⅔ + ⅔ Cups

If you are trying to make a recipe, you may be wondering what 2/3+2/3 cups equals two. This can be a very confusing kind of measurement that requires you to do a little bit of math to figure out how much the result is. It is common for people to run into slightly complicated measurements … Read more⅔ + ⅔ Cups

Fast Food Consumption Statistics

Report Highlights About 36.1% of American adults consumed fast food in a day between 2013 and 2016. Non-Hispanic black Americans consume fast food more often than Hispanic, non-Hispanic white, and non-Hispanic Asian Americans. Men are more likely to eat fast food for lunch, while women are more likely to eat it as a snack. About … Read moreFast Food Consumption Statistics

63+ Chicken Consumption Statistics

Report Highlights Americans eat about 8 billion chickens annually on average. In 2021, the US produced roughly 9.2 billion chickens. Broiler chicken is the most consumed meat in the US, even surpassing beef and pork, at 96.4 pounds per capita. Americans consumed about 1.4 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday 2022. Almost one-fifth of … Read more63+ Chicken Consumption Statistics

Grocery Store Food Waste Statistics

Report Highlights Grocery stores are responsible for 10% of food waste in the US. Every year, US supermarkets waste about 43 billion pounds of food. As much as 40% of grocery store food waste is still edible. 44 states have no laws encouraging food donation. Food waste accounts for about 30% of trash from grocery … Read moreGrocery Store Food Waste Statistics