How Long to Microwave Oatmeal?

From being incredibly nutritious to lowering blood sugar and cholesterol yet tasting heavenly, oatmeal has become a popular breakfast choice for people of all ages! Although instant oats are available over-the-counter that is relatively easy and quick to cook, what if we tell you that there is a much faster way to get your oatmeal … Read moreHow Long to Microwave Oatmeal?

How Long to Microwave Corn?

Toss them in your salad, cook them in soups or make deliciously spicy fritters; corn is the food loved by all because it is healthy and tasty! But, many of us have the patience of a hummingbird when it comes to food, and seeking quick ways to cook our food is our escape. What if … Read moreHow Long to Microwave Corn?

How Long to Microwave Carrots?

If you adore the taste of cooked carrots but are tired of preparing them on the stove, try microwaving them. Microwaving preserves the sweetness and flavor of carrots, so it’s an easy and convenient way to prepare them. There are several amazing formula alternatives; either you prefer your carrots ultimately steamed, sugar-coated, or sweet and … Read moreHow Long to Microwave Carrots?

How Long to Microwave Broccoli?

There is always a debate of whether to boil your broccoli or steam them – a simple answer to this is neither! These cooking options might fit in your taste preference but cut down on broccoli’s nutritional content.  What’s the best way to enjoy broccoli without destroying the nutrients? – Microwave it!  How long to … Read moreHow Long to Microwave Broccoli?

How Long to Microwave Rice?

Most people prefer to cook rice on a stove in a pot or a rice cooker. But what if we told you that there was a much easier, quicker, and cheaper method of preparing rice?  Interested? Well, you can cook both white and brown rice in the microwave! How long to microwave rice? It’s a … Read moreHow Long to Microwave Rice?