Cineworld Food Prices

If you are planning on going to Cineworld, you should know about the sign world food prices and the menu options. These are things to consider when you are planning a trip to this very popular UK cinema.

This is a very popular cinema that has a generous food menu to choose from when you go to watch a movie. This is quite different from smaller cinemas or theaters where you typically only have a few snack and drink options.

Because of this, it can be easy to go a little crazy and want to buy everything on the menu. But cinemas have a tendency to price things higher than they should be, so you will need to pay attention to these prices just to be on the safe side.

Keep reading to find out more about the prices at Cineworld and what you can expect when you go to get snacks before your movie.

Food Prices at Cineworld

Cineworld is considered to be one of the top cinemas in the UK that the majority of people know and trust. That is why the Cineworld food prices or something that you may want to know about before going to the cinema for a movie

Whenever you go to a cinema, part of the fun is being able to pick up a few snacks and drinks on your way in. Though this can get a bit expensive depending on the cinema you go to and what kind of food prices it has.

Friends Choosing Food in Cinema Bar

That is why this is a good thing to look into before going to the cinema so that you know exactly what to expect. This can also help you to pick out more affordable menu options that are still appealing but aren’t as expensive.

Cinema food is often overpriced, and you do not want to go overboard when you go to a cinema. As this will greatly increase the amount of money you spend on this kind of outing as you were also spending money on the tickets.

Especially when you go to a cinema like Cineworld, the Cineworld food prices can be a bit expensive, more so than you would expect. As the larger and more popular cinemas often charge more for their menu items.

So you will want to be prepared for this when you go to Cineworld and plan on getting some of its snack options.


There is a wide variety of snack options you can choose from on the Cineworld menu. The most prominent option is the popcorn, but there are other options as well, like magnum, ice cream, and cakes.

The cheapest snack option on the menu is going to be the ice creams, which are £1.60. While the most expensive option is the large popcorn serving, which is £5.56.

So you will want to be careful when choosing your snacks as these can quickly add up and come to a much more expensive amount than you had expected. Especially if you are getting larger sizes of snacks.

Hot Food

There is not a huge selection of hot foods at Cineworld, but you do have a few basic options. These are very popular options that you would find at most cinemas as they are classic cinema food.

The cheapest hot food item is the regular hot dog, which comes to £4.95, which is quite pricey for a hot dog. The most expensive option is the large nachos, which come to a hefty £5.75.

Most people can’t save a bit of money by not getting any of the hot food from the menu at Cineworld. These are great options if you are very hungry, but for the most part, it is better to eat something before going to the movie so that you can get a snack instead.


Cineworld has a wide variety of drink options that you can choose from before you go to watch your movie. These are great options and are usually a must-have so that you have something refreshing to drink.

Cineworld does not allow you to bring drinks from home, so you may have to put out the money to get a drink. Because there is such a wide variety, you have plenty of options to choose from if you were looking for cheaper alternatives.

The cheapest drink option is a basic water which is 500ml, which comes to £1.50. While the most expensive drink option is a large soft drink that is priced at £4.20.

This cinema has a variety of specialty drink options as well that people might enjoy, such as hot chocolate, cappuccinos, and espressos. These options are relatively affordable as well, especially if you choose a smaller size.

Why Cineworld Food Prices Are Higher

Something that many customers often complain about is the fact that the Cineworld food prices are so high. When you look at the menu, it does seem as though the prices are extravagantly high for what you are getting.

And unfortunately, it is very common for cinemas to overcharge for food and drinks as well as charging you for the tickets. Resulting in a much higher bill at the end of the night once you have enjoyed the entertainment.

One driving factor behind this is the fact that many cinemas do not make a lot of money from the movies that they play. They typically only get a cut of the profit, while the actual producers are the ones raking in the real cash.

Because of this, cinemas have to find other ways to make the money that they need to make to stay open. One way that the majority of cinemas have started to do this is to sell more food at higher prices.

In fact, most cinemas have stated that 40% of their profits come from the sale of food and drinks alone. Showing just how vital this outlet is for cinemas to stay open and in business.

Though it is not fun to have to pay so much money for basic food and drink items, this is a necessity for many cinemas. Especially for people who want cinemas to stay open and want to have this entertainment option.

You Can Bring Your Own Food to Cineworld

One amazing thing that Cineworld has recently announced is that it is allowing customers to bring their own food to the cinema. This is nearly unheard of since cinemas have always been very strict when it came to outside food and drinks.

There have always been very strict guidelines around what customers could do and bring into the cinema. With food and drinks being strictly prohibited, forcing customers to buy food and drinks at the actual cinema.

Men watching comedy movie at cinema

So it is very generous for Cineworld to start allowing its customers to bring in their own food and drinks. So you can save money by simply bringing your own beverages and snacks to enjoy during your movie.

The only rule that Cineworld has four customers is that you cannot bring in hot food or alcoholic drinks. Any hot food that you want needs to be bought from the Cineworld menu and eaten on the premises.

You also cannot bring in any alcoholic beverages as that is against the law and the rules for the cinema. The Cineworld does have its own bar where you can get alcoholic beverages legally and safely before your movie.

Cineworld’s Popcorn Is Vegan-Friendly

Something that customers may not realize is that the popcorn Cineworld is vegan-friendly. Vegans can enjoy both the salted and sweet popcorn at the cinema without having to worry about cross-contamination.

There is no butter or any kind of other dairy product and the sweet or salted popcorn that they have to worry about. So, either one of these options is great if you avoid dairy but still want to enjoy a crunchy snack.