Can You Cook Chicken and Shrimp Together?

Can You Cook Chicken and Shrimp Together?

Have you ever wondered whether chicken and shrimp could make a good pairing when cooked together? They have a somewhat similar taste and texture, and cooking them together can save on dishes and make cooking a faster and easier process – but is it safe to do this, and does it taste good?

Can you cook chicken and shrimp together? Surprisingly, shrimp and chicken go well together, and they can safely be cooked in the same pan. Many recipes combine these two options because they complement each other well, and they make for a more interesting meal than just using one or the other.

If you’re looking to experiment and switch things up in the kitchen, try this out!

Is it Safe to Cook Chicken and Shrimp Together?

This is the first concern when cooking any kind of meat, but yes, it is safe to cook chicken and shrimp together, as long as you follow basic hygiene rules and make sure both are cooked through before you serve them.

However, in most cases, it is wise to cook the chicken first, because it will take longer to cook properly than the shrimp will. If you put the shrimp in at the same time, it will be cooked before the chicken is.

You cannot remove it from the pan, however, because it will still have juices from the uncooked chicken on it. This would result in it being unsafe to eat, so it is important to leave it in the pan until everything is cooked.

Doing this may result in over-cooked shrimp if you aren’t careful, so it is best to let the chicken finish cooking or almost finish cooking before you tip the shrimps into the pan. You can then let the shrimps cook while the chicken browns, and you should end up with a perfectly cooked meal.

How Long Should You Cook the Chicken For First?

It depends on the size of the chicken pieces and the shrimps, but in general, about five minutes in the pan before you add the shrimp should be sufficient. Check that the chicken is turning opaque and is close to being done, and then tip the shrimp in and continue cooking until both are opaque.

This should result in both being ready at around the same time, avoiding either one becoming overcooked and rubbery. Don’t just cook the chicken in the pan until it’s done before you add the shrimp, though, or you will have rubbery chicken instead of rubbery shrimp!

What Ingredients Go Well with Chicken and Shrimp?

Because both are quite delicate flavored meats, it is worth thinking carefully about the pairing. Many recipes call for creamy ingredients to complement the shrimp, while some ask for white wine, butter, garlic, or herbs like parsley.

You can pair almost anything with chicken and shrimp, but be careful not to override their flavors. You want the taste of the shrimp and poultry to be the discernible notes of the dish, so strong ingredients like chili should be avoided unless you particularly want a spicy dish.

In general, these two options go well with gentler flavors, and will benefit from creamy notes, fresh vegetables, and some light seasoning with herbs. However, do feel free to experiment and see what works for you.

There are many famous dishes that work well with both chicken and shrimp, such as chicken and shrimp curry. Despite the strong flavors, this is still delicious and does not detract from the meat at all, so don’t be afraid to branch out and try things!

Can You Cook Chicken and Shrimp in One Skillet?

Many chicken and shrimp recipes can be made with a single skillet, yes! This is one of the best things about this kind of dish; you don’t have too much cleanup afterward. Combine the shrimp and chicken with some fresh, finely chopped vegetables like bell peppers and minced onion, and you’ve got a delicious single-pan meal!

If you want to include other meats or you choose to make an accompaniment such as rice, you may find that you need more than one pan. Complicated recipes can rarely be done in a single pan, and cooking something like rice will often (although not always) require a separate pot.

However, as long as you choose a reasonably simple recipe, it should be perfectly possible to cook everything in one pot and reduce the amount of cleanup needed after the meal.

What Temperature Should Chicken and Shrimp be Cooked At?

The most important thing is to check that everything is cooked properly, which is all about the temperature! In a chicken and shrimp recipe, the chicken is the meat that you need to pay attention to. Chicken breast needs to reach 165 degrees F before it is safe to eat, and there should be no pink inside the meat when you cut it open.

Of course, you do also need to make sure that the shrimp is fully cooked, or you are exposing yourself to the risk of food borne illnesses and food poisoning. However, shrimp simply needs to be thoroughly pink before it is served, and then it is safe to eat.

The temperature of the shrimp isn’t too important; as long as it is pink all over, it should be safe to consume. If in doubt, break open one of the shrimps and check that it is opaque throughout.

What Sides Go Well with Chicken and Shrimp?

If you want some ideas on what to cook with your chicken and shrimp, think about adding a carbohydrate of some sort, and/or some fresh vegetables. You may not need another meat, but some people include sliced Chorizo.

Noodles are very popular with shrimp and chicken dishes, and rice is another good option. Try some sliced mushrooms or even some linguine or tagliatelle for the perfect dish.

Final Thoughts

You can definitely cook shrimp and chicken together, and many people really enjoy this combination. It can be done in a single pan, often alongside vegetables, for a super simple and easy to clean up weeknight meal. Just make sure both meats are cooked through before you serve them!

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