Can You Eat Starburst Wrappers?

Can You Eat Starburst Wrappers?

Quite a lot of people seem to enjoy eating the wrapper that comes on Starburst candies, and if you have ever done this, you might be wondering whether it is okay, or if you should avoid doing it in the future. We have to admit, those bright wrappers look almost as tempting as the candies they contain!

Can you eat Starburst wrappers? Yes, you can eat Starburst wrappers. Starburst wrappers are not toxic, but they aren’t designed to be eaten. Technically speaking, the wrappers are edible, and no ingredients will do you any harm, but the company has not made them to be eaten, and you might not want to consume them, especially in large quantities.

Can You Eat Starburst Wrappers?

You can eat Starburst wrappers if you choose to, but you should note that the company has not designed them to be consumed, and does not market them as edible. However, there is nothing to prevent you from eating them and they should not hurt you if you do.

You probably should not eat large quantities of Starburst wrappers, as they are not going to be as digestible as foods made for human consumption. If you ate huge amounts, you might end up with an obstruction somewhere in your digestive system, because they will not be enormously easy for your body to break down.

That said, you would really have to eat a lot, since each individual wrapper is quite small. It is likely that you would get sick of them before you did yourself any harm with them. None of the ingredients are toxic, and they should not be harmful to consume.

Should You Eat Starburst Wrappers?

Probably not, no. The company has not made any statements about its wrappers being edible, and therefore customers should probably avoid consuming them. While they are unlikely to do you much harm, they were not designed to be eaten.

There is also the hygiene factor to consider. The wrappers are admittedly in an outer wrapper, but once this has been removed, there is nothing to keep the wrappers hygienic. Part of their purpose is to keep the candy fresh and free from contamination, and in the process, they may get dirty or dusty.

Unless you have just opened the outer packaging, the wrappers around the Starbursts may not be very clean, and you might not want to eat them for this reason.

It is much better to unwrap your Starbursts, discard the wrappers, and eat the candy the way the manufacturers intended you to. However, if you happen to enjoy the wrappers, you should not come to any harm from eating them, as long as you do so in small quantities, and don’t overdo it.

Do not eat a whole packet of Starburst wrappers at once, and don’t eat the outer packaging.

What Are Starburst Wrappers Made Of?

You might have noticed that the wrappers have a somewhat plastic-y feel. That is because they have been waxed to keep the stickiness of the candy inside, and prevent them from getting glued to each other. This wax is not toxic, but was not designed to be eaten. If Starburst intended customers to eat the wrappers, they would probably flavor them!

All the known components of the wrappers are edible, however. Paper is the main component, and this is perfectly edible to people, although not enormously easy to digest. It is also often unappealing to eat, being chewy and mushy, and not nutritious. You would not be able to sustain yourself by eating paper.

The wax on the wrappers should not hurt you, but it hasn’t been designed for consumption, and it may be better not to eat it. If you are determined, however, you can safely eat wax paper wrappers, including Starburst wrappers.

You have probably also come across other wrappings which are edible, such as rice paper. This is actually intended for human consumption, as you can tell by the flavor – it tastes great. Rice paper is a food, while Starburst wrappers are simply edible and non-toxic.

Can Starburst Wrappers Be Digested?

It’s unlikely that your system will properly digest Starburst wrappers, and if you eat a lot, you might notice it having an effect on your poop. You probably won’t be able to distinguish actual wrappers (not that you should try), but you might find that the wrappers do not get properly digested by your body.

This is because wax is not digestible, and will pass through your system mostly intact. It is not broken down by the moisture or acid in the human digestive system because it is so hydrophobic, and therefore you cannot digest paper that has been soaked in wax.

Normal paper would be broken down by your digestive system, but waxed paper will remain intact in your stomach and throughout the digestive process. Therefore, Starburst wrappers are not digestible – which is partly why they don’t count as food!

Why Do Some People Eat Starburst Wrappers?

Some people claim to eat the wrappers because it is easier than removing the candy from them. Others may do so because they enjoy the novelty of eating a paper wrapper. Most candy comes in foil or other non-edible packaging, and so Starbursts are unusual in using a technically edible product to wrap their candies.

Whatever the reason that people choose to eat Starburst wrappers, they will probably detract from the enjoyment of the candy. Any flavor that they have will be unpleasant or at the very least bland, and their texture is not designed for enjoyable consumption either. Because of the wax, they may even be a little sharp.

Some people may like the tactile sensation of the wrapper in their mouths, but most people find that the candy without its paper is much pleasanter to consume. On the whole, it is probably best not to eat the wrapper, even if you find you quite like it.

Final Thoughts

Technically speaking, Starburst wrappers are edible and won’t do you any harm if you consume them in reasonably small quantities. However, you should not eat a lot of them, and in general, it is better to unwrap and eat the candy, and throw away the wrappers.