Can You Eat Wild Boar?

If you are a hunter, you may be wondering if you can eat wild boar if you manage to catch it. This is a commonly asked question as many hunters have the goal of eventually taking down the wild boar, as this is quite a prize. But not every kind of wild game is going … Read moreCan You Eat Wild Boar?

Can You Eat Raw Pancetta?

If you enjoy Italian food, you may be wondering if you can eat raw pancetta without getting sick. This is a commonly asked question as many people are unfamiliar with pancetta and whether or not it can be bought cooked or raw. This is a type of Italian meat that is thinly sliced and can … Read moreCan You Eat Raw Pancetta?

Can You Eat Potato Skin?

If you like potatoes, you may wonder if you can’t eat potato skin without any side effects. This is a common question as many people see potato dishes being served with a potato skin removed. This might lead people to think that there’s something wrong with potato skin or that they shouldn’t be eating it. … Read moreCan You Eat Potato Skin?

Can You Eat Chicken Bones?

Can You Eat Chicken Bones

If you have recently made chicken and you’re in waste-not mode, you may be looking at the bones and wondering whether it is possible to eat them. After all, they are an animal product, and they are not toxic. We often feed them to pets (although not from cooked chicken), but are they safe to … Read moreCan You Eat Chicken Bones?

What Does Soy Milk Taste Like?

Glass with Soy Milk

Milk has always come from animals that can produce healthy milk for consumption. Soy milk is a plant-based drink that can serve as an alternative to milk. It is made from soybeans or soy protein isolate.  Soy milk and soya milk refer to the same product; you can use the words interchangeably. Soy milk has … Read moreWhat Does Soy Milk Taste Like?

Can You Eat Canadian Bacon Raw?

Canadian bacon

Most kinds of bacon need to be cooked thoroughly before they are considered safe to eat, or you risk getting food poisoning. Raw meat is not usually safe – so you might be puzzled if you have heard of people eating Canadian bacon without cooking it. Is this food safe in its raw form? Can … Read moreCan You Eat Canadian Bacon Raw?

Can You Eat Fox Meat?

Most people are familiar with the sport of fox hunting, but it might leave you with some major questions. Can you eat fox meat? What does it taste like, and how is the texture? Is fox meat dangerous to consume? We’re going to look at all these things! Can you eat fox meat? Yes, you … Read moreCan You Eat Fox Meat?