What Color Is Sake?

If you have never seen what sake looks like, you may be wondering what color sake is. This is a common question as many people are curious about this Japanese drink that is becoming so popular. Though originating in Japan, sake is becoming more mainstream as people are trying this beverage out more and more. … Read moreWhat Color Is Sake?

25+ Foods That Are Gray

Plants contain various pigments responsible for the colors of each part and, thus, the color of the foods obtained from them. For millennia, people have used color to estimate various foods’ nutritional value and flavors. Brightly colored foods are assumed to be more nutritious than the rest. However, gray foods are nutritious, beautiful, and have … Read more25+ Foods That Are Gray

20 Foods that are White

White foods

When we talk about foods, we usually appreciate them for their colors. These colors come from the natural chemical components that they contain, and these same chemicals provide different benefits to our bodies. Foods with the brightest colors of the rainbow tend to get all the fame. Nutritionists are very fond of telling us to … Read more20 Foods that are White

15+ Foods That Are Brown

Brown foods

When you think of healthy food, you might imagine fruits and vegetables that are green, red or yellow in color. But what about brown? Foods of this color are significant in the battle against obesity and diabetes. There are brown foods that can fight inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity, and lower blood glucose levels. In this … Read more15+ Foods That Are Brown

21+ Foods That Are Black

22 foods that are black

When we talk about food, one of the most exotic colors we can find is black. Have you ever been surprised with a black pasta or rice? It’s a curious experience! Today, we are going to talk about this precious and rare food color; specifically, about 22 delicious foods that are black.  Black foods are … Read more21+ Foods That Are Black

25 Foods that are Purple

Purple Foods

When it comes to healthy eating, we all grew up hearing how important it is to eat our greens. But did you know that many of your go-to green veggies come in purple varieties? Not only do they add some color to your diet, but they’re packed with even more nutrients and vitamins than their … Read more25 Foods that are Purple

17+ Foods That Are Blue

Blue foods

When it comes to “eating the rainbow”, blue can be a tricky color to get onto your plate. It’s estimated that only 3% of the average American diet includes blue and purple foods. In this article, we take a look at why that is, and what colorful foods you can find to keep the blues … Read more17+ Foods That Are Blue

28 Foods that are Red

Red Foods

This next installment in our series on the color of food looks at the variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, grains and condiments that add a loving splash of red to your diet.  What Makes Food Red? Red foods get their color from the pigments contained inside the cells. There are different pigments in plant-based foods … Read more28 Foods that are Red

30+ Foods that are Yellow

Are you in need of some sunshine? Why not take some inspiration from the next article in our food color series, on yellow fruits, veggies and condiments. These yellow colored foods are not just as bright as the sunshine but also a healthy jar of happiness for your body that can fill you with a … Read more30+ Foods that are Yellow

29 Foods that are Pink

foods that are pink

Have you ever felt like you can tell the what a food tastes like just from its color? Eye-catching foods have a way of luring us in to indulge in their delicate tastes – especially those which are brightly colored.  In this article, part of our series on colors of foods, we share with you … Read more29 Foods that are Pink