Chicken Sausage Brands

If you are a fan of chicken sausage, you may be wondering what chicken sausage brands are the best to try out. Especially as chicken sausage is not incredibly mainstream just yet, as it is still quite experimental.

Out of all the different kinds of sausage, chicken sausage is one of the rare options. So you may want to know which brands are going to offer the best varieties so that you do not waste your money.

There are certain brands that definitely stick out from the rest and provide a better product. Keep reading to find out what chicken sausage brand is the best and what other brands you should try out.

Which Is the Best Chicken Sausage Brand?

If you enjoy eating chicken sausage, you may be wondering what brand of chicken sausage is the best. Most customers agree that Bilinksi’s chicken sausage is the best on the market that you can find in terms of quality and flavor.

This is a brand that creates chicken sausage products entirely, which explains why it has created such an amazing flavor and texture. It creates options like chicken sausage, chicken meatballs, and chicken patties.

Chicken Sausages

Because it only sells chicken products, Bilinski’s has been able to really create a unique product for customers. This is not an afterthought, as this is the main kind of product that this brand has formulated.

This brand also only relies on ethical meat and chickens that have not been fed probiotics. All of the products are made with natural ingredients, with very limited additives to create a healthier option.

As of right now, this kind of chicken sausage is mostly available at health food stores like Whole Foods. Though some grocery stores are starting to add it to their line of meat products.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a very popular health food store that also offers a long line of its own products. Part of this line is its own brand of chicken sausage that is very popular amongst Trader Joe’s customers.

Each sausage link is only 100 calories and has a hefty amount of protein that goes well with any dish. The sausage links are full of flavor, and Trader Joe’s offers a different variety of flavors than you might see in other sausage brands.

Though you will only be able to find these chicken sausages at your local Trader Joe’s store. Trader Joe’s products are not sold online or sold at any other stores as they belong to this one health food store.

Applegate Organics

Applegate Organics is a popular meat brand that offers a wide variety of options, including chicken and sausage. In fact, it is one of the only major brands that has its chicken sausage products sold in most major grocery stores.

Because of this, this is definitely going to be one of the easiest brands of chicken sausage to find in your local grocery stores. So you will not have to go out of your way or visit a local health food store to pick up this sausage.

Though many customers have commented on the flavors being quite minimal when it comes to Applegate Organics chicken sausage products. Though its breakfast chicken sausage options are exceptional and pack a flavorful punch.

Applegate organics products are also free of GMOs, artificial additives, and probiotics. Making it a healthier alternative to a lot of other sausage brands on the market that you may have access to.


GreenWise is a fresh sausage brand that offers three different kinds of Italian chicken sausage. These are considered to be very healthy options as they are antibiotic-free and made with organic and artificial ingredient free ingredients.

Because these are fresh sausages, they can easily be grilled or cut open to form chicken patties or chicken meatballs. Giving you plenty of variety even though they only come in three different types of Italian flavors.

Al Fresco

Al Fresco is another rare sausage brand that offers its chicken sausage options in most grocery stores. It should not be too difficult to find this brand of chicken sausage and at least one or two different flavors at your local grocery store.

It also offers a variety of cooked sausages as well as fresh sausages, depending on how you want to cook them. Though many recommend getting the cooked sausages for convenience and ease if you are not familiar with cooking fresh sausage.

The flavors are not as creative as some other brands on this list, but you do have 10 different flavors of cooked sausage and six different flavors of fresh sausage. Giving you plenty of variety to play around with to find just the right option for you.


Premio is a brand of fresh sausage that offers some of the best options by far, for those looking for affordable options. These fresh sausages are easy to find in a wide variety of chain grocery stores and convenience stores.

The flavors can be quite minimal since Primio focuses on creating Italian sausage inspired chicken sausage. Though you cannot beat the price for the number of sausages that you get and there are antibiotic-free options as well.

Just keep in mind that these are fresh sausages, so they will take longer to cook and will not be as convenient.

Which Brand of Chicken Sausage Is the Best?

If you are looking for the best brand of chicken sausage, you should try the Bilinksi’s chicken sausage first. This is one of the only sausage brands that specifically creates chicken products, including chicken sausage, chicken patties, and chicken meatballs.

Though chicken sausage is not as common as other kinds of sausage, there are still plenty of good brands to try out. Including brands like Trader Joe’s, GreenWise, Al Fresco, and Applegate Organics.

These are great brands that offer different varieties of chicken sausage, from cooked varieties to fresh sausage options. Many offering several different kinds of flavors that can be accompanied by a variety of different meals and sides.

Chicken sausage is a popular option for many customers because it is leaner and generally considered to be healthier for people.