Burger King Spicy Whopper Melt

If you like to eat out at Burger King, you may be wondering what the spicy whopper melt is like. As this is a relatively new menu item that many customers have yet to try out for themselves.

Burger King often releases different kinds of menu items that stand out amongst other fast food options. Making it an ideal place to go to for more unique options that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

Keep reading to find out what the Burger King spicy whopper melt is like and how many calories it has.

Burger King Spicy Whopper Melt Ingredients

If you enjoy stopping by Burger King occasionally, you may have heard about the spicy whopper melt on the menu. This is a unique menu option that is a bit different from the other sandwiches that you can buy at this fast-food restaurant.

Delicious Grilled Burger

A spicy whopper melt is assembled slightly differently from a typical sandwich option at Burger King. As it does not include the typical bun that you might expect when buying a sandwich.

Because of its uniqueness, the spicy whopper melt has quickly become quite popular amongst customers who are interested in this menu item. Especially those who love something spicy and rich to eat.

Though you may want to know more about this melt before buying it, as it is quite a heavy menu option. Here are the ingredients that a Burger King spicy whopper melt will include:

Toasted Bread

The spicy whopper melt is composed much like a sandwich or a burger but does not include a typical bun. Rather you will get your melt with two perfectly toasted slices of bread on top and bottom.

These are round and thick slices of bread that are crispy and buttery, perfectly complementing the melt. They help to hold the melt together like a burger, making it easier to eat with your hands.

There are several different melt options you can get at Burger King, but they will all include the two slices of toasted bread despite having other different ingredients.

Beef Patties

The spicy whopper melt also includes two whopper Jr beef patties to create a hefty type of sandwich. These are the typical kinds of whopper patties that you are going to find on a lot of Burger King menu options.

The two patties combined make a very meaty melt that is perfect for those who like something heavier. This is something to take into consideration as some people may struggle to finish a melt with this amount of meat.

American Cheese

American cheese is another ingredient in this whopper melt that helps it to become a real traditional melt. As the American cheese is melted, creating a gooey type of glue that helps to hold the entire melt together.

This type of cheese is traditional at Burger King as it has that comforting cheese flavor. As well as melting perfectly to create an ideal melt that isn’t too stringy or melty.

Caramelized Onions

One flavorful ingredient in the Burger King spicy whopper melt is caramelized onions. These are onions that have been slowly cooked down and caramelized to create tender and slightly sweet onions.

These are extremely flavorful and really helped you elevate this melt to give it a variety of flavors that complement each other. In fact, this is often one of the favorite ingredients of the whopper melts that many customers comment on.


The whopper melt includes a creamy spicy sauce that really helps to elevate this melt and sets it apart from the other melt options. This gives it a much-needed hint of spiciness as well as a creamy touch.

Along with the spicy creamy sauce, the spicy whopper melt also has thinly sliced jalapeños to give it additional spiciness. This is an ingredient that the other meld options don’t have, giving it that kick of spice that spice lovers will enjoy.

Whopper Melt Calories

Now that you know more about the Burger King spicy whopper melt, you may be wondering how many calories it has. This is a good question to ask as this is quite a hefty menu option that can be quite calorie-dense.

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This may not be something that most people are worried about as they know what they are getting into when they order from Burger King. But if you want to choose a healthier option, this is something that will matter to you.

Burger King has estimated that its spicy whopper melt is 599 calories for the entire amount. This includes the toasted bread slices, beef patties, cheese, caramelized onions, and the sauce with the jalapeños.

So this is quite a calorie-dense option for customers, but it is quite reasonable considering the amount of food included in the smelt. Especially since there are many fatty ingredients that add additional calories.

You could also order a spicy whopper melt to share with another person as it is quite a rich menu item that may be difficult to finish on your own. And this would cut the calories in half for each person enjoying it.

What a Spicy Whopper Melt Tastes Like

The spicy whopper melt is a very rich menu item at Burger King. Many customers consider it to be a very comforting menu option as it has many of the traditional flavors that customers expect to find.

The beef patties are like the rest of Burger King‘s menu items and have a recognizable flavor that compliments the other ingredients. The toasted bread is also comforting and crunchy, perfectly bready without taking over the rest of the ingredients.

But the real stars of the show are the American cheese, caramelized onions, and the sauce with the jalapeños. The American cheese is rich and creamy and complements the rest of the ingredients, pulling everything together.

While the creamy sauce and the jalapeños add a kick of spice towards the end that is pleasant but not overwhelming. As you get the sweetness from the caramelized onions that help to round everything out.