Cookie Brands

Cookie Brands
Are you a cookie lover? you may be wondering which of all of these cookie brands is going to be the best option for you.

There is such a huge amount of cookie brands out there that it can make it hard to know which one is going to taste the best.

Not every cookie is going to be made the same or have the same qualities that you may be looking for. Cookies are entirely unique, just like the people who adore them and want to eat them all of the time.

There are also certain cookie brands out there that tend to stand out and offer some of the best options. These are some companies that you should definitely look into trying out to see what you think.

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Keep reading to find out which cookie brands are the best and what cookie companies you should try out to see what you think about them.

Which Is the Best Cookie Brand?

If you are trying to find the best cookie brands to buy, you have a lot of variety to choose from. Though the most popular option that most people seem to prefer is Chips Ahoy, which provides a wide variety of delicious cookie options.

Chips Ahoy is a beloved cookie brand that is known for its cute cartoon characters that advertise its cookies. This has created quite a following for children who love these cookies specifically.

This brand is also best known for its chocolate chip cookies, which have the perfect balance and that traditional chocolate chip cookie flavor. Though it has a long line of cookie options that you can choose from no matter what your cookie preferences are.

It also offers different varieties within different cookie flavors, such as soft cookies or crunchy cookies, depending on what you like. This caters to both crowds, as there is always a division between those who like soft cookies and those who like crunchy cookies.

No matter what kind of cookies you like, Chips Ahoy has something for everyone and provides adorable little cookies that always hit the spot. These are perfect for dipping into a cup of milk or packing in your child’s lunch.


Oreo is the next biggest cookie company that most people tend to gravitate towards. This company has been around for quite a while and has really carved out a name for itself amongst the competition.

Oreo is a cookie brand that is immediately recognizable for the unique cookies that it offers. This is one cookie brand that has completely stuck to its original vision and kept things simple without being boring.

All Oreo cookies are immediately recognizable, and you know that you are looking at an Oreo cookie. But that doesn’t mean that this company is boring, it has changed up its cookie flavors many times over the years.

The classic flavor is the chocolate cookie exterior with a soft and creamy frosting interior. Though it has branched out into a variety of flavors for both the cookie outside and the creamy inside.

So no matter what kind of cookie flavors you like, Oreo most likely has something for you.


Newtons is another delicious cookie brand that is very well known and has remained one of the more popular brands in the US. Newtons has not been extremely adventurous over the years and has mostly stuck to its original vision.

This includes a unique kind of cookie wrapped in a crumbly crust with a deliciously puréed fig jam inside. It is an entirely unique experience that is not going to be like any other cookie on the market.

It is also considered to be one of the more healthy options as it contains real fruit and is not as sugary. Though it is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea considering it is a more unique cookie option, and it’s not going to be like a classic cookie.

Newtons has also released a line of cookies that are thin and crispy and made with healthy ingredients. These are marketed as being breakfast cookies that you can enjoy on the go.

Grandma’s Cookies

Grandma‘s Cookies are a traditional cookie brand that has been around for a long time. This brand is the definition of nostalgia as many people grew up enjoying these as an indulgent treat from their parents.

Grandma‘s Cookies are large cookies made with traditional ingredients to give them that homemade taste. They come in a pack so that you could eat them on the go or share them with a friend if you’re feeling generous.

You can expect to find all of the traditional cookie flavors from Grandma’s Cookies. They are also soft cookies, perfect for cookie lovers who enjoy a cookie with a good mouth feel.


Nilla is another older cookie brand that has been around for quite a long time. This is a unique cookie that you immediately recognize when you walk by it in the grocery store.

Nilla is known for its wafer cookies which are round vanilla-flavored cookies that are crispy and perfectly sweet. They are often used in different baked goods, such as puddings and tiramisu recipes.

Many people find Nilla wafers to be very nostalgic as they grew up enjoying these cookies. Or they grew up enjoying desserts that their mother made with these cookies as they were a common part of old fashion recipes.

You can enjoy Nilla wafers with a tall cup of milk or add them to a variety of recipes to enjoy. They are a popular addition to banana pudding to make up a deliciously crispy vanilla layer of cookies in the pudding.

Lofthouse Cookies

Lofthouse Cookies is another brand that has been around for a while. It is a brand of sugar cookie that sells thick sugar cookies with a thick layer of frosting and sprinkles on the top.

These are the kinds of cookies that have a dedicated following but plenty of critics as well. They have a unique flavor and texture that you are not going to find and any other kind of cookie brand that you may try.

The sugar cookie itself is thick and soft and just about crumbles before you get a chance to take a bite out of it. That is paired with a thick layer of frosting on the top and the sprinkles that are traditionally added.

These are extremely sweet cookies and only come as vanilla cookies, so there isn’t much variety. But this is a worthy cookie to try out if you have never tasted them, and enjoy a sweet sugar cookie.

Mother’s Cookies

Mother’s cookies are a cookie brand that does not get nearly as much recognition as it should get. This is a relatively old brand that has been around for quite some time and has mainly stuck to its one product.

These are animal cookies made of a basic crust that is coated in pink and white frosting. Multi-colored sprinkles are added to these cookies creating a beautiful look that children love.

These cookies are very similar to animal crackers, except they are slightly sweeter and have sweet frosting on the outside. These have been a traditional favorite and are the perfect option if you want a different kind of cookie option.

Because this is an older brand, you may not find Mother’s cookies sold at every grocery store. But most major grocery stores will carry this kind of cookie in the cookie aisle along with the other brands.

Pepperidge Farmhouse

Pepperidge Farm House creates delicious cookies that have all of the comforting qualities of home-baked cookies. They are made of real ingredients that show through in the flavor.

It is known for the classic options that it sells, including its delicious chocolate chip cookie that is filled with thick chunks of chocolate. Though it also offers other classic cookie options that many people gravitate towards.

If you are a true cookie lover that prefers classic flavors and textures, this is definitely the brand to go with. You will get all of the benefits of homemade cookies without ever having to enter your kitchen.

What Are the Best Cookie Companies to Buy From?

If you are a fan of all kinds of cookies, you may be curious about what cookie companies are the best options. For the most part, many people prefer Chips Ahoy as it offers traditional cookie flavors and a wide variety of options.

This is a classic cookie option that offers both soft and crunchy cookies that anyone would enjoy. But that isn’t the only cookie brand that you should try, there are many more that also offer options that are just as delicious.

Oreo is another brand that follows closely behind Chips Ahoy in popularity and demand. The Newtons and Nilla are both popular options as well, despite not offering as many cookie options as other brands do.

For the most part, you have a wide selection when it comes to cookies, no matter what grocery store you go to. It all depends on your personal preference and what kind of textures and flavors you are looking for in a cookie that you buy.