Cinemark Food Prices

If you are planning to go to Cinemark, you may be wondering about the Cinemark food prices and how much you should expect to spend. This is a common concern as cinema food can be quite pricey.

Whenever you go to the cinema, part of the excitement is being able to choose the types of snacks and drinks you want. So that you have something to munch on when you are watching your movie.

The only downside to this is that it can start to become quite expensive, between the movie tickets and all of the snacks you buy. That is why it is important to consider the food prices and put that into your budget when you’re going to a cinema.

Keep reading to find out what kind of foods and prices Cinemark offers and what the menu looks like.

Food Prices at Cinemark

If you want to go to a cinema, you may be wondering about the Cinemark food prices for its snack options. There is a wide variety of snack options that you can get at Cinemark from a variety of different prices around $4.85 to $18.95.

Cinema ready to watch a movie

Cinemark is one of the rare cinemas that actually offers a full menu for customers to choose from. You will not only have a small booth of snacks and drinks to look at when you go to this cinema.

There is a wide variety of snacks, drinks, combinations, desserts, and even hot food options if you are really hungry. This gives you the opportunity to pick whatever kind of food you prefer so that you can enjoy your movie.

That is part of what makes Cinemark such a popular cinema option, as you have so many food choices. Whereas, the majority of cinemas or movie theaters only offer you popcorn, drinks, and candy options.

The only downside to this is that cinemas do tend to price their food options quite high. So you may want to look into the Cinemark food prices so that you know exactly how much you should plan on spending.

This is something to keep in mind, and you may want to eat before going to the cinema so that you only need to buy a few snacks.


When it comes to snacks, Cinemark has a huge variety that you can choose from. Whether you prefer sweet or salty snacks as there is a very generous mixture of both options for customers.

The cheapest snack option you are going to find on the menu is going to be $2.40, which buys you a small bag of candy. The most expensive snack is going to be $8.10, which buys you a large serving of popcorn.

The prices vary considerably throughout all of the snack options, depending on the type of snack and the size. So you have plenty to choose from if you are trying to save money or simply want to splurge.

Hot Food

When you get to the hot food section of the menu, the prices are going to become significantly more expensive. This is because you are getting more food and more filling food for the price you are paying.

The cheapest hot food option is $4.85, which gives you a serving of American french fries. While the most expensive hot food option is $18.95 which gets you a full-sized pepperoni pizza.

There are a lot of hot food options, whether you are feeling very hungry or simply want something warm to eat. There is pizza, fries, Burgers, and so many more options to choose from.


There are three dessert options that are not included with the snacks, as these generally include cookies and ice cream desserts. The prices go up to $4.95, which is quite the investment for a small desert.

This could be a great option if you do not plan on getting any other kinds of snacks but have a hankering for something sweet.


There are also many drink options to choose from, the cheapest option being an Honest kids tea that is $1.40. The most expensive drink option being a large fountain drink, which is $5.45.

So you are going to be paying much more for the drinks at Cinemark than you would at a place like a grocery store. This is just one example of where prices are significantly higher in a cinema.


Combos are also available at Cinemark, allowing you to combine different foods for a slightly cheaper price. This makes ordering your snacks easy as you just pick the combo that appeals to you the most.

The most expensive combo is $16.60, but there are a few cheaper options, depending on the kind of combo you want.

Popular Options at Cinemark

The most popular food option at Cinemark is definitely going to have to be the popcorn. This is the same no matter what cinema you go to, as people gravitate towards the buttered popcorn over any other options.

The popcorn is popped fresh right there in the cinema and is dusted with popcorn salt for flavor. You can walk right up to the machine and ask for fresh popcorn that is still hot when you go to eat it.

This is the top-selling food item from the menu that the majority of customers reach for. Some only buy the popcorn, while others will buy popcorn and a variety of other snack options.

Though it is recommended that you get a drink with your popcorn, as popcorn can be quite dry on its own. Making it difficult to enjoy the snack if you do not have something to wash it down with.

Cinemark Prices Are Expensive

Something to keep in mind about Cinemark is the fact that it is quite expensive. All you need to do is glance at the prices to know that you are going to be paying significantly more for this food than you would elsewhere.

This is the reality of going to cinemas as no matter what cinema you go to, they all tend to overprice their food items. This is because they know people will buy them, and most of these cinemas do not allow people to bring their own snacks.

The majority of people do not like to go to the cinema without some kind of snack or drink. And if you are not allowed to bring your own snacks and drinks, the only other option is to pay for what is sold in the cinema.

This is why you should take into consideration the expenses of buying snacks as well as movie tickets when you want to go to the cinema. As these expenses can quickly add up without you realizing it.

Cinemark’s Popcorn Is Vegan-Friendly

One great thing about the popcorn at Cinemark is that it is vegan-friendly as it has no dairy added to it. Though you will need to ask for popcorn that does not have any popcorn salt added, as this salt could possibly contain dairy.

Fast Food Snacks

Usually, the popcorn salt is added directly to the fresh batch of popcorn once it has been created, which can feed several customers. But Cinemark employees are usually happy to pop a fresh, batch of popcorn without the popcorn salt for you.

Cinemark Has Food Coupons

If you want to be able to enjoy going to Cinemark but want to try to save some money along the way, you should get the food coupons. These are coupons and specials that Cinemark has that can help you to save a little money on food and tickets.

The best way to get your hands on these coupons and know when there are specials is to sign up for the Cinemark newsletter. This will send you announcements when certain things are going to be marked down or there are coupons available.