Can You Microwave Hot Dogs?

Can You Microwave Hot Dogs?

Hot dogs are snacks which have grilled or steamed delicious sausage placed between a bun that is sliced halfway. A lot of times, the name hot dogs is used by people to refer to the sausage itself. Hot dogs also have other names such as wiener (which is Vienna sausage), frankfurter (which is also referred to as frank), wienee, tube steak, and sausage banger. 

When preparing hot dogs, various ingredients are used. The main ingredients for making hot dogs are pork, beef, chicken, turkey and a pastry bun. Other condiments often added to spice hot dogs up include mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, relish, cheese sauce. To get the best taste from your hot dog, adding tasty garnishes like onions, chili, grated cheese, coleslaw, bacon, olives, sauerkraut, and jalapeños gives a peculiar feel to your snack. 

Hot dogs had early versions made in and were prominent in Germany. Later on, it was imported to the United States where it received a heavy welcome from its citizens. It became a street snack common amongst working class persons in the U.S. It was constantly sold at stands and carts all around. Eventually, many people around the United States developed various methods of preparation.

Can you microwave hot dogs? Yes, you can microwave hotdogs. With the microwave set to high, wrap the hot dogs in a damp towel and place in the microwave to heat for 25 seconds. Check if the sausage is hot enough and repeat at intervals for 15 seconds to achieve desired warmth if it isn’t.

Hot dogs are very delicious snacks and everyone loves to enjoy them hot.

What to Know When Microwaving Hot Dogs

Microwaving snacks is a common practice amongst most people in today’s world. This is mainly because microwaves heat up most snacks placed in them in the twinkle of an eye. Hot dogs are one of the most microwaved snacks in recent times. 

However, there are certain things to keep in mind when microwaving hot dogs. Since microwaves are very fast, they require dedication through every microwaving process. Rushing the process can have very dire health implications. 

Heating hot dogs in microwaves for a shorter period than required could make them unfit for consumption. Hence, you have to painstakingly execute the whole process to get maximum results as well as make a healthy hot dog. Research shows that bacteria grows at an alarming rate on uncooked sausage. Failure to heat the hot dogs enough makes the person who consumes them sick.

Asides microwaving hot dogs, there are varieties of methods to make use of when heating hot dogs or preparing from the scratch. Later in this piece, I’ll explain some of these methods in detail. Stay tuned to learn more!

How to Heat Hot Dogs in a Microwave

Microwaving hot dogs is a fairly easy process. You’re really going to enjoy the process of making it as well as the end product. A simple trick to get the best results is following the right steps diligently without getting ahead of yourself. When microwaving hot dogs, here are some of the steps I follow:

  1. Having your hot dogs readily available is a key step before attempting to even use a microwave. Also, other materials like paper towel and the buns as well as optional condiments should be placed within arm’s reach.
  2. Then, you carefully lay a flat piece of damp paper towel on a flat surface. Most people make use of a table or any other flat surface in their kitchen. Place your hotdog on the edge of this damp paper towel and carefully wrap the paper towel around the hotdog. Ensure that the hot dog is kept tightly rolled! Making sure your hotdog is tightly rolled and with no loose ends guarantees that the hotdogs cook thoroughly.
  3. After the neatly rolled hotdog is ready, place it in a microwave and set it between 25 to 55 seconds depending on how hot you love to take your hot dog. Since all microwaves are not designed at the same intensity, the seconds required to cook thoroughly greatly differ. Some microwaves set on high and with very fast intensity can thoroughly cook the hotdogs within 25 seconds while others take as long as 55 seconds.
  4. Allow to cool for a few seconds before unrolling your hotdog from the paper towel. Doing this immediately can result in severe burns. Place the unwrapped hotdog on a bun and serve.
  5. For an extra tasty experience, you can add toppings like ketchup, mustard, and relish. Adding garnishes like chili, cheese, onions, or bacon give an extra nice taste too.

Microwaving processes are strict but trying out the extraordinary with the final taste is an option you would love to take.

Alternative Methods for Heating Hot Dogs

Asides using a microwave, there are other methods to heat hot dogs. These methods include boiling, using ovens to mention a few. All require special attention as they emit heat without regulation. Hence, you have to sit through the rapid but mostly effective process each method requires.

Related Questions:

Can You Microwave Frozen Hot Dog?

Frequently, hot dog lovers ask if they can microwave their frozen hot dogs. Yes, you can! However, making use of a microwave’s thaw function is very key to successfully execute this.

First, you put your hot dogs on a microwave-safe plate after which you cover with a towel. Set your microwave to thaw and thaw for about 30 seconds. Then, check if the hot dog is thawed before proceeding. However, if it is not thawed, keep thawing at 30 seconds interval till you’re satisfied with the outcome.

Can You Microwave A Hot Dog Bun?

Microwaving a hot dog bun takes a relatively shorter time than the meat itself. You need to poke a tiny opening in a quart size zip lock bag. Sprinkle few drops of water in it and place the bun in. Make sure the bag is sealed and place in the microwave for 5 seconds. Check if the bun is hot and repeat till it’s satisfactorily warm.

Are Hot Dogs Precooked?

Yes, hot dogs are precooked and can be eaten after purchase without warming or heating them.