Do Macarons Need to be Refrigerated?

Do Macarons Need to be Refrigerated?

The sweetness, bright colors, and tantalizing texture of macarons can make them hard to resist. Odds are, if you bake a batch of this delicious treat, you will not have leftovers (or if you do, they will not last long!).

But you may need to preserve your macarons for a future time, or made such a large batch that you cannot possibly eat them all! If this is the case, do not worry. You can take steps to make sure that your macarons will still be good when the time comes to eat them.

So do you need to refrigerate your macarons? Macarons can be stored at room temperature in a sealed container for 2-3 days. If you need to store them for longer, you can keep them in your fridge for up to a week in an airtight container.

Let’s explore the most effective ways to store your macarons to ensure that these sweet treats will be ready for you when you need them. The way that you store your macarons will determine how long they will remain good to eat. You must account for things like airflow, temperature, and contact between your macarons in storage.

How to Properly Store Macarons Out of the Fridge

If you are only planning on storing your macarons for a couple of days, you can keep them out of the fridge. You just need a sealed container that is big enough to hold your macarons without any issues. 

Make sure that there is no moisture in your container, because your macarons will absorb it very quickly. Moist macarons can quickly become a soggy mess, so thoroughly dry out your container before you place any of your macarons inside. You will want to try to keep your macarons from touching while in storage. If you allow your desserts direct contact with each other, they will stick together. 

You will need to keep your container somewhere out of the sun. If you have a cool, dry cupboard, this is the ideal location for your macarons. Ideally, your macarons should be protected from heat sources, including sunlight. This will keep them as fresh as possible for 2-3 days.

How to Refrigerate Macarons

If you want to keep your macarons for longer than just a couple of days, you should put them in the fridge. The cool temperature of your refrigerator will keep them from becoming stale if you store them correctly. 

When storing macarons in the fridge, the same rules apply as if you were storing them on the counter. Choose a sealed, airtight container that is large enough to hold your macarons without any of them touching. If you are planning on storing a large number of macarons, you can store them in layers. Keep in mind that this method requires a layer off parchment paper between your macaron layers to prevent any touching.

Try to keep your macarons in the area of your fridge that has the steadiest temperature. For many refrigerators, this means the middle shelf. The bottom of the fridge and the door can fluctuate in temperature when the fridge is opened and closed, so these may not be your best choices for storage.

If you can store your macarons properly in your refrigerator, they will remain good for up to a week. After a week of storage, you will notice a decline in the quality of your macarons, regardless of where they are being stored.

How to Freeze Macarons

While macarons may stay good for a week in the fridge, this may not be enough time if you need long-term storage. If this is the case, you can store your macarons in the freezer to keep them good for even longer. 

Freezing your macarons should not affect their texture or taste, making it a great choice for keeping your macaron for a longer period of time. Macarons will last between 3 and 4 months in your freezer. 

The biggest worry when storing macarons in the freezer is freezer burns. To combat this, you will need to securely pack your macarons in a sealed container with parchment paper. The key is to prevent cold and dry air from affecting your macarons while they are frozen. You can also add a layer of aluminum foil or other material to add extra protection for your macarons.

Freezing Unfilled Macarons

You may want to store your macarons before filling them. You can keep the shells packed tightly (but not touching each other) in a sealed container in your freezer, and store the filling in a separate freezer-safe vessel.

By freezing the filling and shells separately, it may be easier to keep them fresh. You will just have to assemble them once the macaron pieces have thawed. Make sure that the filling reaches room temperature before you apply it to the macaron shells for best results!

Thawing Macarons from the Freezer

When you decide to take your macarons out of the freezer, you can thaw them pretty easily. Just put them in the fridge overnight! Sudden changes in their temperature may lower the quality of your macarons, so gradually thaw them in the fridge overnight before putting them on the counter to finish the process.

The filling does need to be completely thawed to room temperature before you can apply it to macaron shells, but if you are just defrosting macarons that have already been assembled; you will not need to worry about this step.

Do not try to freeze, thaw, and refreeze macarons. They will suffer in both the taste and texture departments and you will also run a higher risk of bacteria beginning to grow on your macarons. 

If your macaron get soft or soggy from the freezer, you can crisp them up again by putting them in the oven. Make sure that you keep the heat very low and only use this method to crisp up the shells. Heating the filling is not advised, as it will become runny and curdle.