Do Twinkies Go Bad? – Full Analysis

Do Twinkies Go Bad? – Full Analysis

This small rectangular sponge cake is known throughout the world. Twinkies have a classic yellow color and white creme filling that has been around for decades. 

Twinkies are top-tier junk food. So many people consume Twinkies when there are no other snacks to munch on. Twinkies have been a popular snack food for decades. Even people who have never eaten Twinkies in their entire life know what they are. 

Many people think that Twinkies last forever, but they don’t. Like many other foods, they have a short shelf life, so they must be eaten quickly. 

Do Twinkies go bad? Yes, Twinkies do go bad, and they go bad faster than one would expect. Even if you store them in an airtight container and keep them away from the heat or bugs, twinkies will only last 30 days. 

There are a few ways to tell if a Twinkie has gone bad, and the most obvious way to know is if the spongy yellow cake is turning hard. Another way to tell if it is going bad is if the white creme filling is growing green mold. 

How Long Do Twinkies Last?

Twinkies do not last as long as most people believe they do. And their shelf life does not change if they are stored in the fridge or the cupboard. 

As long as the Twinkies are in their plastic wrap and box, they will last 30 days. Yes, that’s right. These spongy little cakes will only last 30 days. So much for long-term storage! 

Even though Twinkies have preservatives and shelf stabilizers, the sponginess of the cake has a very short shelf life. The moisture in the cake does not last long, and that is why it must be eaten within a month. 

How Long Do Twinkies Last? [Chart]

Twinkies Time
Twinkies, unopened 30 days
Twinkies, opened 1-2 days

Why Do People Think that Twinkies Can Last a Long Time?

Twinkies have a reputation for being one of the worst junk foods available in the grocery store. There are two reasons why people believe this. The first reason is because of the healthy food anti-sugar movement. This movement actively discourages people from consuming junk food and foods filled with high amounts of sugar. The second reason for the “forever food” myth is that Twinkies used to last a very long time. 

There are a few reports from people who test how long Twinkies last if you look online. They usually unwrap the snack cake from its packaging, place it in a jar, and then wait several weeks to see when it will start to decompose. When the old twinkies stayed the same for weeks, that was when the rumors and myths started. 

How to Know if Twinkies Have Gone Bad

There are three ways to tell if a Twinkie has gone bad. Do your best to look for these signs, so you don’t accidentally eat a rotten Twinkie and give yourself a stomach ache. If you do end up eating a rotted Twinkie, there is a chance you could get sick.

  • Spongy yellow cake is hard – When a yellow sponge cake is losing its moisture, it slowly begins to harden and become stale. When you open a twinkie, and there are parts of it that are hard, then do not try to rehydrate the hardened cake. There’s no way you can do it without turning the cake soggy. Just buy a new Twinkie and discard the old one. 
  • Cream filling is hardening – Just like the spongy cake, the creme filling in the Twinkies can harden and become powdery if the Twinkies are exposed to air. This can happen overnight. If you see that the creme filling is hardening, don’t eat it or try to remove the creme filling.
  • Creme filling has mold – The creme filling inside the Twinkie has a lot of sugar, and the sugar can cause mold to grow inside the cake. If you see mold forming on the surface of the Twinkie, throw it away. Even if it is just one little spot. 

Twinkies Have Gone Bad: What is a Good Substitute?

So, you want a tasty spongy creme-filled dessert? Who doesn’t, especially if they are craving something simple and sweet or if they are hungover. But when you go to see if you have any Twinkies, you discover that they are either gone or have gone bad! What should you do in this case? 

What is the best substitute for Twinkies? Head to your grocery store and grab a package of angel food cake and a container of whipped creme. Angel food cake is a great substitute for Twinkies. This is an excellent substitute for Twinkies, and it usually tastes as good as the other snack.

How to Store Twinkies

When you bring home a box of Twinkies, all you need to do is place them in your cupboard and eat them at your leisure. There is no need to take them out of their box, as their cardboard box will keep them safe from bugs and sunlight. 

There is no need to store Twinkies in the fridge as it does not change the shelf life. But if you want to eat your twinkie cold, then it is safe to store it in the fridge. 

If you open a packet of Twinkies and decide that you are not that hungry, then place the twinkies in a Ziploc bag. The small bag will protect it from drying out for a day or two, but no longer than that. 

Final Thoughts

  • Twinkies are a famous dessert that has been around for decades.
  • Despite the many myths around this famous junk food, they don’t last that long.
  • Twinkies only last 30 days in their cardboard container.
  • Twinkies used to last much longer, and people would perform experiments with them, or they would unwrap the Twinkie from the plastic and place it in a jar and wait for it to decompose.
  • You don’t have to store Twinkies in the fridge because it will not change its shelf life, but if you open the package and don’t want to finish it, then putting it in the fridge is the best way to store it.
  • If you do not have a Twinkie, try eating angel food cake with whipped cream as an alternative substitute.
  • If the spongy yellow cake is turning hard, then there could have been a puncture in the plastic, and the air is seeping into the packaging, removing the moisture from the cake.