Can You Eat Sprouted Sweet Potatoes?

Can You Eat Sprouted Sweet Potatoes?

Sprouted sweet potatoes are dicotyledonous plants that belong to the morning glory family known to be root vegetables. As the name suggests, sweet potatoes have a sweet flavor and contain vitamins, fiber, and nutrients important for the body.

The sprouting are stalks that spring up from the sweet potatoes but are still edible. While it’s safe to eat raw sprouted sweet potatoes, it’s advisable to cook them first. This is because starch takes time to digest and it’s best cooked than raw.

Can you eat a sprouted sweet potato? Yes, you can eat sprouted sweet potatoes. They are starchy and sweet tuberous roots that can help boost your immune system to fight diseases. All that is required is chopping off the sprouted part and cooking the rest. 

It’s best to ensure that the sprouted sweet potatoes have not dried up and are still fresh. Waiting too long can damage the sweetness and drain the nutrients. 

Is it Safe to Eat Sprouted Sweet Potatoes?

Sprouted sweet potatoes can be baked, boiled, or fried. They are not harmful and are safe for human consumption. As long as the sprouts are still tender, you can remove the shoot and proceed to prepare the meal.

Sweet potatoes are high in calcium, fiber and rich in beta –carotene that helps in supporting the immune system. The sprouted parts of the sweet potatoes can be used in preparing salads as long as they have not overstayed and dried up. 

Eating a sprouted sweet potato that has gone bad can cause vomiting, stomach aches, and headache.

Is it safe to eat sprouted sweet potatoes? Yes, it is safe. The sprouting does not get rid of the nutrients in the sweet potato, making it perfectly safe to eat for everyone, including pregnant women, latching mothers as well as their babies. They help prevent vitamin A deficiency. 

Patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes can still eat sprouted sweet potatoes. The potassium contents can help in reducing blood pressure and stroke.

Can Sprouted Sweet Potatoes Make Me Sick?

No, sprouted sweet potatoes are edible, nutritious, and cannot make you sick. If the sprouts have overgrown, they can drain the nutrients and make the sweet potato lose its flavor. It’s, therefore, better to consume the potato before the sprouts pop out. 

But when the sweet potatoes have sprouted, make sure the shoots are tender. This way, you’ll make the best of the nutrients. Something else, sweet potatoes do not contain glycoalkaloids like the white potatoes.

If you keep your raw sweet potatoes for long and you realize they have sprouted, don’t throw them away. Enjoy your meal without fear of getting sick, just make sure the root is healthy and the sprouts tender. 

Are there Health Benefits of Eating Sprouted Sweet Potatoes?

Sprouted sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene that has vitamin A. This can help in protecting the eye cells from UV damages from the sun. It can help to prevent loss in vision hence improving eye health.

Sprouted sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamins and have low calories that can help in weight loss management. Also, it contains magnesium that can help to reduce stress and anxiety. 

A serving of sprouted sweet potatoes can help boost brain functioning and reduce memory loss, thanks to its antioxidants properties. 

Also, the presence of vitamin C in the sprouted sweet potato can help combat fatigue, boost your energy, and improve your skin tone.  

Are there health benefits of eating sprouted sweet potatoes? Yes, there are many health benefits of eating sprouted sweet potatoes. It’s ideal for the entire family as it contains nutrients that help to boost the immune system. The high contents in fiber can help improve gut health due to the mucous membranes in the lining of the gut. This lining prevents infections and bacteria that are caused by pathogens.

Do Sprouts Impact the Nutritional Value of Sweet Potatoes?

Sprouted sweet potatoes are a great source of nutrients that contains carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B6 and C, potassium, and foliate that provide adequate amounts of antioxidants that help in enhancing immunity

Raw sprouted sweet potatoes contain the following:

  • Calories 86
  • Water: 77%
  • Proteins: 1.6 grams
  • Carbs 20.1 grams
  • Sugar 4.2 grams
  • Fat 0.1 grams

The tender sprouted parts of the sweet potatoes can be used in salads 

So do sprout affect sweet potatoes’ nutritional value? No. As long as the sprouts are young and the root compact, the nutritional value of the sweet potato remains. With the continued growth of the shoots for an extended period, the nutritional value will diminish. 

Final Thoughts

  • You can eat sprouted sweet potatoes because they are still safe and perfect for consumption. 
  • Sprouted sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients and vitamins that boost your immune system. The nutrients remain intact despite the sprouting.
  • You cannot get sick by eating sprouted sweet potatoes because they do not contain toxins that could harm the body. Therefore sprouted sweet potatoes are healthy and nutritious and pose no harm.
  • Incorporating sweet potatoes into your diet is beneficial to the body. It can help a diabetic patient, reduce anxiety and stress and help in boosting the immune system.
  • The sprouts do not affect the sweet potatoes because they form on the skin and can easily be cut off when preparing a meal.
  • You can eat sprouted sweet potatoes by boiling them, roasting, frying, or preparing them as a stew with other ingredients.