Dairy Queen Jalitos Ranch Hungr-Buster

If you enjoy eating at Dairy Queen, you may be wondering what the Dairy Queen Jalitos ranch hungr-buster burger is like. As this is a very popular type of burger that many customers have tried and enjoyed.

Dairy Queen is well known for the food that it provides, as it has had a similar menu for a very long time. Though it does have some newer features that have a more unique taste, giving customers more options to try out.

It has a delicious selection of burgers that are perfect for satisfying any burger cravings that you may have. Especially as Dairy Queen often creates burgers that have that traditional taste that so many people know and love.

Keep reading to find out more about the Dairy Queen Jalitos Ranch hungr-buster and how many calories it has.

Jalitos Ranch Hungr-Buster From Dairy Queen

If you frequently get food from Dairy Queen, you may have noticed the Jalitos ranch hungr-buster on the menu. This is a burger option that Dairy Queen offers that features Jalitos for a slightly spicy and flavorful addition that is unique from other burgers.

Barbecued Chicken Sandwich

This is a flavorful option that Dairy Queen offers that many people rave about. As many have compared it to being a traditional greasy spoon burger that many people know and love and expect when they order a burger from a fast food location.

It has all of those traditional burger flavors with a hearty amount of fattiness and oiliness that helps you to feel satisfied after eating it. It doesn’t have too much of a unique flavor, but you will notice a hint of spice and flavor from the Jalitos.

American cheese also brings creaminess and richness to the final burger, helping to pull everything together. As well as compliments the beef patty, which is rich and provides a nice mouth feel when you bite into it.

You also have the option of getting a double Jalitos ranch hungr-buster which will include two beef patties instead of one. Creating a heftier and richer burger for those days when you need something more.

Jalitos Ranch Hungr-Buster Burger Calories

If you are thinking of ordering a Dairy Queen Jalitos ranch hungr-buster, you may want to know how many calories this burger contains. Especially as fast food restaurant burgers tend to be quite high in calories.

This Dairy Queen burger contains 972 calories in total, making it very high in calories in comparison to other burgers. Even when you compare this burger to other fast-food burgers, it is definitely one of the higher-calorie burger options.

The majority of fast food burgers tend to be around 400 to 600 calories depending on the kind of burger and where you are ordering it from. So having a burger over 900 calories is quite rare and definitely shows that this isn’t the healthiest option.

Because of this, you may want to lay off of ordering any sides or a drink when getting a Jalitos ranch hungr-buster. As this will only increase the number of calories for the meal and really push you over your daily limit.

This also should not be a burger that you frequently order as it is very calorie dense and fatty. Setting off your calorie intake for the rest of the day as it is so high in calories all on its own.

Dairy Queen Jalitos Hungr-Buster Ingredients

Now that you know a bit more about the Dairy Queen to Jalitos hungr-buster burger, you may be wondering what ingredients it is made from. As this impacts the flavor and texture of the overall burger.

You may also want to ask for substitutions or for certain ingredients to not be added to your burger, depending on your personal preferences. So it is a good idea to understand what ingredients make up the specific burger.

Beef Patty

A basic quarter-pound beef patty is used on this Dairy Queen burger, which is similar to the other kinds of burgers on the menu. This is a rich and fatty beef patty that really brings the flavor and that delightful meaty texture.

There isn’t much that is astounding about this patty, but it does give this burger that traditional greasy spoon burger flavor. As well as making the entire burger extremely moist and perfectly cooked all the way through.

If you like, you could even get a double beef patty, but this will significantly increase the calories for that burger. As it is already very calorie dense with just a single beef patty.

American Cheese

Slices of American cheese are also added to this burger to provide flavor and gooeyness that really adds to the richness. American cheese has a familiar and comforting flavor that compliments the beef patty.

The patty and the cheese are the two flavors that you were going to taste the most and really create a comforting burger option.


Jalitos are also added to this burger, hence the name, also adding a great deal of flavor. Jalitos are thin strips of fresh jalapeños that have been fried until they are nice and crispy.

Chicken Patty Sandwich

These crispy strips have a nice jalapeño flavor as well as a slight pinch of spice to them that is noticeable. This also adds a great deal of crunchiness to the burger, elevating it by adding additional texture and intrigue.

Along with the Jalitos, a small amount of fresh lettuce is also added to this burger to add freshness and a little extra crunch.

Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing is also added to the Dairy Queen Jalitos ranch hungr-buster, but many customers have mentioned that it is not very noticeable. So you shouldn’t expect to taste too much ranch unless you ask for extra to be added.