Dave and Buster’s Gluten-Free Menu

Dave and Buster’s Gluten-Free Menu

If you want to eat out but you are gluten-free, you may be wondering if Dave and Buster’s offers a gluten-free menu that you can choose from. This is a great question to ask, as not every restaurant is going to offer this option to its customers.

Many people are gluten-free or have specific gluten sensitivities that make it hard for them to eat any food containing gluten. This is quite common as many people find this ingredient hard to digest.

Because of this, more and more restaurants are starting to add gluten-free options to their menu for their customers. This has provided far more options than people have ever had when it comes to food sensitivities and allergies.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Dave and Buster‘s offer is a gluten-free menu, and if so, what kind of menu options you have.

Does Dave and Buster’s Have a Gluten-Free Menu?

If you are looking for a place to go out and eat, Dave and Buster‘s may be a choice that has come up. This is also a great option because it offers a small gluten-free menu that allows all kinds of customers to have different options.

This is very important as more and more people have gluten allergies or are intolerant to any kind of gluten ingredients. This can be a very serious allergy that can cause a lot of side effects if someone were to eat something that contains gluten.

Because of this, Dave and Buster‘s offers a gluten-free menu that customers can choose from when they go out to eat. This provides a simple and straightforward solution if you do not know what you can order that is gluten-free.

This is a small menu but still allows you plenty of options if you want a special treat, this menu includes options like:

  • Grilled chicken and bacon-wrapped shrimp with lobster sauce
  • Kids grilled chicken
  • Sweet apple pecan salad with grilled chicken
  • Fire-grilled salmon
  • Mango citrus shrimp skewers
  • Cabo-style chicken
  • The Lawnmower

It is also important to mention that Dave and Buster’s specifically says that it cannot guarantee that any of these items are completely free of gluten. This is because there are all kinds of instances where ingredients could become cross-contaminated.

This is due to the fact that items are often prepared beside each other and can be cooked in the same area. When this happens, cross-contamination is very common, and gluten ingredients can come into contact with gluten-free dishes.

Does Dave and Buster’s Use Peanut Oil?

When it comes to common food allergies, it is very normal for peanut oil to be something that comes up in the conversation. This is because Pinot oil is a very well-known allergen that many restaurants have been known to use in their food preparation.

This is quite problematic as many people have nut allergies that can range from mild to very severe. There are even people who can experience life-threatening side effects if they were to consume something that contained any kind of peanut oil or ingredient.

Because of this, peanut oil is a big subject, as many restaurants use this kind of oil when it comes to frying foods on their menu. Dave & Buster’s also offers several different fried options on its menu for its customers to choose from.

The good news is that Dave and Buster‘s does not use peanut oil in any of the preparation for its menu items. It clearly states this so that anyone who has a peanut allergy does not have to worry about their fried food being cooked in peanut oil.

That being said, there are several menu items that do contain different nut or peanut ingredients. If you are allergic to nuts, you will need to check the nut allergy menu that Dave and Buster’s provides to find out what menu options you can choose from.

Are Dave and Buster’s Fries Dairy-Free?

Now that you know about the peanut oil and gluten ingredients that are used at Dave & Buster’s, you may be wondering if the fries are dairy free. This is a commonly asked question, as people may not consume dairy or have an allergy to it.

It is quite common for people to be intolerant when it comes to any kind of dairy product. This is another common food allergy or sensitivity that people may be concerned about when going out to eat at different restaurants.

The fries at Dave & Buster’s are one of the biggest menu items that people typically order. The good news for customers is that these fries do not contain any kind of dairy product as they are entirely dairy free.

Is There a Gluten-Free Menu at Dave and Buster’s?

If you are gluten-free, Dave & Buster’s offers a gluten-free menu that you can safely order from. This includes a variety of options that do not contain gluten ingredients.

Though, it is important to remember that these cannot be guaranteed to be gluten-free. This is because cross-contamination can happen in the kitchen when different dishes are being prepared for customers.