Does Ginger Go Bad? – Full Analysis

Does Ginger Go Bad? – Full Analysis

Ginger is one of the best and most versatile spices. Ginger can be part of a dessert, be made into a tea, spice up a boring dish, or covered in sugar and crystallized, so it becomes a candy. 

Ginger has a pleasant spiciness that is versatile and improves any food it is a part of. So you don’t want your gender to go to waste.

Does ginger go bad? Yes, ginger does go bad. Ginger root lasts about 10-14 days. When ginger root is stored in the refrigerator, it can last for a month. Ginger paste will last for 6-8 months in the pantry if it is unopened but once it is opened, it will last one month when stored in the refrigerator. Ground ginger lasts the longest, anywhere between 3-4 years.

But depending on the ginger you have in your home, it can last from 5 days to 3 years. 

There are three main types of ginger: ginger paste, ginger root, ground ginger. 

Refrigeration will keep the ginger root, and ginger paste ready and stable for a long time, much longer than storing them in the pantry.

How Long Does Ginger Last?

Ginger paste: If stored in the cupboard at room temperature, the ginger paste will last 6 to 8 months. But once the ginger is opened, it has to be stored in the refrigerator. All ginger pastes must be stored in the refrigerator after opening. In the refrigerator, it will last one month.

Cheap ginger paste sometimes has preservatives as part of its ingredients, so it lasts longer. Still, there are preservative-free ginger pastes available if you don’t mind paying a higher price.

Ground ginger: Once all of the moisture is removed from the ginger root and it is turned into powder, it has a longer shelf life. Ground ginger can last 3-4 years as long as it is stored in a pantry at room temperature. It does not need to be refrigerated. Ground ginger does not require any preservatives or additives to be added into the power to make it last so long.

Fresh ginger root: This type of ginger has the shortest shelf life, and the reason for its short shelf life is because it is an unaltered root. Storing ginger root in the refrigerator will ensure that it lasts up to one month. But storing it next to the onions and potatoes at room temperature on your table or pantry will cause it to go bad in 10-14 days.

How Long Does Ginger Last? Shelf Life [Chart]

Item Length of time
Ginger root 10-14 days
Ginger root, fridge 1 month
Ginger paste, shelf 6-8 months
Ginger paste, opened 1 month
Ground Ginger  3-4 years

How to Know if Ginger is Bad

When a ginger root goes bad, it will become soft and release its moisture. So, it will look soggy and may break into pieces when picked up. Ginger root will also give off a terrible sour smell like it is fermenting. It will smell like pickled ginger.

You will know when ginger paste goes bad, as it will lose its flavor, and the color of the paste will turn dark. 

When ground ginger goes bad, it will lose all of its complex and delicious flavors. But ground ginger is a very strong spice, so it should last for a long time. So it will only lose its smell and flavor if it is exposed to air for too long.

Why is My Ginger Paste Green or Pink?

Yes, ginger paste sometimes turns green or pink. But do not throw it away. If you don’t mind having highlighter green or pink color in your food, then you can still use the ginger paste. The reason why the paste turns into these colors is because of the sulfur compounds within the ginger

But you may not want to use neon ginger paste when you are cooking for guests. It might impact their appetite.

How to Store Ginger

Several types of ginger can be purchased at the grocery store, or you can even grow ginger yourself. Each ginger is useful in certain dishes, ginger paste and powder make it easier to work with ginger root. Cutting up and shaving the root is time-consuming, so most chefs and home cooks use the powder and paste form often. 

Ginger Root

Ginger root is the unaltered root that ginger powder and paste come from. It is a small but thick brown root that grows underneath the dirt. Depending on how soon you will use the ginger, you can store it at room temperatures like a potato or an onion. But if you want the root to last for more than two weeks, it is best to put it in the fridge.

If you want to freeze ginger root, you must first shave off the pill and then mince it or chop it up into little pieces. Place some foil or parchment paper on the bottom of the container where the ginger pieces will be stored. This sheet of foil or paper will prevent the ginger root from sticking it to the container.

Remove any excess moisture from the container and place the minced ginger inside. Then close it up tightly and store it in the freezer.

Powdered Ginger 

You don’t have to do much to protect powdered ginger. All that must be done is to leave it in its container and make sure to close it tightly every time you’re finished using it. It is also an excellent idea to shield it from sunlight, but it is not a requirement.

Ginger Paste

If you purchase ginger paste off the grocery store shelves, then you can leave it in the pantry or cupboard until it is time to open it. Once the paste is open, it must be stored in the refrigerator.

Every time you are finished using the ginger paste, make sure the lid snaps on tightly, so it is not exposed to air for a long time. Even though it is in the refrigerator, if it is not sealed correctly, the air will enter into the tube and cause the paste to harden.


  • Ginger is a useful and flavorful spice that can be added to many dishes, including desserts, savory foods, and soups. 
  • It can even be crystallized and turn into a sweet snack all by itself.
  • Depending on the type of ginger you have, it can go bad in two weeks to 3 years.
  • Ground ginger can last three to four years, and it does not need any added preservatives to last so long.
  • The ginger paste will last six to eight months in the pantry if it is not open.
  • Once the ginger place is opened, it must be stored in the refrigerator, and it will only last one month.
  • Ginger root will expire from 10 days to two weeks if it is sitting at room temperature. But the root can last up to a month in the refrigerator.
  • Ginger root is freezable, but it has to be shaved and cut into pieces first.