Can You Use ‘Just Egg’ for Baking?

Can You Use ‘Just Egg’ for Baking?

Making substitutions when you are baking is always a challenging and nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are trying to make vegan food. Some recipes are super sensitive and any change will ruin them – so can you use Just Egg for baking?

Can you use Just Egg for baking? Just Egg is a fantastic product for baking with, and should work well in almost all recipes as a substitute for real eggs. You will rarely be able to tell the difference in the end product, so this is an ideal solution if you need to make your baked goods suitable for vegans.

Can You Use Just Egg for Baking?

Just Egg is a super versatile ingredient that is perfect for all sorts of egg substitutions – including in baking. It does all the major jobs that egg performs in your recipes, adding structure and fat, which are the two main purposes of eggs when you’re baking.

Eggs are often one of the hardest things to replace when it comes to making vegan foods. There aren’t really any other food products that are like eggs, and although you can sometimes swap a different product in, it’s rarely straightforward, and most swaps are recipe-specific, rather than working in every recipe.

For example, you can use apple sauce as an egg substitute, but you wouldn’t do so in a lot of baked goods – it will only work in some.

That’s why Just Egg has become so popular; it will work almost every time, and it isn’t particularly dependent on your recipe. It’s well worth trying out if you are trying to make your kitchen more planet-friendly and you want to cut back on or completely remove eggs from your diet.

What Can You Make When Using Just Egg?

There are many things that you can make, including breads, muffins, cakes, cookies, and brownies. It is used in many savory dishes too, but it’s ideal for almost all kinds of baking, and if you’ve been missing your favorite treats, it will revolutionize your cooking. Almost any baked good that calls for whisked, whole eggs will work with Just Egg.

However, Just Egg can’t be separated into whites and yolks, so it won’t work if you want to follow a recipe that calls for one or the other. It can only be used to replace whole eggs that do not require any separation.

If you aren’t sure whether your recipe will work with Just Egg, it’s a good idea to try a small batch first and see how it fares. Although Just Egg is a reliable substitute, it’s highly frustrating to waste time and ingredients on a recipe that doesn’t work – so always test it first if you can.

How Much Just Egg Do You Need?

Because Just Egg isn’t wrapped in a shell, you might find the measurements tricky to begin with. As a rough guide, use about 3 tablespoons of Just Egg per egg you are substituting. If you only need 1 egg, you should use about ¼ cup of Just Egg. For 2 eggs, use ½ a cup.

You will probably gradually find that you hone your recipes if you start using Just Egg a lot, because you’ll get a feel for exactly how much egg is needed. One of the great things about this product is that you can slightly increase or decrease the amount of “egg” you use. It’s hard to do this with real eggs!

You may also find that you get more consistent results from your recipes, because the amount of “egg” being used will be more consistent. If you use real eggs, the sizes can vary a lot, and this will alter the outcome of the baking to at least some degree. Just Egg gives you more control, so it’s an attractive option.

Interestingly, Just Egg contains similar amounts of protein to chicken eggs, and no cholesterol. However, it does also lack the vitamins that you would find in real eggs, so bear this in mind if you plan to use it.

What is Just Egg Made From?

It might surprise you to learn that Just Egg is mostly made from water and mung beans! Mung beans have a fairly bland flavor, which is ideal for replacing the eggs in baking, and – more importantly – they provide the binding properties that so few other ingredients can offer.

If you have tried other vegan baking, you are probably already aware that baking without eggs often results in crumbly desserts. Eggs are sticky and bind beautifully when cooked, pulling together the ingredients in so many of our favorite treats. When you take them away, baking becomes a lot harder.

Fortunately, Just Egg solves this issue because it has the stickiness provided by eggs, and it will bind all of the ingredients together, just like real eggs do. It is also creamy and has a pleasant texture if you try it on its own.

Does Just Egg Cook in the Same Way as Egg?

Just Egg has been designed to mimic real egg as closely as possible, and it cooks in much the same way. It can even be used to create scrambled eggs and omelets, so you shouldn’t need to change anything about your baked goods recipe if you are using this substitute.

It shouldn’t alter the flavor of your finished baking either, as many other egg substitutes do. If you have tried things like flax seeds, chia seeds, canned pumpkin, applesauce, aquafaba, etc., you may have found that your recipe takes on a strange flavor. This can be a big problem with baked goods in particular.

Fortunately, Just Egg has little flavor, and essentially just tastes like eggs. You can swap it in without having to worry about whether your brownies are going to take on a strange taste beneath the chocolatey goodness.

Final Thoughts

A lot of vegan products disappoint, but Just Egg certainly doesn’t. In terms of taste, texture, and behavior, it is very close to real eggs, and it will work in pretty much all baking. You can’t use it if you need to separate the eggs or use just the whites or yolks, but otherwise, it should perform perfectly.