Burger King Ch’king Sandwich

If you often eat at Burger King, you may have heard about the Burger King Ch’King sandwich option. As many people have tried out this special sandwich and have enjoyed it and its comforting flavors.

Burger King is well known for its burger and sandwich options that are easy to find on the menu. With there being plenty of options that you can pick through to find something that you know you are going to enjoy.

This is something that Burger King specializes in and has really perfected. This is why there are so many different kinds of sandwiches and burgers to choose from that you should definitely try if you are a Burger King lover.

Keep reading to find out more about the Burger King Ch’King sandwich and what it is made out of.

Burger King Ch’King Sandwich Review

If you enjoy eating chicken sandwiches, you may have heard about the Burger King Ch’King sandwich. This is a fried chicken sandwich that has a rich flavor with very simple ingredients that many customers have ordered for a long time.

Chicken Burger with fries

This is a delicious chicken sandwich option that provides all of the flavors of fried chicken in the vessel of a sandwich. Allowing you to enjoy both types of food at once for a rich and comforting meal.

This is considered to be a fairly simple sandwich as there are only four ingredients, including the bun. Making a very simple sandwich that is generally considered to be a crowd-pleaser as it does not have a lot of conflicting flavors.

You get the rich flavor of the fried chicken as well as the signature sauce that Burger King includes. A few pickles are also included, adding some brininess as well as a slight tang in each bite that you take.

Overall, it is a tasty sandwich option that is sure to satisfy the majority of Burger King diners if they like a basic chicken sandwich.

Ch’King Sandwich Calorie Count

If you want to order the Burger King Ch’King sandwich, you may be wondering how many calories are in the sandwich option. As it is not uncommon for Burger King sandwiches and burgers to be quite high in calories, making them less of a healthy option.

Though this is to be expected anytime you order from a fast food restaurant as they are not necessarily prioritizing healthy foods. So you should expect to find more calories per meal when you are getting this kind of food.

A Burger King Ch’King sandwich is 1287 calories just for a single sandwich. Making this one of the more calorie-dense sandwich options that you can find on the Burger King menu.

This is quite a large amount of calories, and it’s going to take up quite a hefty amount of calories that you can have per day. Making it a very unhealthy option as you are more likely to go over your calorie intake when eating one of these sandwiches.

This also means that you should take it easy, when it comes to drinks and sides as these are only going to add to the calories. So it may be better to only order the sandwich and enjoy that all on its own instead of adding to it.

Ingredients in a Burger King Ch’King Sandwich

Now that you know more about this type of sandwich from Burger King, you may be wondering what kind of ingredients are in it. As this is a very simple sandwich that has minimal ingredients that are going to make up its flavors.

Chicken Filet

Are you thick chicken filet makes up the heart of this chicken sandwich as it is battered and deep fried to golden perfection. The chicken itself is moist and meaty, and the breading is thick and has a very nice crunch to it.

Giving you the classic comforts of fried chicken in the form of a sandwich.

Signature Sauce

The next ingredient that you will find on this chicken sandwich is the signature sauce from Burger King. It sounds very interesting, but for the most part, the signature sauce merely tastes like a combination of mustard and mayonnaise.

It is very mild and only adds a little bit of flavor to the overall sandwich as well as creaminess which helps out with keeping it from feeling very dry. So overall, the signature sauce is pleasant but does not add a lot to the overall sandwich.


A few sliced pickles are also added to the sandwich that helped to add some tanginess to the flavor. These are great for those who like pickles on their sandwiches as they pair perfectly with the creamy signature sauce and the crunchy fried chicken.

The only other ingredient in the sandwich is the fluffy bun which does not add much flavor but creates a nice bite.

Chicken Burger with salad

Burger King Is Replacing the Ch’King Sandwich

Unfortunately for Burger King customers, Burger King has decided to replace the Ch’King sandwich that so many customers have loved. The sandwich was originally meant to only be a limited edition option but ended up sticking around for longer than expected.

Sadly, Burger King has decided to go along with its original plan and take the sandwich off of the menu. Replacing it with a line of other menu items that it plans to make into permanent options for customers.

This is unfortunate, especially for the customers who are unable to get their hands on one of these Ch’King sandwiches before they were removed from the menu. Though there are many other sandwich options that you can choose from that are equally as good.