Can You Make Scrambled Eggs With Olive Oil?

Can You Make Scrambled Eggs With Olive Oil?

Have you ever wondered if you can make scrambled eggs with olive oil? It’s no surprise if so, because many of us are looking to cut down on the amount of butter that we eat. Salt and dairy are things that many people need to avoid or reduce, but you might be uncertain about making scrambled eggs without butter.

Can you make scrambled eggs with olive oil? You certainly can make scrambled eggs with olive oil, but you should be aware that the taste is rather different. However, they are often a lot healthier when eaten this way, so if you eat scrambled eggs regularly, it might be good to eat them with olive oil instead.

How Do You Make Scrambled Eggs With Olive Oil?

It is very easy to make scrambled eggs with olive oil. All you need to do is heat some oil in a non-stick skillet, and then whisk up your eggs until they are light and frothy. Tip them in and allow the bottoms to sear just slightly before you start stirring.

You can also add extra ingredients, and it’s good to sauté these in the olive oil before you put the egg in. Some people like mushrooms, finely chopped onions, or sliced tomatoes. All of these will lend a delicious flavor to your eggs.

Will It Taste Like Buttery Scrambled Eggs?

Scrambled eggs that have been cooked with olive oil will not taste like scrambled eggs that have been cooked in butter, and if you are used to the buttery option, you might be a bit uncertain about it at first.

Olive oil tends to bring out earthier undertones in the eggs, and it can take a bit of getting used to. However, paired with some salty cheese or the extra flavor of some herbs, this can actually create a far more enjoyable and flavorful dish. 

Instead of your eggs tasting salty and creamy, they will taste rich and natural. Mushrooms go very well with scrambled eggs that have been cooked with olive oil, but you can also pair them with any of your other favorite toppings.

Why Do Olive Oil and Butter Taste Different?

Eggs cooked with olive oil will taste different from those cooked in butter because olive oil has a very distinctive flavor. Instead of being salty and creamy, olive oil tends to have warm and rich notes. It will make the eggs velvety, and may give them a lighter taste than the butter.

Some people find that olive oil makes the flavor of the eggs stand out more, instead of covering it up. If you are missing the salty addition, try adding just a pinch of salt to the eggs, or fleck some soy sauce over the top. You don’t need butter to enjoy delicious eggs.

What are the Health Benefits of Using Olive Oil Instead of Butter?

Olive oil may be better for you for a number of reasons. Olive oil has a much higher smoke point than butter, which means that it may be healthier for frying in. 

If you let butter reach its smoke point, it will release carcinogens that can be very bad for your health. Olive oil will do the same, but its smoke point is higher, so it is considered safer for cooking with. However, some research suggests that olive oil is unstable when heated, and butter may be a better option.

It is not clear which of these is therefore better for cooking in, but you should not use either at very high temperatures. Deep fat frying should be done in one of the other oils, with a high smoke point and good stability at hot temperatures.

Olive oil gets a lot of attention for its health benefits, and it is often lauded as one of the best fats that you can consume. However, both olive oil and butter have different pros and cons.

Olive oil contains less saturated fats than butter, and does not contain any dietary cholesterol. It is also thought that eating olive oil can improve your heart health and bring down your risk of heart disease.

On the other hand, there are lots of polyunsaturated fats in olive oil, and these are not thought to be very good for you. They could lead to inflammation. Overall, both olive oil and butter should be consumed in moderation, but olive oil may be a healthier option, especially if you need to reduce your dairy intake.

Why Else Might You Use Olive Oil for Making Scrambled Eggs?

Many people are currently moving toward a vegan lifestyle, and making things like scrambled eggs with olive oil instead of butter is better for the planet. The dairy industry is massively damaging and well known for contributing to climate change, and many people are therefore looking to reduce their dependency on animal products.

Choosing to cook your scrambled eggs in olive oil rather than butter is only a small step, but all these changes are an important part of becoming vegan or at least more planet-friendly, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

What Toppings Should You Add to Scrambled Eggs with Olive Oil?

You can add anything that you like to scrambled eggs with olive oil, although it makes sense not to add dairy products if you are trying to avoid using butter. Other great options include tomatoes, herbs, wholewheat toast, fried vegetables, raw onion, and spices.

Lots of people enjoy paprika with their scrambled eggs, and they also go well with baked beans, chives, or parsley.

Choose a high quality olive oil for the best flavor. This is one product where the quality makes a big difference to the taste, so don’t just grab the cheapest bottle from the shelf. You might find it helps to add a bit of butter to the pan alongside the oil to begin with, and slowly reduce this as you adjust to the new flavor.

Final Thoughts

You can definitely make scrambled eggs with olive oil, and this is how they are eaten around the world. Many people prefer the flavor that the olive oil brings, and find that the eggs are enhanced by it, rather than covered up.