Cracker Brands

Cracker Brands

If you are on the search for the perfect cracker, you may be wondering what cracker brands are the best. There are many cracker brands on the market as this is a very common snack food that many people buy.

Because of this, the market has been flooded with different cracker brands, all claiming to be the best option. But which cracker brand really is the best, and why is it the best?

If you are a cracker lover, this might be the kind of question that you are asking when shopping at the grocery store. With so many brands in your face, it can be hard to know which one is going to be the best option.

But not every brand is going to provide the same quality or flavor that you are looking for. So you should look into each individual brand to see which one is going to offer the kind of crackers that you are going to prefer the most.

Keep reading to find out what cracker brand is the best and what other cracker brands offer delicious options that you definitely need to try.

Which Is the Best Cracker Brand?

If you are trying to decide which cracker brand is the best, you have a lot of brands to look at. Most customers agree that Wheat Thins are the best cracker brand that you can find on the market, as most people really enjoy them.

Wheat Thins are a very classic option that is delicious to eat on their own as a snack or eating with things on them. You can eat them with cheese, cream cheese, dips, and just about anything else that would go with a cracker.

But they are also perfectly delicious all on their own because there are so many different flavors to choose from. Wheat Thins has a long line of cracker options in a variety of unique and classic flavors depending on what you want.

Even the traditional plain crackers are deliciously eaten on their own as the base recipe for Wheat Thins is very flavorful. They are typically made out of wheat flour, as you might expect, and have a slightly sweet flavor to them.

Overall, this brand is generally considered to be a crowd-pleaser, as most people would enjoy this kind of cracker. They are also very versatile, so you can eat them in all kinds of ways, and they make the perfect addition to any kind of cheese plate.


Cheez-It is a cracker brand that follows closely behind Wheat Thins and just how popular this brand is. Despite being almost equally popular, Cheez-It is very different in the kind of Crocker that it offers to its customers.

As the name suggests, this cracker company creates cheese crackers that are perfectly rich and flavorful. Cheese is always going to be a crowd-pleaser, which is why Cheez-Its tend to be the number one cracker option for people.

These crackers are square and bright orange, being instantly recognizable in the grocery store. They are marketed as being a delicious snack all on their own, as most people don’t add anything to the specific crackers.

They are considered to be more of a snack food than a traditional cracker that you would eat with cheese or other dipping options.

Ritz Crackers

Ritz Crackers is a very traditional brand that has been around for a long time. It is one of the top cracker options as it provides the perfect base for a variety of toppings or dips that you may want to pair with your crackers.

Ritz is a very beloved brand that most people buy on a regular basis, making it one of the most popular options. It also doesn’t hurt that Ritz offers plain crackers that are perfect for eating with other things as well as flavored crackers.

In recent years, garlic butter crackers from rats have become unbelievably popular amongst customers. Though its classic crackers are still the most popular as they pair perfectly with dipping options as well as cheese.

Ritz Crackers are also unique as they have a very light and buttery texture to them. This is very different from your typical cracker, which is usually quite hard and crunchy.


Zesta is the original brand of saltine crackers that many of us know and love. These were the original crackers and have still continued to be a popular option even in modern-day times with so many other crackers available.

Zesta saltine crackers are your basic saltine recipe with a plain cracker sprinkled with coarse salt. This is a very plain-tasting cracker, but many still enjoy eating it all on its own as a crunchy and salty snack.

This is also the top option for people who enjoy eating cheese and crackers or dip and crackers and soup. Overall, Zesta crackers have continued to be very popular as they are so versatile and delicious.

They immediately create a feeling I’m nostalgia and take you back to your childhood of getting saltine crackers in your school lunch.


Goldfish are very similar to cheese and crackers as they are also cheese-based crackers. This is a beloved cracker brand that many people frequently buy for themselves as well as their children.

As the name suggests, goldfish crackers are shaped like little goldfish as they are also orange in color. Despite being a cheese cracker, goldfish taste very different from Cheez-Its, creating an entirely different kind of cracker.

In the last several years, goldfish has also branched out into other options for its line. It now offers different cracker flavors as well as sweet options like chocolate goldfish crackers.

Though there is no denying that the original goldfish crackers are still the most popular seller.

Club Crackers

Club Crackers are quite similar to Ritz crackers as they are plain crackers meant to be eaten with other food. Though most customers would admit to sitting down with a box of Club Crackers to enjoy all on their own.

Club Crackers have a delicious flavor despite not having any flavorings added to them. They are the perfect pairing with a plate of cheese, cream cheese, or some deli meat that you happen to have on hand.

These crackers are often described as having a more elegant taste than Ritz crackers. This is why they are often paired more often with fancy cheese plates than you would see with Ritz crackers.


Triscuit is a very popular cracker brand that has created an entirely unique kind of cracker. This is a wheat cracker made up of tiny layers to create an extremely crunchy and flaky cracker option.

They come in a wide variety of flavors that you can choose from, and Triscuit has also started to offer healthier options. This is already considered to be a relatively healthy cracker, but low-sodium options are also available now.

This is the perfect cracker to pair with other foods or to eat all on its own if you just want a crunchy snack. It is also one of the top sellers in grocery stores, which is why you will be able to find it very easily.

Honey Maid

Honey Maid crackers are considered to be crackers despite the fact that they are sweet crackers. This is a nostalgic brand that offers biscuit-like crackers and either a vanilla or chocolate flavor sprinkled with coarse sugar.

Most people grew up enjoying these crackers and still buy them to this day for nostalgia. They have a simple yet delicious flavor and are perfect for dipping into a tall cup of cold milk.

Though Honey Maid is not your typical cracker brand, it is still worth trying out if you have never tasted one of the sweet crackers.

Chicken in a Basket

Chicken in a Basket is a popular cracker brand that has also been around for quite a while. It only has one flavor of cracker, but this cracker has been a top seller ever since it was officially released.

This is a simple cracker that is coated in a seasoning blend that is hard to put your finger on. These crackers are deliciously salty and flavorful and yet, there is no specific flavor that they taste like.

They are most commonly eaten all on their own though they can’t be paired with meats and cheeses if you like.

What Cracker Brands Should You Try?

If you are looking for the best cracker brand, it can’t be hard to pick just one. Though most customers seem to lean more towards Wheat Thins, as this is a very popular cracker option.

This is a delicious cracker brand that offers a variety of cracker flavors that can be eaten with other things or eaten all on their own. Though there are many other brands that you should also try if you enjoy crackers.

That includes options like goldfish crackers, Triscuit crackers, Ritz crackers, and Cheez-Its. These are all delicious options that are very popular and still sell very well to this day.

If you enjoy having crackers as a snack, these are all great brands to try out to see which one you prefer over the other.