Costco Keto Bread

One of the biggest things keeping me from considering the keto diet is my love of bread. So when I heard that Costco sells keto-friendly options, I was intrigued.

Why Buy Costco Keto Bread

I’ve shopped at Costco for years, but I’ve never seen their keto bread options. Maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough, but it’s good to know the line exists.

Sure, I could buy keto bread from a local grocery store. But Costco is often cheaper, and it has a larger selection of foods.

Whether you’re a member already or not, here are some reasons why I would say you should buy Costco’s keto bread.


I love me some carbohydrates, and I can’t imagine going on a keto diet. But if I had to for health reasons or something, I like how Costco makes bread that fits the diet.


First, I’d look at the nutrition label of anything I wanted to try. Like regular bread, not all brands are going to be the same. I’d look for brands with the fewest grams of carbs per serving, and one comes in at only three grams.

Bread is one of the last things I’d want to give up if I switched diets. So it’s nice to see Costco selling this product that I could use for sandwiches or toast.


I know the keto diet is often chosen for health benefits, not due to health requirements. But going gluten-free is another story. Fortunately, if I had to go gluten-free, I could still enjoy a nice sandwich or piece of toast with keto bread.

The low carb count almost guarantees the bread is suitable if you can’t have gluten. Whether I was allergic to it or developed Celiac disease, I would head to Costco. I’d make extra sure the bread doesn’t have gluten, but like I’ve mentioned, you have options.

I saw one keto bread recipe that uses almond flour, coconut flour, eggs, baking powder, water, and salt. If you struggle to find gluten-free stuff at the local store, Costco is the perfect store to add to your shopping rotation.


Like most of us, I’m on a budget, and inflation has been hitting my wallet hard. It doesn’t help that keto foods are often some of the most expensive items, even in normal times.

I couldn’t find prices on the Costco site, but one source states the bread costs about $6 per pack of two loaves. Meanwhile, I might pay about that much or even a bit more for two loaves elsewhere.


Costco is also just another great place to shop if you’re short on cash. I can get a lot more food for about the same price I’d pay at my local grocery store. Plus, I love how you can freeze your extra keto bread if you won’t use it all fast enough.


I love how you can use the Costco keto bread in as many ways as regular bread. My favorite way is to use it for a sandwich, and I like to keep it simple with chicken or turkey and maybe some cheese.

When I’m lazy, though, I’d go even simpler and have the bread by itself. Of course, I might add butter or peanut butter to give it some flavor.

If I was feeling creative and had some time, I may even use the bread for croutons. Then, I could add them to a salad that follows the keto diet.


I also have to hand it to Costco for having more than one brand of keto bread. My local grocery store may not even have the product at all, so anything is an improvement.

The two brands I came across are Artisan Bakers and Natural Ovens. I wish I could tell you which ones your Costco will have, but I couldn’t find that info on the Costco site. Instead, I’d say to call your local store to ask about their current stock.

I’d also recommend visiting Costco regularly. They may not have your favorite keto bread today, but they might have it next week. When they do have it, I would stock up and put the extra loaves in the freezer.

Where to Find the Costco Keto Bread?

If you want to buy Costco keto bread, you should, of course, head to your local Costco. As mentioned, we couldn’t find it to order online.

Once you arrive at Costco, head to the bread section. You can also check around any other keto-friendly foods. If all else fails, look for an employee and ask them to show you where the keto bread is in that particular store.


Then, you can view the stock and compare the brands. Be sure to go over the prices and nutrition facts. If you have any other allergies, such as a nut allergy, review the ingredients before placing a loaf in your cart.

How to Make Keto Bread at Home

Maybe you don’t live near a Costco, or your local Costco doesn’t have any keto bread in stock. You can recreate keto bread at home with a recipe for keto or cloud bread.

Gather all of your ingredients and grab a mixing bowl and other supplies. Follow the recipe as closely as you can. Then, once you finish baking the bread, you can try it and see how it tastes.

If you’re allergic to nuts, make sure to find a recipe that uses coconut flour. Then, you can stick to your keto diet without risking a trip to the hospital.

Regardless of your dietary needs, consider trying a few recipes until you find the one you like the best. Then, you can shop for the ingredients you need at your local Costco or another grocery store.