Buldak Ramen Scoville

If you enjoy spicy Ramen, you may be wondering about the Buldak Ramen Scoville heat units. This is a common question, as many people have heard of this brand of spicy Ramen and want to know how spicy it really is.

This is a type of Ramen that has earned quite a reputation for being extremely spicy. But despite that, there are still plenty of people who do not necessarily believe that it is as spicy as it says it is.

Ramen is a type of food that you are often going to find in different spicy flavors. This is something that many people enjoy and try to find if they are really looking for the spiciest Ramen option out there.

BuldakRamen has a reputation for being extremely spicy, but you may want to know just how spicy before you buy it. Keep reading to find out what the Buldak Ramen Scoville unit rating really is.

Buldak Ramen Scoville Units

If you enjoy spicy foods, you may be wondering about Buldak Ramen Scoville units. This is a very spicy brand of Ramen that is known for really bringing the heat with a Scoville index of 10,000 units of heat per Ramen.

This is quite a significant amount of heat, considering it comes in the form of a Ramen soup. Ramen, for the most part, is not going to be very spicy and is considered to be quite a mild food item.

The Buldak Ramen is a completely different story and really brings the heat with its flavorful ingredients. The Korean chiles that have been fire roasted are the main culprit for their extreme amount of heat..


This is a type of Ramen that many people are not able to eat as it is so spicy and difficult to enjoy. That is why only true spice lovers are able to enjoy this particular type of Ramen without feeling like their mouth is on fire.

Even those who are particularly fond of spicy foods have said that this Ramen definitely goes above and beyond. With many people unable to finish it even if they are typically able to consume all kinds of spicy foods.

This is definitely not a Ramen for the faint of heart or for those unfamiliar with spicy foods.

Buldak Ramen Ingredients

Now that you know just how hot this Ramen is, you may want to know what kind of ingredients it has. For the most part, you are going to see the same types of ingredients across all kinds of Ramen.

But there are going to be some ingredients that being said, this type of Ramen is set apart from the rest as it is so spicy. It is not going to necessarily be your typical type of plain Ramen that you may buy in your local grocery store.

Looking into the ingredients is a good way to find out just what makes a certain product spicy. You may want to do this if you are particularly curious about why this type of Ramen is considered to be so hot.


Basic Ramen noodles are the main part of this type of Ramen. This is nothing special, as Ramen is typically made with the same kinds of Ramen noodles that are perfect for this kind of dish.

These are usually noodles that have been preserved in a way that allows them to quickly cook within just a few minutes. Resulting in perfectly soft yet stable noodles that you can enjoy in this dish just a few minutes after cooking it.


The noodles themselves don’t usually have a great deal of flavor, but they make up the bulk of this Ramen.

Korean Chiles

Korean chilies are the main culprit when it comes to just how spicy this Ramen is. There are many different kinds of chilies out there, originating from different areas and having different degrees of heat.

Korean chilies are especially spicy, and a generous amount has been added to this Ramen for its punch of spice. They have been cooked in a way to release their flavor and enhances the spiciness, also giving them a slight smokiness.

When you taste the spiciness of Buldak Ramen, this is where the majority of that space is going to be coming from. It is a potent and straightforward spice that often hits you directly but will grow worse as you continue eating.


Other spices are also added to this Ramen to give it its delicious and savory flavor. Cayenne pepper, garlic, salt, sugar, and other types of flavorings are added to really create a delicious meal.

These all combine perfectly with the Ramen noodles and the Korean chilies to create a delicious dish. Although this type of Ramen is known for being extremely spicy, it is also known for being very delicious.

Even those who do not have an extremely high heat tolerance may enjoy the flavor of this Ramen if they are able to handle it. As spicy foods often have an amazing flavor from all of the spices that have been added to them.


Ramen is filled with a wide variety of additives and fillers meant to do a variety of different jobs. Many of these additives or preservatives that help this Ramen to stay good and fresh until you are ready to eat it.

Some of these additives also add thickness, flavor, and help to keep everything stable and together until you cook it. So the majority of the ingredients for a BuldakRamen are going to be all of the additives in it.

Buldak Ramen Is Extremely Spicy

Many people may hear about Buldak Ramen and assume that people are just exaggerating when it comes to how spicy it is. Though many people have said that it is truly spicy once they have gotten a chance to try it.

This is a truly spicy type of Ramen that is definitely going to be pretty intense for most people. Though many things are advertised as being spicier than they are, most would agree that this Ramen is definitely accurate and its marketing.

Buldak Ramen Scoville

It is an extremely spicy type of Ramen that is going to be one of the spiciest options, if not the actual spiciest option out there. Even those who really enjoy Ramen have said that it was difficult to finish even though it tasted amazing.

This is something to keep in mind since the majority of people who have tried this Ramen were not able to handle its heat. So only those with extreme heat tolerance should even attempt to try this Ramen.

If you are not accustomed to spicy foods, you will not be able to handle this level of heat. Although, you may have some success by adding cream or cheese to try to bring down some of the spiciness when eating it.

Even if you have a very high heat tolerance, you should have a glass of milk handy just in case to help cool your mouth down. This will be much more effective than water and will help you to get through this Ramen.

Buldak 2x Spicy Ramen Is Vegan

One thing that people may not realize about Buldak Ramen is that it is a vegan-friendly option. The Buldak 2x spicy Ramen is completely vegan, so those who avoid animal products can still enjoy the spicy Ramen option

This is one of those accidentally vegan types of products, as the company never set out to make this Ramen vegan. It just happens to be vegan since there are no animal products added to the recipe.

So those who are vegan and enjoy spicy foods can also enjoy this special type of Ramen. This is great as it allows it to cater to more customers who may not eat dairy or meat products.

You’ll just need to make sure that you pick out the 2x spicy Ramen, as that is the only variety of Buldak Ramen that is considered to be vegan.