Burger King Ghost Pepper Nuggets

If you enjoy eating at Burger King and also enjoy spicy foods, you may be intrigued by ghost pepper nuggets. These are specialty nuggets that many customers have been interested in since Burger King officially launched them.

This is just part of the many spicy menu items that Burger King has recently released to its menu. As more and more customers are reaching for spicy chicken options on menus across all kinds of fast food restaurants.

But are these ghost pepper nuggets really made with ghost peppers, or is it just a marketing tactic? Or are they even very spicy, or is that just a way to gain more interest from customers?

These are all common questions that customers may have about Burger King‘s new nugget options. Keep reading to find out more about the ghost pepper nuggets and just how spicy they really are.

Review of Burger King’s Ghost Pepper Nuggets

If you are a fan of spicy foods, you may have heard about Burger King’s ghost pepper nuggets. These are specialty nuggets that Burger King has created with the addition of ghost pepper to create very spicy nugget options for its customers.

Chicken nuggets with sauce

These chicken nuggets are unlike any other that Burger King has ever offered in its restaurant locations. Unlike typical spicy foods that may be on the Burger King menu, these nuggets are ghost pepper nuggets, which are an entirely different level of heat.

This is part of a trend of fast food restaurants adding spicy chicken options to their menus, as this is what has been popular lately. As more and more customers are leaning more towards spicy chicken options rather than other options on menus.

Burger King has jumped on board and is offering ghost pepper nuggets along with its other various spicy options that it has added. So spice lovers are sure to be happy at the variety of new options that they have to try.

As far as we know, these ghost pepper nuggets taste pretty similar to the traditional nuggets that Burger King has always offered. Though they are going to have that sneaky kick of spice that ghost pepper brings.


The taste of the ghost pepper nuggets seems to be pretty similar to traditional nuggets that you may buy at Burger King. As the base is basically the same with the ground white chicken that is battered and fried to perfection.

Not much about the original nugget recipe is changed, except for the addition of ghost pepper, which brings the heat. Ghost pepper itself does not have very much flavor but definitely has a lot of spiciness.

So don’t expect these nuggets to be very peppery or taste very different from how they normally taste. As the majority of customers have said that they did not taste much different aside from the spiciness.


The texture of chicken nuggets should also not change, even if they are ghost pepper nuggets. As the original recipe is being used, and they are being cooked in the same way as standard nuggets.

So you can still expect that delightfully pillowy and crispy texture when you buy into a ghost pepper nugget. With the tender white chicken on the inside and the golden crust on the outside that is crispy but not crunchy.

The texture is part of what makes nuggets so delicious, as they are perfectly cooked and golden on the outside. With just enough texture to make them interesting without being overly crunchy like fried chicken.


The spiciness of ghost pepper nuggets is something that many people wonder about and are skeptical about. But the reality is that these nuggets are actually made with ghost peppers, which is going to make them very spicy.

This is not the typical spicy that you may be familiar with as ghost peppers do not hit you instantly. Most people say that they don’t even notice anything different about the nuggets until after they have chewed them up or swallowed them, and they feel the heat at the back of their throat.

Ghost peppers are sneakily spicy and typically don’t hit you until after you have swallowed the food. Slowly building up until you really start to fill the heat after already eating.

Burger King Ghost Pepper Nuggets Are Limited Time

If you have tried looking for the Burger King ghost pepper nuggets without success, you may be wondering why you can’t find them. Unfortunately, these ghost pepper nuggets are just another one of the menu items that Burger King offers for a limited time.

They were never meant to be a staple part of the Burger King menu and were only released during the summer months. Along with other selections of spicy menu items that Burger King wanted to offer its customers.

This is unfortunate for customers as it is not uncommon for customers to be entirely unaware of limited-time items. You may see a new item on the menu and assume that it is going to be there permanently when in reality it is only there for a limited time.

This is exactly what happened with the ghost pepper nuggets, as they were only released for a limited time along with other items. And were eventually pulled from the menu as Burger King wanted to prioritize other types of foods.

The good news is that Burger King may eventually bring back ghost pepper nuggets if they were popular enough. As limited time options do often come back if the demand is high enough and they are very popular.