Microwave Cup Noodles

If you enjoy cup noodles, you may be wondering if you can microwave cup noodles safely. This is a commonly asked question as some people may not know exactly how to make this quick and convenient meal. Cup noodles have been around for a very long time and have continued to be extremely popular. Despite … Read moreMicrowave Cup Noodles

Can You Microwave Pierogies?


Microwaves are a fantastic way to reheat and even cook some foods, and if you’ve got one, the chances are you use it on a regular basis. Have you ever wondered if you can microwave pierogies? Can you microwave pirogues? Yes, you can reheat pierogies in a microwave, but you can’t cook them in there. … Read moreCan You Microwave Pierogies?

Can You Microwave Paper Towels?

Rolls of paper towels

If you use paper towels in your kitchen, you may be wondering whether it is safe to put them in the microwave. In general, we are taught to only microwave things that contain some moisture, since this is needed for safe heating. You might question whether putting a paper towel in your microwave has the … Read moreCan You Microwave Paper Towels?

Can You Microwave Plastic Wrap?

Plastic Wrap

If you use plastic wrap in your kitchen, the chances are that you’ve sometimes wondered whether it’s safe to put it in the microwave. We all know that covering foods in the microwave is a good idea and minimizes the mess of spattering foods that are getting hot, but do you know whether microwaving plastic … Read moreCan You Microwave Plastic Wrap?

Can You Microwave Ziploc Bags?

Ziploc Bags

Anyone who has ever frozen food in a Ziploc bag and then forgotten to get it out in advance of a meal has wondered whether you can and should microwave Ziploc bags. We are becoming increasingly aware of how dangerous plastics can be and the chemicals they might leach into food, and this might leave … Read moreCan You Microwave Ziploc Bags?

Can You Microwave Quinoa?

Can You Microwave Quinoa

Let us talk about quinoa (pronounced keen-wah). What is prepared and eaten as quinoa are the edible seeds of the grain crop and flowering plant in the amaranth family. The plant is grown as a crop annually, for these edible fiber rich and nutrient packed seeds that give many other grains a run for their … Read moreCan You Microwave Quinoa?

Can You Microwave Nutella?

Can You Microwave Nutella

Chocolate decadence infused into a rich brand of sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread, Nutella is both famous and infamous for being a chocolate spread with elevating prowess and quite the attributes. Now, while we are well aware of the deliciousness and multiple uses of Nutella, it is admittedly an unhealthy addiction, hence, its infamousness.  Nutella contains … Read moreCan You Microwave Nutella?