Can You Microwave Sausage?

Can You Microwave Sausage?

Sausage is a food product made from ground meat, usually pork, beef, and poultry mixed with salt and other spices. Sausage is a very popular food in Italy. It is mostly associated with fennel.

Sausages are used everywhere in the world, from Europe to the depths of Africa. They are used in different types of food like salads, casserole, toast, and fried rice. Sausage can be pan-fried, baked, barbecued, or boiled.

Sausages can be preserved by curing, drying, smoking, or fermenting, but In so many countries, fresh sausage is often refrigerated. Sausage can be eaten as a food or used as an ingredient to make food. 

Did you know that initially, making sausage was a way of preserving food? 

As versatile as sausage is, it is very nutritious. It is filled with up to 11grams of protein. It is associated with building muscles and improving tissue health. So, if you want to build muscle mass, taking a lot of sausages helps. It also provides vitamin B12 and iron which produces hemoglobin and helps to keep the blood healthy. It also contains Niacin which helps to look healthy. 

Another fun fact about sausages is that eating them helps to fend off a hangover. You might have noticed that after drinking so much the night before you feel better when you eat a packed breakfast, especially if it contains sausage. Well, sausage is also filled with phosphorus which helps to maintain kidney function and builds the bones and teeth. As tiny as a sausage looks, it is filled with so many nutrients. 

Pork sausages contain a generous amount of selenium which boosts the immune system, helps the thyroid too. So, you should include sausages in your meal. 

When you want to eat sausage it is very good to heat it. A lot of people boil, grill, or pan-fry it. But there are times when none of these methods is available to cook a sausage. What other methods can you use?

If you need to heat some sausage, can you microwave pre-cooked sausage? Yes, you can microwave pre-cooked sausage. When you’re microwaving the sausage, ensure that it has been properly defrosted before you heat it. Put it in a dish and cover it for two to five minutes; depending on how much it is. Make sure the heat is high and turn on each side so it cooks evenly.

You can cook raw sausages in the microwave too. Guess what? It is totally safe. When you microwave sausages, you don’t get dark brown skin, the skin and sausage casing peels away to give you a perfectly cooked sausage that is safe for eating. 

How to Heat Sausage in the Microwave

  1. Place a sheet of paper towel on a microwave-safe plate.
  2. Lay up to three sausages on the paper towel, then heat from 50 to 90 seconds till they are heated thoroughly. 
  3. Place your pre-cooked sausage on a microwave dish with a little bit of water or oil, and heat for 30 seconds. 

Alternative Heating Methods for Heating and Cooking Sausage

  1. Stove and skillet. First, you bring out the sausage. Then place it on the preheated skillet over medium heat. Cook for about ten minutes. Keep turning so it cooks evenly. Then place on a paper towel so that grease is reduced. 
  1. Steaming: Just in case your already cooked sausage gets cold and you want to heat it, the best thing to do is to boil water, then when it’s boiled, put the sausage in the boiled water, then cover it and allow it to steam. 
  1. Pseudo-Sous-Vide: Put your sausage in a mastic bag and ensure that water cannot get into it. Then place in boiling water. The heat will be absorbed by the plastic bag, allowing it to be hot. 
  1. The Oven: To use this method, pew heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While your own is heating up, place your sausage in the baking tray. Remember to smear the pan with oil, or line with aluminum foil if you’re worried about the juices. When your oven is hot, place the sausage inside and check on them after ten minutes. If the heat is not enough for you, keep it in for another ten minutes. Remember to turn the sausage so it cooks evenly on both sides. Remove the heated sausage and allow it to cool for a minute before you eat it.  

Related Questions:

Can Sausages be Reheated in the Microwave?

Yes, they can be reheated. Sometimes, we tend to cook more sausages than needed, and it is not a good idea to throw them out. In circumstances like that, you can reheat them using your microwave by using method 2 above or trying any of the alternative methods listed in heating a sausage. 

Is it Safe to Reheat Sausages?

Yes, it is totally safe and doesn’t come with any risks. 

Does Reheating Precooked Sausage cause any Food-Borne Illness? 

Technically, when you reheat it properly you do not have any risk of food-borne illness. 

Does Microwaving a Raw Sausage Kill all the Bacteria in it?

Yes, the heat from the microwave is enough to kill the bacteria in a raw sausage. 

What is Sausage Made Of?

Sausage is ground meat, mostly pork, but it can also contain beef, or poultry, or even tofu for vegans along with salt, spices, and other flavorings. Some people add other ingredients such as grains or breadcrumbs as fillers or extenders.

How Long Can Pork Sausage Last? 

Fresh sausages are perishable, hence they are kept refrigerated or frozen. Uncooked fresh sausage can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 days but after cooking, they can be kept for 3 to 4 days if they are refrigerated. Dried sausages last longer. 

Why Does Sausage Explode in the Microwave?

A lot of sausages burst because they contain a lot of water. So, when they are cooked, the water would expand on heating and cause the sausage to burst. To avoid them from exploding in the microwave, punch holes in the sausage with a fork.