still offers some more classical options that you can choose from as well. Make it easy to find exactly what you will enjoy when you go out to eat at this restaurant.

Keep reading to find out more about the Buffalo Wild Wings classic chicken sandwich and what it is made out of.

Classic Chicken Sandwich From Buffalo Wild Wings

If you enjoy eating out at Buffalo Wild Wings, one menu item that you need to try is the classic chicken sandwich. As this is a classic sandwich option that includes a fried chicken breast with a few simple additives to create a comforting meal.

Fried Chicken Sandwich with French Fries

This is a sandwich that is rich and flavorful, while still being quite minimal in its ingredients. As it just contains a challah bun, fried chicken breast, Swiss cheese, and a few other additives.

As far as Buffalo Wild Wings menu items go, this chicken sandwich is quite simple and has a classical flavor to it. Hence the name, as this chicken sandwich is meant to be comforting and simple for those looking for a good meal.

You also have the option of adding the Buffalo Wild Wings signature wild sauce, which can be added at no extra cost to you. This can really help to elevate the sandwich and give it a more unique buffalo flavor that it would otherwise be missing.

Though this Buffalo Wild Wings classic chicken sandwich is still just as good all on its own without the addition of wild sauce.

Classic Chicken Sandwich Calories

If you are interested in trying a classic chicken sandwich from Buffalo Wild Wings, you should know that this sandwich contains 620 calories. This is the number of calories for just that one sandwich with no additional ingredients or sides.

This is quite a lot of calories for a single sandwich, but this is not extremely uncommon for sandwiches that you may buy. As they are often higher in calories and average between 400 to 600 calories for the most part.

This amount of calories also has to do with the fact that the classic chicken sandwich is made with fried chicken breast. As the frying process adds calories through the frying oil, the batter also adds calories.

So this is something to consider before you order a classic chicken sandwich, as it is going to be a high-calorie meal. And you may want to lay off the sides and choose a healthier drink alternative to try to limit the calories you add.

What Is in a Buffalo Wild Wings Classic Chicken Sandwich?

If you are interested in trying out a Buffalo Wild Wings classic chicken sandwich, you may be wondering how it is made. As all the sandwiches at this restaurant have their own twist and have different ingredients from each other.

This is also a great way to find out whether or not you would enjoy eating this kind of sandwich. Some people may not like certain ingredients or combinations that sandwiches can have.

Fried Chicken

The base and the star of the show of this classic chicken sandwich is obviously going to be the protein, which is chicken. The best part about this is that the chicken is fried chicken that has been battered and deep-fried to perfection.

This creates a golden chicken breast that has a nice breading that is thin but very crispy. This provides a nice textural element to the sandwich and allows the chicken to stay tender and moist during the cooking process.

Just keep in mind that if you do decide to ask for the wild sauce to be added to your sandwich, this will make the breading moist. Which will take away that nice crunchy texture that the fried chicken breast originally had.

So if texture is more important to you than a bold flavor, you may want to stick with the classic chicken sandwich and not have the sauce added.

Challah Bun

A challah bun is what holds the sandwich together and gives it that Rich element that it would otherwise lack. This is a special kind of bond that is not going to be exactly like the typical buying you may be used to.

A challah bun is richer and is going to have a more buttery flavor and texture when you bite into it. It is thick and soft and really adds a lot to the overall sandwich, making it more comforting and enjoyable to eat.

Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese is also added to the sandwich and gives it more of a unique flavor than a traditional cheese would. This adds saltiness and tanginess, without interfering with the richness of the fried chicken.

Pulled Chicken Sandwich

As well as complimenting the breaded chicken perfectly and helping to bring creaminess from the dairy.

Mayonnaise and Pickles

The only other ingredients on the sandwich are mayonnaise and pickles. Mayonnaise helps us to pull everything together with its mild flavor and creamy texture, while pickles add brininess and tanginess.

The pickles are nice and crunchy and help add some moisture to a sandwich that might otherwise feel a bit dry.