Do Izze Have Caffeine?

If you enjoy fizzy drinks, you may be wondering if Izze has any caffeine added to it. This is a commonly asked question, as many people actively try to limit their intake of caffeine on a daily basis.

There is a vast majority of beverages that contain a certain amount of caffeine per serving. Making it difficult to find drinks that aren’t going to give you a caffeine burst of energy or jitteriness after enjoying your drink.

This is why people try to find different beverages that are going to be entirely caffeine free so that they do not have to worry about this. Especially if you want to give this drink to a child who would be much more sensitive to caffeine.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Izze contains any caffeine, and whether or not it is a healthy option.

Is There Caffeine in Izze?

Izze is a sparkling water brand that has taken the market by storm. This is a brand that does not contain any added caffeine or natural caffeine, making it the perfect soda option for those who are trying to avoid consuming too much caffeine.

I like many other soda options on the market, this is a healthier alternative that also does not contain any caffeine. Many customers would be surprised to find out that the majority of sodas do contain caffeine.


Both Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew are both great examples of this, as they have relatively high amounts of caffeine. With only a few soda options being entirely caffeine free for those who are trying to avoid consuming too much caffeine.

Because Izze does not have any caffeine, this makes it a healthier option that anyone can enjoy without any issues. Whether you are sensitive to caffeine, trying to avoid caffeine, or you want to give this beverage to a child who is more sensitive to caffeine.

This still gives you that fizziness of soda and a refreshing flavor without the side effects of caffeine. So you can enjoy this kind of sparkling water as often as you like without having to worry about consuming caffeine.

Izze Is a Healthier Soda Option

If you enjoy drinking soda but want to find a healthier alternative, Izze is a great choice for this. This is a sparkling water brand that is not necessarily marketed as being a soda.

This drink is much lighter and does not have the sickeningly sweet taste that most sodas do. It is also made with real and pure ingredients, making it very different from the highly processed soda options that we are used to.

Because of this, Izze sparkling water is much healthier and a great alternative for your soda cravings. It will keep you hydrated and help you to feel like you are enjoying a soda without all of the downsides.

Pure Juice

Izze offers a variety of sparkling water flavors that you have to choose from in stores. All of these flavors are achieved with pure fruit juices and natural flavorings that are blended to create these unique flavors.

Each flavor is usually made up of a blend of fruit juices to achieve the perfect refreshing flavor. As well as natural flavorings to help provide intensity that juice may not necessarily have on its own.

The Izze apple drink, for instance, is made up of a blend of apple juice, grape juice, and clementine juice to achieve the refreshing flavor.

Sparkling Water

The main ingredient that Izze drinks contain is sparkling water, which makes up the base. This is a carbonated water that helps give this drink the fizziness that makes it resemble soda.

This creates a very refreshing drink that is still very hydrating and healthy since it is primarily made up of water. Though you will still be able to feel like you are treating yourself to a special fizzy drink, even if it is healthier.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy drinking soda, you should give Izze a try, as this is a sparkling water brand that does not contain any caffeine. It is healthier and contains purer ingredients then the majority of soda options in grocery stores

All of the Izze flavors are entirely caffeine free and are made up of very minimal ingredients. Including carbonated water, fruit juices, and natural flavorings to achieve the various fruity flavors that customers enjoy.