Can You Eat Onions Raw?

Did you know that onions are the most widely cultivated species of the genus Allium? Yes, traces of onions recovered from Bronze Age settlements in China suggest that onions have been cultivated since 5000 BC, not only for their flavor but the bulb’s durability in storage and transporters. It is believed that onions originated from … Read moreCan You Eat Onions Raw?

Can You Eat Corn Raw?

Also known as maize, corn is among the most popular cereal grains on the planet, dating as far back as 9,000 years ago. There are two main types of corn: sweet corn and dent corn. Dent corn or yellow field corn is not suitable for eating raw. It contains a lot of starch; hence, it … Read moreCan You Eat Corn Raw?

Can You Eat Cauliflower Raw?

Cauliflower is a highly nutritious vegetable that packs so many vitamins and minerals useful to the human body. White Cauliflowers are the most common, but they also come in orange, purple, and green shades.  It contains unique compounds such as antioxidants, which aid in reducing the risk of various diseases. The high fiber content can … Read moreCan You Eat Cauliflower Raw?

Can You Eat Pumpkin Raw?

A pumpkin is a cultivar of winter squash. It is round with smooth, slightly ribbed skin and is most often deep yellow to orange in color. The thick shell contains the seeds and pulp. They are one of the oldest domesticated plants, used as early as 7,500 to 5,000 BC.  This vegetable is full of … Read moreCan You Eat Pumpkin Raw?