Can You Microwave Nutella?

Can You Microwave Nutella?

Chocolate decadence infused into a rich brand of sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread, Nutella is both famous and infamous for being a chocolate spread with elevating prowess and quite the attributes.

Now, while we are well aware of the deliciousness and multiple uses of Nutella, it is admittedly an unhealthy addiction, hence, its infamousness. 

Nutella contains more than a healthy dose of sugar, palm oil and hazel nuts; these are the major ingredients with surprisingly, more hazelnuts than chocolate. There is also cocoa, skimmed milk powder and an emulsifier that gives its smooth spreadable texture. 

The amount of sugar in Nutella takes up about 57% of its weight, with fat carrying another chunky percentage. Some people have a misconception of Nutella as a healthy option because it contains hazelnuts, calcium, iron, and a percentage of skimmed milk, even though most of the aforementioned nutrients are only present in small amounts.

These ingredients pack a hefty punch of calories, making the spread an unsuitable everyday choice for anyone who is watching their weight, or even remotely health conscious. 

With Nutella currently classified as a dessert topping, its makers, a company called Ferrero is working to have it certified and reclassified as a breakfast spread. Yet, some countries, and quite a lot of people regard Nutella as a junk food. 

Asides, its numerous breakfast uses, Nutella can also be used to create truly mind blowing and delicious chocolate recipes; from a perfect match of brownies, to Nutella filled croissants and hot chocolate, Nutella brings that extra magic to basic, old or new recipes. 

For most people who store their Nutella in the refrigerator, or desire a slightly thinner consistency of the spread for a specific recipe, melting your Nutella just before use may be the best option. 

So you might want to ask, can you microwave Nutella? The answer is yes, you can melt Nutella easily using your microwave. You should microwave Nutella in 30 second intervals. It is important to remember not to overheat it, so it will not completely dry out, and form into a hard chocolate substance. 

Properly melted Nutella forms into light syrup that is suitable for baking recipes, and as drizzle or dip for dessert treats. If you do not melt the Nutella properly, and according to the guidelines for this process, your chances of creating the perfect treat may be ruined.  

How to Microwave Nutella

Melting Nutella in a microwave is an easy task; once you understand not to overcook it. Another important detail to remember is never microwave Nutella in its original jar, the glass jars are not microwave safe, and the foil is flammable. This may result in a safety hazard. Instead, follow these step-by-step guidelines on how to microwave Nutella:

  1. Get a microwave safe bowl, and measure out your desired amount of Nutella into it.
  2. Cover this bowl appropriately, to prevent direct heat from scorching your Nutella. Do this by strategically placing the lid on the container loosely to cover it, but not sealing it completely. 
  3. Turn your microwave heat to medium, with its time set at 30 seconds. Heat the Nutella for 30 seconds first, and then take it out to stir.
  4. The consistency of your melted Nutella depends solely on you, if you are unsatisfied with this after the first 30 seconds, repeat step three again until the texture is perfect for you. 

Remember, do not overcook your Nutella in the microwave.

Alternative Method of Melting Nutella

Asides microwaving Nutella, there is another effective method to melt it. This method is just as simple as using the microwave, perhaps even simpler. All you need is a shallow medium-large pan, some water, and a cup or bowl.

Scooping your Nutella into the cup or bowl, you would simply immerse this cup into the water boiling in a pan over the cooker. This method requires you to stir the Nutella from time to time, until it has achieved your desired texture.

Other Related Questions:

To provide more clarity and relevant information concerning Nutella, I have answered some frequently asked questions:

Does Nutella harden after melting?

The consistency of melted Nutella is light and syrupy. This can change when it touches something cold, once the temperature cools melted Nutella will harden.

What happens if you microwave Nutella in its original jar? 

Firstly, the aluminum foil in Nutella jars is not suitable for a microwave. They can spark or catch fire destroying your kitchen appliance or worse, setting the kitchen ablaze.

Secondly, most Nutella jars are either plastic (not the microwave safe kind) or glass. Both of these are highly dangerous to use in a microwave; the plastic may melt. Even if it does not, such plastic, when used in a microwave, release harmful chemicals toxic to the human health as they filter into your food.

Is Nutella a healthier substitute for peanut butter?

It is not debatable that Nutella can replace peanut butter as a breakfast spread effectively. Yet, peanut butter proves to be the healthier option than Nutella. Peanut butter is a reliable source of protein, essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium, much unlike Nutella containing sugar and fat for the most part.

Is Nutella gluten free?

Nutella does not contain any glutenous cereals, neither are any of its ingredients gotten from gluten containing cereals. So yes, Nutella is gluten free.

Is Nutella candy in a jar?

The first ingredient on the top of Nutella ingredient list is sugar, containing 54g of sugar per 100 grams of Nutella. Fat is the following ingredient after sugar, and together they make up fifty percent of the content in Nutella. Clearly, there is a truckload of sugar in Nutella, and may justifiably be referred to as ‘candy in a jar’.