Does Big Red Have Caffeine?

If you enjoy drinking big red soda, you may be wondering if this soda contains any caffeine. This is a commonly asked question, as many people actively try to avoid consuming too much caffeine.

You may be sensitive to caffeine, or you already consume quite a lot and do not want to consume too much throughout the day. Either way, there are plenty of people who watch their caffeine intake and try to avoid caffeinated beverages.

This is also important to know if you are going to give a soda to a child, as many contain caffeine. And you do not want to give a highly caffeinated soda to a child as they will feel the effects much stronger than an adult would.

These are things to consider when choosing a soda and finding out which ones contain caffeine. Keep reading to find out whether or not big red has caffeine, and if so, how much caffeine it has.

Does Big Red Soda Contain Caffeine?

If you enjoy drinking big red soda, you may be worried about the caffeine contents of this soda option. Unfortunately for customers, big red does contain quite a hefty amount of caffeine per bottle, making one of the more caffeinated soda options.

2 glasses of Red drinks

This may not be a big deal to some people, but it can be a major downside for others. Especially if you generally try to avoid consuming a large amount of caffeine throughout the day.

For 20 ounces of big red, you will be consuming 61mg of caffeine for that bottle. This is considered to be quite a large amount of caffeine for a soda drink, close to the amount of caffeine that Mountain Dew also contains.

Many people assume that because they are drinking a soda, it will not contain caffeine. But there are many types of soda that do contain caffeine, in fact, the majority contain at least a small amount of added caffeine.

While 61mg is still below your daily limit of caffeine, it is still considered to be a high amount. Especially if you are pairing it with other caffeinated drinks like coffee and energy drinks throughout the day.

If you drink more than one big red soda, you will also need to take this into consideration and watch how much caffeine you are consuming. It can add up very quickly, which is part of why people try to avoid caffeinated beverages.

Caffeine-Free Big Red Soda

The good news for people who enjoy big red soda is that there is a caffeine-free version of this drink. This is exactly like the original big red, only all of the caffeine has been removed to create a caffeine-free beverage.

This is also considered to be a slightly healthier version of big read as it has been formulated in a few different ways. This includes the recipe being:

  • Less sodium
  • Less fat
  • Less cholesterol
  • Vegetarian-friendly

These are some great benefits to consider if you are trying to decide between regular big red and caffeine-free big red. Not only is caffeine-free big red free of caffeine, it is also healthier and has a few other nutritional aspects as well.

This makes it safe for children to consume as well as those who are sensitive to caffeine. It is also vegetarian friendly, so vegetarians can’t enjoy the soda without having to worry about it going against their diet.

This kind of soda may be a little bit more difficult to find in stores as opposed to the normal big red soda. Though it will usually be stocked right beside the normal big red soda, so it is easy to find if that store does carry it.

Wrapping Up

If you enjoy drinking soda, you may have tried a big red before. Unfortunately for many customers, big red soda is known for containing quite a large amount of caffeine compared to other sodas.

Containing even more caffeine than Mountain Dew, which is considered to be one of the highest caffeinated soda options. Big red contains quite a large amount of caffeine, and they should be taken into consideration if you want to drink it.

The good news is that there is also a caffeine-free version of big red if you do not want to drink the caffeinated version. This is entirely free of caffeine and is even considered to be slightly healthier than the original soda.

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