Do Oreos Have Chocolate?

If you are a fan of Oreos cookies, you may be wondering if these cookies are made with chocolate. This is a commonly asked question as many people wonder if Oreos have chocolate as they have a chocolatey flavor to them.

Oreos are a very unique and slightly confusing cookie as they are so unique. They were the first of their kind and have continued to basically be in a league of their own without any kind of real competition in stores.

This is a delicious cookie that is made of two crispy cookies sandwiched with a fluffy vanilla filling. It has been around for a very long time and has continued to be one of the top-selling types of cookies on the market.

Despite that, many people have a hard time putting their finger on the types of flavors that they taste in Oreos. Keep reading to find out whether or not Oreos have chocolate in them.

Are Oreos Made with Chocolate?

If you enjoy chocolate and Oreos, you may be wondering if Oreos have chocolate in them. Oreos are made with ultra-refined cocoa powder which is one of the main ingredients in making chocolate, as it comes from the cocoa bean.

The chocolate part of Oreos is in the cookie part typically, as this is where the cocoa powder is located. This is what gives the cookie that deep and rich chocolate flavor that most people will immediately recognize.


Though there is some confusion about how chocolatey Oreos are, as some people do not taste the chocolate at all. This is mostly due to the fact that a lot of people have not tasted cocoa powder all on their own.

Chocolate and cocoa powder have different flavors as they go through different processes to be made. Which is why they are not the same kind of ingredient even though they come from the same ingredient source.

Oreos were originally thought of as chocolate and vanilla cookies since they have a chocolate cookie and a vanilla filling. But most people don’t see them that way anymore, as Oreos are in a league of their own.

They have their own unique taste that most people know and love. Cocoa powder can be found in many areas of an Oreo cookie, such as:


When it comes to Oreos, you will usually find cocoa powder in the cookie part of an Oreo. These are the two dark and crispy cookies that sandwich the filling and create that flaky crunch when you bite into them.

These get their color and their flavor from the addition of ultra-refined cocoa powder that has been added. This creates a rich and chocolatey flavor and that almost black color that is immediately eye-catching.

Though not every Oreo is going to have cocoa powder in the cookie part as there are a variety of different flavor options.

Cream Filling

The other part of an Oreo cookie is the cream filling which usually does not contain any cocoa powder. This is a very light and creamy type of frosting that many people believe is vanilla, though it does not have a very strong vanilla flavor.

This is the glue that keeps the two cookie pieces firmly together and allows you to buy into it like a sandwich cookie. Some different flavors of Oreos may have cocoa powder in the cream filling, depending on the flavor that you get.

Some Oreos come in dark chocolate or double chocolate varieties, so you will have cocoa powder in the cookie and the filling. Creating a very rich chocolate flavor that normal Oreos do not have.

Not all Oreos Contain Chocolate

Now that you know that Oreos do have chocolate, you may be wondering if all Oreos contain chocolate. Though Oreos started off only offering its one cookie option, nowadays it has many different flavors to offer.

Oreos is a company that has continued to expand its cookie line and give its customers many different varieties. All of the Oreo cookies are made with the same concept in mind, but they come in a variety of flavor options.

The vanilla Oreo cookies, for instance, are not going to contain any cocoa powder in the recipe. These are made of a vanilla cookie and a vanilla cream filling, creating an entirely vanilla cookie.

Some other Oreo flavors may also be entirely free of cocoa powder, depending on the flavor combination. Though some different flavors still contain cocoa, like the peppermint Oreos, which still have a chocolate cookie exterior.

Final Thoughts

If you are a big fan of Oreo cookies, you may be wondering if Oreos contain any chocolate. The answer to this is simple, as the cookies that make up the exterior of an Oreo are made of cocoa powder.

This gives the cookie its chocolate flavor and the cookie’s dark color, which is a stark contrast against the white filling. Some varieties of Oreos may not contain any cocoa powder, while others may contain even more cocoa powder than the originals.