Can You Put Paper Plates in the Oven?

Can You Put Paper Plates in the Oven?

If you’ve got some paper plates stacked up in the cupboard after a party, you might be wondering whether you can put them in the oven safely, or if they will burn. A lot of paper burns when heated, but what about paper plates?

Can you put paper plates in the oven? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer, because it depends on the paper plate and the material used to manufacture it. A paper plate should be labeled as oven-safe if it is, and if you are unsure, it is safer not to put them in the oven. In general, a plain white paper plate should be safe in the oven.

Are Paper Plates Safe in an Oven?

Paper plates should be safe to put in the oven if they are plain white and do not have an obvious coating. The basic ones that you buy in a supermarket or grocery store are usually safe to heat.

If in doubt, it is better not to put a paper plate in the oven, even on a low temperature. If you do need to, you should make sure that you are in attendance and you keep an eye on the plate. This will ensure that if something does go wrong, you are there to sort it out and turn the oven off quickly.

If you see any sign that the plate is burning or you smell something unusual, make sure that you remove the plate promptly. Discard any food that was on it in case toxins have leached into the food, and throw the plate away.

Do not take a paper plate out of the oven without oven mitts. Although the paper should not get too hot on the whole, this is a sensible precaution to take, especially if the plate looks like it is singeing or burning.

Is it Safe to Use Paper Plates in a Very Hot Oven?

Unless guidelines are given by the manufacturer, it’s not a good idea to put paper plates in a very hot oven. While paper plates may be heat resistant, they will catch fire if heated enough.

Some sources say that paper plates can be heated to around 450 degrees F, but it may be better not to test this in your home. Low temperatures should be alright for plain paper plates, but high ones should be avoided.

What Kinds of Paper Plates Should Not Go in the Oven At All?

Do not put a paper plate in the oven if it has any kind of printed pattern on it, or if there is a visible coating. You don’t know what dyes have been used to make the pattern, and you don’t know whether the heat will cause the coating to degrade.

While plain white paper plates should be okay, printed or coated plates will probably not be. The dye may catch fire when heated, and the coating could melt and release harmful toxins into your food. While the damage may not be visible, it is better not to take the risk.

Many paper plates have printing of some kind on them, especially if they were intended for children’s parties. They may also have special coatings to keep the dye away from the food, or to make the plate more water resistant. Do not use these in your oven unless the packaging says that this is safe.

Can You Put Paper Plates in the Microwave?

Again, the packaging should tell you whether a paper plate is safe in a microwave or not, so it’s a good idea to check this before you dispose of the packaging. If you have already got rid of it, consider researching the brand online to see if you can find specifics.

It is once more important to avoid putting any patterned or coated paper plates in the microwave, as these may react to being heated. A strange smell or any sign of singeing should result in you throwing away the plate and the food.

What Should You Do If You Need to Heat Food on a Paper Plate?

It’s best to put food onto a standard ceramic or glass plate if you want to heat it in either the oven or the microwave. This is safer and often better than heating food on a paper plate. However, if you need to quickly blast something in a warm oven on a paper plate, this should be okay provided it is plain.

Overall, your safest option is to transfer the food to a normal plate when you want to warm it up.

Can You Cook on a Paper Plate in the Oven?

No. A paper plate should never be used for cooking on, as the coating could react with the food and might leach toxins into it. If you want to cook a meal, particularly one which will have a high degree of contact with the plate (e.g. a sauce), make sure you are using a proper container that has been designed for the job.

It is impossible to tell whether a container is leaching unsafe chemicals into your meal, and it is much better to be cautious in these situations. Do not try and cook meals on paper plates in the oven. You need a proper ceramic or glass dish and high temperatures in order to cook food (as opposed to gently reheating it) and this should not be done on paper.

Can You Cook on a Paper Plate in the Microwave?

Again, the answer is no. Extended periods in the microwave could be dangerous and might break down the coating on the plate, just like a hot oven would. Food in a microwave tends to heat up in pockets, meaning it could get intensely hot against the plate, even if it seems cool to you.

It is best to only give food on a paper plate a short burst in the microwave, if you microwave it at all.

Final Thoughts

There are few clear answers about the safety of paper plates in ovens or microwaves, so it is much better to be cautious and not use them. Where possible, decant food onto a proper plate so you can be sure you aren’t getting anything unpleasant in your meal, and you aren’t compromising your safety!